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    • Skins Quotes 8/1/19: Brandon Scherff

      August 1st, 2019

      G Brandon Scherff

      On what he’s seen from T Donald Penn so far:
      "He's a big vet. We're happy to have him on our team. He's a huge vet, he’s a hard worker and we know we're going to get the best out of him."

      On OL Hugh Thornton and what has been seen from him so far:
      "He ask a lot of questions. He’s just trying to know the offense and know the technique that we use for Coach [Bill] Callahan (Assistant Head Coach and Offensive Line Coach). He’s working hard and he’s just trying to figure things out."

      On the rookie offensive linemen:
      "Wes is doing really well. He’s light years ahead of where I was as a rookie. It’s kind of nice he played left guard in college, so he’s got to just step up there and play left guard now. He's used to everything he's just got to know the communication. I told him, when I was a rookie that it was hard. I was making a lot of mistakes, but you just got to; like Coach Callahan says you got to let the first one – if you make a mistake you got to let it go and move onto the next one. Ross Pierschbacher is doing an amazing job. I've known Ross since college because I took him on his official visit at Iowa. He's coming along really well for us."

      On the offensive line's growing cohesion and the play of defensive linemen Matt Ioannidis, Daron Payne, and Jonathan Allen:
      "Oh, yeah. You know, we’ve got an amazing D-front up front, and even the guys behind them are doing a really good job. That's what we like going against in practice, you know, we're practicing against some of the best guys in the NFL, so it's nice – nice for us to get up to game speed. And everything's going to be game speed when we do all of our individual work, just O-Line, D-Line, so it's nice getting that kind of speed and then just doing technique stuff at the end. They're doing a good job and they've come a long ways."

      On the most difficult thing to prepare for with three different quarterbacks rotating in and out:
      "I would say communication and cadence. Each one of them has a different cadence so our timing point on when to get off the ball on each quarterback is a little different. And, you know, we just kind of got to work at that each and every day on whose going to be working with us. We’ve just got to make sure we get the cadence down."

      On switching from tackle to guard and offering G Ereck Flowers advice:
      "Oh yeah, yesterday he came up and talked to me about how to do certain things because pretty much at tackle if you don’t know who to block you just block the end, so guard is a little bit more of a mind game and I said I’ll help him whenever he wants."

      On playing with T Morgan Moses:
      "It's awesome, you know, Morgan's a great guy. He was the first guy when I got to the Redskins to pull me under the wing and pretty much help me out with whatever I needed. It's kind of nice being there for five years playing side by side – we kind of know each other's tendencies without communicating, so that's nice we can kind of play ahead of the game."

      On experiencing training camp with his family at practice:
      "It's awesome seeing Easton (his son) after practice. I got them an Airbnb, so they're 10 minutes away, so they're here for two and a half weeks. It kind of takes the stress off of camp; you get to see your family and in between every night I get to have dinner with them and get to see them an hour before meetings start."

      On his contract:
      "I'm not going to speak on contracts. It's between my agent and the Redskins."

      On whether the contract is on his mind at all:
      "No, not really. You know I'm here for another year and that's all I care about. I’ve got to do the best I can and that'll take care of itself."

      On if he misses T Trent Williams:
      "Hell yeah. Trent, he is the best left tackle in the league. He helped us so much and we miss him, but it is a business. He’s got to do what he got and we just hope he comes back."

      On reaching out to Williams:
      "Yeah, you know I've reached out to Trent a couple times, we've texted back and forth to each other and nothing about football, just about how everything is going."

      On what he thinks the team needs to work on overall:
      "We just have to work on communication and just pretty much playing with each other. We’ve added two new guys on the left side, so it’s pretty much getting that cohesion back as an offensive line and playing as one."

      On the excitement surrounding training camp compared to the last couple years:
      "I would agree. This camp has been a lot of fun. There hasn't been that much drama, it has been a lot of fun to just go out and play football. We have an amazing defense; they fly to the football – the defensive line, I am really excited to see what they [defensive line] can do, because we get to go against them each and every day. The secondary and the linebackers, they flow fast, they’re fast up front, we just have to do our job and we have talent behind us. Adrian Peterson, [Derrius] Guice, Jordan Reed and all of those tight ends and wide receivers we have. We are excited about the quarterbacks as well."

      On how offensive line coach Bill Callahan has trained the two new guys on the left side:
      "There is no better coach to have then Coach Callahan. He pretty much slows everything down for them and just talks to them. I told him, when I was a rookie he did the same thing for me to help me catch along. He puts you all in game situations during post practice, pre-practice, that is all we are working on is the looks we are going to get from a defense and the adjustments we have to make off of it. He just dumbs everything down to slow motion speed so that you can get the fundamentals and techniques that you need to do to get that block.”

      On his growth as a player:
      "I’ve been taking care of my body a lot more, I try a little faster with my eyes, my communication – try to see the adjustment the defense is giving us each and every play and how I can adjust off of that and play a lot faster and communicate with Morgan [Moses] and Chase [Roullier] or whoever is beside me. I'm just trying to be a leader, just lead by example and just try to show them how things are done when I got shown by Kory Lichtensteiger, Trent [Williams] and Morgan how things were run during camp."

      On the team’s injury history the past two seasons:
      "Yeah, we're just trying to get more recovery time. Jay's [Gruden] blocked a couple of hours to get treatment, we've got an amazing rehab center after practice. We got hot tub, cold tub, you got kyro, red-bed, massages, pretty much whatever you need. Jay just stresses about taking care of your body."

      On if he has any practice limitations from past injury:
      "My pec? This is the strongest I've ever been playing football. My bench is up significantly; my squat's up. So I'm stronger than I've ever been."

      On Moses’ new lean physique:
      "He looks amazing. He looks good; he laid off the donuts in the offseason."

      On rehab and how to prevent a pec injury from happening again:
      "No, I just got put in the wrong position. I told [Strength and Conditioning Coach] Chad [Englehart], I said, 'You can't make me jump at the ground and have my elbow and my shoulder in that situation and train [to prevent] that.' It's just kind of a freak injury; I just got caught in the wrong spot and it just popped."

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