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    • Skins Quotes 9/2/19: Jay Gruden

      September 2, 2019

      Head Coach Jay Gruden

      On if there are any injury updates for TE Jordan Reed and CB Fabian Moreau:
      "No latest on Jordan [Reed], he's still in the protocol so to speak. We'll have some more meetings here set up this week. Fabian [Moreau] is still recovery from his ankle.”

      On if Reed or Moreau will be ready for Week 1:
      "I do not know."

      On cutting WR Josh Doctson:
      "It's a shame. Josh [Doctson] is a good player, wish him nothing but the best. At the end of the day, we decided to go with Terry [McLaurin] at X and keep Paul Richardson [Jr] and obviously the other guys are Trey Quinn and Steven Sims [Jr] really emerged late as a weapon for us so those are the guys we went with."

      On if the youth of the receivers is a concern for him:
      "No it's not a concern. I feel confident about the guys we have. Trey Quinn is well versed, very experienced as far as knowledge of the offense, so he'll be fine. We've got to get Steven [Sims Jr] and Terry [McLaurin] and obviously [Kelvin] Harmon up to speed."

      On adding RB Wendell Smallwood and DL Treyvon Hester:
      "We added [Wendall] Smallwood, he's probably just a little bit, production-wise, better on special teams. He can do some of the same things we've been doing offensively, so we think it'll be a smooth transition for him. Mainly for special teams, as a returner, maybe an up back, can do some things on punt. That was the main reason there. [Treyvon] Hester, just wanted to add another defensive lineman just [to] make sure Caleb Brantley is O.K. He had a good day of individual today, but we'll have to wait and see come Wednesday how he is."

      On the benefit of signing RB Wendall Smallwood when they open up the regular season against Smallwood’s former team:
      "Could be a little bit of a benefit, but at the end of the day we don't know what play they're going to call. Really, we brought him here to help us with his skillset, not his knowledge of the Philadelphia Eagles offense or defense."

      On the high number of draft picks from the last couple of years still on the team:
      "I think we've drafted well the last couple of years. These guys have been pretty productive. It's a matter of growing your people in your system, which is good. These guys, you want to develop them and keep them here, so that they get better under your tutelage, you hope. We’ve got some pretty good skill guys here. The draft we had this year, the rookies we feel like they can come in and help us right away, which is good. Doesn't happen very often, we're going to have to ask about five or six of those guys to contribute early and contribute a lot. Feel good about the draft, where we're at and the players that we've added over the last few years, the youth, the experience they're gaining and the way they're getting better."
      On if his starting lineups are set and if the offensive line in particular is set:
      "I think so, we're getting there and I feel good about it. We’ve got to be ready, that's a great pass rush. They've given us major problems the last few times we've played. We've lost four straight to them without a doubt. I think Fletcher Cox has about 10 sacks in those four games. Brandon Graham has played very well. Vinny Curry was with them a couple years ago, not last year, but he's been very good. Obviously, the rest are very good. They added Malik Jackson who is another good pass rusher. We have to stay balanced, no matter who is in there at offensive line, but we feel good about the guys who will take the field on Sunday."

      On cutting RB Samaje Perine:
      "It's a shame, you win some and you lose some. Samaje [Perine] will do good wherever he goes, Cincinnati I guess. At the end of the day, it's not so much Samaje that it is about Derrius Guice, how much faith we have in him to carry the ball. We drafted him for a reason. We feel like he can be a first, second and even a third down back, if needed. I think the offense, carries wise, will probably go through him, pretty much. Obviously, Chris Thompson we like. Special team guy, we just had to have another guy like [Wendall] Smallwood that can contribute on punt and also do some things on third down as well. We feel good about the guys we kept. Obviously, AP [Adrian Peterson] is still here that can run the ball as good as anybody. We're good at running back."

      On what WR Steven Sims Jr. has shown since being signed as an undrafted free agent and if his performance in the final preseason game was a major factor in him making the team:
      "You always have to count the fact that when the lights turn on, how people sometimes excel and some people decel at little bit, so to speak. Steven [Sims Jr] was definitely one guy that the game's not too big for. He showed his explosion in the return game, the ability to run after the catch he's shown out here in practice and even in the games sometimes. I just think that he does something with the ball in his hands that not many people can do, very explosive. [We have to] figure out ways to get him the ball somehow. Just get him acclimated to the offense. He's still learning, he's a rookie, but he's doing a good job. I just think that when the ball is in his hand, good things happen."

      On if he expects T Trent Williams to return for Week One:
      "I have no expectations whatsoever anymore. I'm kind of numb to the fact so we're just going to coach the guys that we have. That's all we can do right now. To your question, no I don't have any feeling whatsoever."

