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    • Skins Quotes 8/3/19: Jay Gruden

      August 3rd, 2019

      Head Coach Jay Gruden

      On if there are any players that will not practice today:
      "Let me think. We will have some guys doing limited stuff. [Jordan] Brailford who we just activated from PUP (physically unable to perform) he will be held out probably, just individual. Cassanova McKinzy will probably be held out; we have some outside backer issues right now. [Montez] Sweat will probably be held out today; let me see running back, tight ends, I think that’s about it."

      On if T Trent Williams would be healthy enough to practice if he arrived at training camp today:
      "I don’t know yet. I don’t know where he is. I haven’t seen him and the trainers haven’t seen him in a little bit of time. I don’t know the answer to that one."

      On if training camp changes during the week leading up to the first preseason game:
      "Yeah nothing really. We’re still in training camp mode. We’ll probably put together a game plan – probably Tuesday, maybe Wednesday, just a little one. But really it's still about teaching our stuff and trying to get our guys ready for the season and finding our best 53."

      On if there is a deadline when he wants to decide who the starting quarterback will be:
      "I’d love to make that choice today, but I don’t think that’s going to happen for a little bit of time. These guys are all doing some good things. We just got to manage the reps and try to get it figured out sooner than better [later]. But, the way these guys are all progressed and playing it’ll be tough to say, ‘Okay you’re the starter, you’re the backup, you’re number three,’ in the next couple of weeks, that’s for sure."

      On LB Jordan Brailford:
      "He’ll probably do some individual today. See how he does."

      On the plan for Brailford going forward:
      "After individual today, then we'll see if we can add some reps on during team the following today and so on and so forth."

      On if there is a chance that the team trades Williams:
      "I would seriously doubt that. So, no."

      On what he thinks it would take to get Williams back:
      "I do not have an understanding on what it would take to get him back here. If I did, he'd be back here."

      On deciding the starting quarterback for the first preseason game in Cleveland:
      "Probably decide that Tuesday. When do we play? Thursday? Yeah, probably Tuesday. See how we get through these next couple days – have three good days of practice here and probably after the third day we'll gather our thoughts and come up with a plan on who's playing when."

      On the study habits of first year players in learning the playbook and the difference between learning the offensive and defensive playbooks:
      "They're totally different. The terminology, the verbiage, the intent of every play. It's totally different. You can't be on offense and then switch over to defense and know the playbook. So, its just – everything is different. Different players learn it different ways. Some learn it by studying iPads. Some like to go out and practice it. Some obviously, you need to talk to them by teaching. Some like to read it and see it on a book. But for the most part, some guys really grasp on to it a lot quicker than others. And it's our job as coaches to make sure the ones who are having a little more trouble, spend more time with them and really do a good job of teaching."

      On CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie's versatility:
      "It’s important, you know because you never know on game day what’s going to happen. So, we’ve obviously run into that issue before here – guys have to play spots they haven’t really practiced a whole lot. But to have that ability where you have played different spots in big time situations and can do it, that’s important."

      On G Hugh Thornton:
      "Well, I think [Director of Pro Personnel] Alex Santos is the Pro Director and he’s in charge of bringing guys in for a workout. You know, so we – he was on our list and we brought him in and he had a really good workout. He was light on his feet, he was in great shape, so we decided to sign him."

      On Fan Day:
      "Yeah, they get excited when there’s more people, without a doubt. They play with more energy and it’s good. So, our [team] periods – it’ll hopefully cater to their enthusiasm. Maybe a couple live periods here later in the day. We’ve got some short yardage drills, which’ll be important, some third downs – competitive plays that will be good. So, the periods that we have should cater to the crowd and should cater to the players. So, we should get a lot out of the players. Plus, they had a good day off yesterday. They should be well rested and ready to go."

      On what has impressed him about S Landon Collins:
      "Just everything. He's a pro. He can play in a box, he can cover, he can do it all. His strength is something that we can't do right now and that's tackle. So we know he's a great tackler, but the other things that he's doing right now with the communication, lining up and playing different coverages in different spots, he's been outstanding."

      On if President Bruce Allen has visited Williams during training camp:
      "You'll have to ask Bruce that one now, won’t ya?"

      On WR Terry McLaurin's performance and the importance of QB Dwayne Haskins being here with him:
      "Well I think you flip that. I think it's important for Dwayne to have Terry here. Terry's awesome, he's been great. He knows all the spots already. Very detailed at what he does, very explosive and [he has] good hands. So I think you talk about the character of the guy, you’re talking about a two-year captain at Ohio State. You know you got a great character kid already, so that's not an issue. Very smart and very fast and very physical. So he's, knock on wood he's been outstanding so far."

      On if his level of optimism has changed in regards to Williams returning for training camp:
      "No, no, I'm still optimistic, very optimistic."

      On his craziest autograph story:
      "No, nothing too crazy – no, no, I don't have a good story for you. I can't think of one off the top of my head, sorry."

      On having a better story next year:
      "Yeah, sorry. If I think of one, I'll let you know."

      On why he is optimistic that Williams will return:
      "That will be the last Trent [Williams] question I get today. Thank you very much."

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