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    • Skins Quotes 8/10/19: Jay Gruden

      August 10, 2019
      Head Coach Jay Gruden

      On if there were any injuries during the first preseason game:
      "No. Shaun Dion [Hamilton] got hurt a little bit in his chest area. We’ll see how he is for Thursday’s game. He'll probably be out of practice for the next couple of days."

      On QB Dwayne Haskins' performance vs Cleveland:
      "He came in there second quarter and put a couple back-to-back passes that were really nice out there. He had a couple of turnovers, which hurt him. The big thing is we’re trying to really get corrected is just everything – his fundamentals, protections and all that stuff which will come. But, for his first game I thought he handled the pressure, the noise, the cadence, the huddle, the tempo I thought was really good, so there is a lot to build on. Obviously, some correctable things with everybody on offense. We'll just go back to work."

      On QB Case Keenum's performance vs Cleveland:
      "Yeah, Case I was impressed. He had a big third down scramble for first down, which was good. He kept the drive going against their one defense. We were first-and-10 at midfield and we had that unfortunate holding call which was or wasn’t a holding call. But, I thought he moved the ball pretty well; had a big third down-and-15 touchdown pass, saw the field, stepped up and threw a nice touchdown. Good things by Case as well."

      On the decision to name a starting quarterback:
      "I don’t want to make any – come to any conclusions right now. It’s silly to, so there’s still a lot of ball left to be played, lot of passes, lot of things, lot of situational work we still have to do, a couple more games left, three games left. There’s more work to be had."

      On if he feels like he has a better idea of who will start now compared to the spring:
      "I feel – I feel the same. I’m hoping that somebody takes it over. That’s what we’re hoping for, but all three of these guys are good players and they’re going to make their share of great throws and great plays. We just have to continue to monitor them and figure out who gives us the best chance at winning against Philly."

      On his evaluation of the left side of the offensive line:
      "I think we can improve a lot for sure. I think [Ereck] Flowers for his first time at guard, I think he did some pretty good things. He got beat once in pass protection, but I think he showed his power on the inside, which is good. [Donald] Penn coming in here after being off for a lot of time. I think he competed and did some decent things. And then, [Geron] Christian for his first game action after his injury last year, obviously we expect a lot better from him, and he'll give it to us. But I think it's just getting in there the first time – he took a kick slide against Myles Garrett, that is not always easy. But I think I've been impressed with Geron since he's come back from the practice field, and I really think there's a lot of upside there. We’ve just got to continue to work with him and he's going to have ups and downs. We just need to work on his fundamentals and technique, so if he does start at tackle or Penn, they'll feel good about it."

      On G Wes Martin's performance against Cleveland:
      "Wes did some good things too. He had a nice pull there late in the game and protected pretty well and was good in the running game, so yeah, he was solid."

      On Kelvin Harmon sustaining an injury against Cleveland:
      "I don't think so, not that I know of. He finished the game."

      On the difficulty of giving out equal reps to quarterbacks and receivers when there are competitions during camp:
      "Yeah that’s tricky, but I feel good about all the receivers. They are where they are supposed to be. They all have a good skill set so whoever the quarterback is with whichever group the receivers are they should be successful. I feel good about our receivers all went into man-to-man and find holes through zones and the quarterbacks going through their progressions. All these receivers have done some good things out here as well."

      On how many players he'd like to keep at each position:
      "It depends on a lot of things – how many tight ends we want to keep, how many offensive linemen we want to keep, defensive line. All the numbers, we'll have to sit down and really fight through because there's going to be some tough decisions for sure."

      On the defense's performance on the first drive vs Cleveland:
      "Yeah, they were no-huddle which we expected. They spread us out a little bit, we didn't match some underneath routes very well, which we'll get cleaned up. The touchdown pass, we just took a bad angle. In my opinion it should have been a pick, but unfortunately [Baker Mayfield] got it over, threw a perfect ball right over [Troy] Apke's head. I'd like to see better pass rush, obviously tighter coverage, but after that I think we settled down. [Jimmy] Moreland made a couple big plays, and [Cole] Holcomb played really well and [Ryan] Bee played really well on the inside. So there were some guys we got a chance to look at and who performed nicely."

      On Robert Davis returning to game action:
      "It was good to see Robert, man. He's gone through a lot. He's busted his tail to get back on the field. We didn't really fully expect him this soon. We thought he might be a PUP candidate, but he worked his tail off to get himself ready to go and glad to see he got some opportunities. Got a big PI call there early and then scored a touchdown. I still think he's fighting through a little bit of rust and the kinks, but there's a lot to like there."

      On if it was Davis’ route running that got him open:
      "The first one – the PI was a good route. Yeah, he stemmed the corner, stuck him and ran the post route behind the safety and Case threw a perfect ball. The guy just pulled his arm and otherwise it would have been a big completion. The other one was just a go ball and they blew the coverage."

      On if QB Josh Woodrum got injured against Cleveland:
      "Yes, he got injured. I believe he tore his pec. I forgot about that one."

      On how Woodrum’s injury impacts the quarterback reps going forward:
      "Yeah we'll see, we’ve got a workout today after practice but the more reps they get the better in my book so we'll have to see if we want to add a fourth one to the roster, we can do that. If we do that we'll probably do that today or tomorrow."
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