      On his mindset going into this season:
      "We have our lineup set the way we want them, with one exception. We have a great group of guys here that are ready to work. I feel really good about our defensive additions, really. [Montez] Sweat, Landon Collins, obviously [Jon] Bostic. Defensively, I think we have a chance to be special, really. So we're very encouraged by them. Obviously, our kicking game is intact with Tress [Way], Hop [Dustin Hopkins] and [Nate] Sundberg and the rest of the guys. Offensively, we just have to find a way to mesh, find a way to hit some big plays, protect the football and do some things. Might be a little different here or there. If we have to win 17-13, we'll win 17-13 with a great defense. Just getting Case [Keenum] comfortable, getting the receivers around him comfortable, finding out the status of Jordan [Reed] obviously is going to be important to us."

      On LBs Shaun Dion Hamilton and Cole Holcomb:
      "They've been good, they both feel good. They've been practicing out here today. We have pretty good confidence that they'll strap it up and go."

      On how much preparation in training camp goes into getting ready specifically for the Week 1 matchup:
      "We've had periods of course throughout camps getting ready for this game. They are a little bit different in their base defense than we are. Sometimes you want to work against the 4-3. In sub, it's been very similar so we got some good work against our defense, which some of the things carry over to what they do defensively. Got a lot of good work both preparing for Philadelphia. Again, to prepare for Brandon Graham and Malik Jackson and those are guys is a little bit difficult and obviously the rest of the group. We feel good about our preparation so far. We still have ways to go. We still have a great day Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and a walk-through on Saturday and we'll be ready to roll."

      On the importance of getting young players involved early in the season:
      "It's a big thing, especially on offense. We’ve got to get everybody some touches, somehow. Obviously, we want to stay balanced, but get the ball to some of our key players that are very good with the ball in their hands is going to be critical for us. Defensively, they’ve just got to rally and play together and communicate – that's the biggest thing. Philadelphia does a good job on offense giving you different sets and personnel groups and motions and all that stuff so communication is going to critical. Got to know where Zach Ertz is at all times and they added DeSean Jackson the deep threat. Obviously, Alshon [Jeffery] is still a great player. Communication is going be huge for the young guys, but with Landon [Collins] running the show in the secondary and [Jon] Bostic running the show at the linebacker we feel good about it."

      On what the final determination was on cutting Doctson:
      "It was a team decision. You're always going to have some different opinions in the room when it comes to these cuts because we get close to some of these guys and we've been coaching them, and then you have the personnel people who have a different set of eyes and opinions. Obviously [Senior VP of Player Personnel] Doug [Williams] and [President] Bruce [Allen] as well. We had good discussions on everybody, everybody that we kept and everybody we let go. At the end of the day, we’re going to coach the guys we have out here, but it’s a tough deal for Josh. He did some good things for us. We had high expectations for him, but I think the emergence of what we think [Kelvin] Harmon can be and Terry [McLaurin] can be and obviously Trey Quinn coming back and Paul Richardson with his speed. Then obviously [Steven] Sims [Jr] like I mentioned and Rob Davis with is ability to play special teams was a big factor as well. "

      On who will play in the slot at cornerback if Moreau is declared out for the game:
      "We got [Greg] Stroman who can do it and we’ll also have Jimmy [Moreland] who can do it.”

      On if he thinks WR Terry McLaurin is ready to be a starting wide receiver:
      "We feel good. He doesn't have to be the starter. I mean he could come in and we could start Paul Richardson over there. We can start [Kelvin] Harmon at Z. We can do a lot of different things with our lineup. Trey Quinn can still play outside in base two receiver sets. So we have a lot of different options. They're all going to get a chance to play and make some plays, but Terry has done a lot out of practice. We held him back a lot a couple of preseason games because he landed on his back one time and I kept him out of the third game. But he's been good."

      On if he evaluated QB Case Keenum in the offseason:
      "He struggled a little at Denver. I think they were 6-10 at the end of the day, but Minnesota, you look at his whole body of work and the way he is as far as a competitor is concerned, you want a guy who can come in here and compete. At the time, we didn't have [Dwayne] Haskins and also Colt [McCoy] was coming back from an injury. So to get a veteran guy that has started and played was important. Case [Keenum] is a tough guy that can move the chains and make all the throws, so we are fortunate to get him."

      On how Keenum’s decision-making on the field has been during camp and the preseason:
      "It's been good. But when it's all live on Sunday afternoon at Philly, in the noise, we'll get a better taste. But he's a veteran guy, he does a great job protecting the ball. He can move in the pocket efficiently and effectively. We're counting on him to make good decisions, that's what's he here for, so we have no other reason to believe otherwise."
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