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    • Jordan Reed is Symptomatic of Biggest Remaining Redskins Blind Spot

      Let's not mask concern for Jordan Reed's health. He may very well be going through his SEVENTH concussion since college. At some point you want to see guys walk away from the game under their own power. It may be time for him to do so if these symptoms linger and he's in the protocol for more than a few days.

      That said, and to be plainly business here the Redskins have one big lesson left to learn in regards to roster construction. We have been through the years of overspending on free agents, been through the years of drafting poorly or giving up too many picks for one player (Griffin), etc.

      Luckily those trends seem to be behind us. But the Redskins penchant to continue to depend upon players that have a demonstrated injury history is almost pathological and has to change.

      Each year we have players that the team 'counts on' to come in and perform key roles for the franchise, and almost invariably many of these players end up on IR or miss significant chunks of successive seasons with various injuries.

      Jordan Reed is one of those players. At 29, he's had 3 injury plagued seasons and hasn't put up big numbers since 2015. Yet, we continue to pencil him in as the #1 TE and fail to draft or sign anyone in free agency that can legitimately challenge to be the TE of the present and future here.

      After NINE offensive plays against Atlanta, Reed is now out again.

      After signing his big contract, most of the guaranteed money has been paid out, so the team could have moved on from Jordan or re-worked his deal to account for his need to prove he can stay on the field.

      Other players we have on the roster now (pending cut downs) with similar profiles:

      Chris Thompson
      Byron Marshall
      Josh Doctson
      Paul Richardson
      Colt McCoy

      Richardson was out there for limited plays and is dinged again, although it's supposed to be something that won't prevent him from starting the season.

      Colt McCoy has been injured since last November and from what we are now reading has never been 100%.

      Yet, the Redskins in camp and OTAs gave him a significant number of the first team reps. Even after he started to take some practices off to 'rest his leg'.

      What did that do other than give Keenum and Haskins even less time to learn a new system which Jay has kept harping on as a reason to be only cautiously optimistic about the position overall.

      My point here is not a new one but it seems stark as the team's anticipated starting quarterback by the coach (McCoy), starting TE (Reed), starting WR (Richardson & Doctson) and 3rd down back (Thompson) are
      despite their histories of injury still coming into 2019 pretty much being unchallenged for their jobs.
      This article was originally published in forum thread: Jordan Reed is Symptomatic of Biggest Remaining Redskins Blind Spot started by Bulldog View original post
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