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    • Skins Quotes 10/31/19: Callahan, Manusky

      October 31, 2019
      Interim Head Coach Bill Callahan

      Opening statement:
      First off, congratulations to the [Washington] Nat[ional]s for their championship. Really awesome to see. Really happy for those guys.

      QB Case Keenum update:
      “[QB] Case [Keenum] is still in the concussion protocol and [QB] Dwayne [Haskins Jr.] got the majority of the reps today. So, no change where we were yesterday. Same situation, scenario.”

      On why not announce Haskins as the starter:
      “Concussion protocols are day-to-day, so we’ll have to see what’s going on tomorrow morning and where [QB] Case [Keenum] is at and make a decision from there tomorrow and maybe Saturday. Make another decision based on where he’s at. We’re just gathering all the information we can right now.”

      On if Keenum can start without practices this week:
      “That’s possible, absolutely. Anything is possible.”

      On how he sees the balance in the backfield once RB Derrius Guice returns:
      “That’s a question for two weeks from now. So, we’ll address that when the time is appropriate, when the game plan is put in and who we’re playing, how we’re going to attack that particular defense and how we’re going to divide the repetitions and rotations and things of that nature. Way too early to decide on reps and counts they’ll have for that particular game. We’re just focused on Buffalo right now.

      On how Guice is progressing:
      “I think [RB Derrius] Guice has worked hard. I mentioned that yesterday, I’ll repeat myself again. I think he’s worked diligently in his rehabilitation. He’s come back from two knee surgeries and he’s really focused on trying to get himself well. Along that line, I observed him work harder than I’ve ever seen him work. And it’s always tough for rehabilitation. I think the players will tell you the rehabs are much tougher than the normal practices. So, he’s gone through quite a bit and I’m proud of the way he’s worked and the way he’s attacked his rehabilitation. I’m happy to see him back on the field again. But he, like all of us, got a long way to go.”

      On what T Trent Williams can do with the failed physical:
      “Right now, we’re working on getting his helmet customized and fitted so that there are no issues or problems with the fit and make sure it’s at a comfort level for him. He’s in all the meetings as of right now and he’s allowed to be on the field, he can observe. But there’s no actual physical practice that he can undergo at this junction without being cleared.”

      On exemption list timeline:
      “Two weeks, I believe its two weeks. Yes.”

      On if the decision has to be made by the Jets game:
      “That’s my understanding.”

      On update if he wants to play:
      “I take it day-by-day. [We’ll] see where he’s at tomorrow and gather a little bit more information from our equipment men. I think those guys do a great job. Getting different manufacturer reps in here and try to get everything customized so it does fit him, and he is comfortable with it and he can get acclimated as soon as possible. As soon as we can get that finalized, I think we’ll move forward.”

      On an update for RB Adrian Peterson:
      “We just backed him down today. He’s resting today and he’ll be out tomorrow, no question. He’ll be working tomorrow.”

      On an injury update of RB Chris Thompson:
      “No, same.”

      On timeline of the helmet issue:
      “I don’t know, that’s a really good question. I think we’re in the mist of finding that out ourselves. I think it’s a matter of getting comfortable with it and getting accustom to the fit and where it’s going to be positioned. How the helmet can possibly slide, I’m sure it’ll glide a little bit. I think the manufacturers have done a tremendous job of recalibrating, another word I would use is modifying, the helmet in the National Football League. You see all the new helmets that are out there and protective and there’s no question [he’ll] be protected. It’s a matter of getting acclimated to the fit so that he can go out and he can perform and execute the techniques that he has to.”

      Defensive Coordinator Greg Manusky
      On RB Frank Gore:
      “Yeah, it’s amazing; he and [QB] Alex [Smith] came in the same year in San Francisco. Just overall his career, [he’s a] downhill runner who can make plays and he still does. He’s a talented runner and we got to make sure that we put as many hands on him as humanly possible.”

      On QB Josh Allen:
      “He does a great job of keeping his eyes up field. He does a great job of scrambling in the pocket and just getting away from all those free rushers that are actually coming. So, its amazing the things he can do with his body—big bodied framed guy—it’s pretty good and he can throw the ball down the field.”

      On CB Quinton Dunbar’s strong start to the season and how he can continue to improve:
      “I think everybody does, we just got to keep on practicing hard and in the practices that we have, understanding the concepts the teams are given us and just go out there and compete and compete at a high level.”

      On limiting teams to field goals:
      “Well I think that’s the biggest thing going into this season. I always tell the guys that it doesn’t matter how many times they get the ball, if they drive five times and kick five field goals, we’re still in the game. We have a chance to win the game. Just overall working with our coaches, just coming up with a decent plan and we got to continue to keep in doing that each and every week.”

      On DL Jonathan Allen:
      “Well I think just Jon and [Defensive Lineman Daron] Payne and [Defensive Lineman] Matt Ioannidis those three—and even [Defensive Lineman Tim] Settle are coming on, putting pressure up the middle—sometimes it’s a three-man rush, sometimes its four or five man rush—they’re having success and I’m excited for them.”

      On the cornerback play:
      “I think across the board, we need to get better at every position but I think each week that we go out there—depending on who we’re playing—we got to make sure that we defend those down-field throws. We got to get off the blocks in the run game in the four minutes situations and make plays.”

      On how the defense can help QB Dwayne Haskins:
      “Play first and second down, and then make sure you get off on third down.”

      On the struggles from the outside rushers this season:
      “I think with those guys pushing in the pocket, I think we should have a little bit more pressure on the outsides, but we keep on working it and keep on working it in practice and keep on getting better at it.”

      On why the outside pass rushers haven’t had success:
      “They probably had more rushes—I think the three interior guys—than probably the outside guys.”

      On how the defense can succeed against the Bills:
      “A good run team, biggest thing they do is burn on third downs. I think number one in the redzone. We have to have a great redzone plan and just overall try to get the big quarterback down. He’s a big guy and we have to make sure that we get him down when we have the chances and opportunities.”
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