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    • Skins Quotes 6/5/19: Jay Gruden

      June 5, 2019

      Head Coach Jay Gruden

      On his response to OL Trent Williams not wanting to play for the Washington Redskins:
      "I really don’t have one [a response]. I am just trying to focus on the guys who are here right now. I know Trent knows how much we need him and want him back. That is the only thing I can do from here. As far as what happened between him and the doctors, that is between him and the doctors and hopefully we get that cleared up soon."

      On if he has had any indication that Williams does not want to be on the team anymore:
      "I haven’t spoken to him in that context, no."

      On if he expects Williams to return:
      "I sure hope so, yeah."

      On when he was informed that Williams was not attending veteran minicamp:
      "Well – probably – a couple of days ago."

      On if that was the first time the issues were brought to his attention:
      "To that extent, yes, yes."

      On if he can share details on Williams' scalp:

      On if Williams or other players have had concerns with the medical staff:
      "Not at all, no. I think our medical staff has done a good job. I think where the frustration might lie is the timing of the diagnosis. Maybe he wishes it was diagnosed a little sooner, from my understanding. But other than that, I think our doctors and medical staff have done a good job."

      On if the diagnosis of Williams was the tumor:

      On the decision to move minicamp before the last week of OTAs:
      "Well, usually the last day of mandatory minicamp you give them [the players] off or you do something kind of fun. I wanted to make sure I got three good days. Especially, with a lot of the young players that we have here and first-year players, I want to get a full three days of work in. The last week, we’ll still get a couple of good days, probably won’t be as full as it would be this week."

      On if he’ll be here tomorrow:
      "Yeah, I will be here tomorrow."

      On inside linebackers coach Rob Ryan:
      "He’s great. He has been unbelievable. Anytime you add a former coordinator, a guy with his amount of experience to your staff, it is really beneficial to everybody, not just his players but the entire defense and Coach [Greg] Manusky. These guys work very well together. He knows his role. He understands his role and he relishes his role. He wants to be here, he wants to help the linebacker room, but he also has an idea of the big picture as well. Front, coverage, all that. He’s been great. Has a great personality, players respond well to him. [He’s] doing a great job."

      On if the situation involving OL Trent Williams in contractual or displeasure:
      "I just know he’s absent, to be honest with you. The contractual stuff is out of my hands. The medical things that you guys are talking about are really out of my hands as well. My job is to coach the players that are here and that is all I can do."

      On if he can share details from conversations between him and Williams:
      "No. Not really, nothing special."

      On WR Trey Quinn:
      "We have great expectations for him and the entire receiving group, really. Trey’s done an excellent job, you know. He’s come in here and stepped to the head of the class as far as his position’s concerned and done a great job. He understands raw concepts, he’s physical, he’s got strong hands, he can separate and he can block. He’s also a punt returner for us, so he’s a valuable member of our time right now. We just have to make sure we keep him healthy and continue to monitor him on a daily basis. But, that slot position is critical for us. You know, what WR [Jamison] Crowder (NY Jets) did for us the last few years, and obviously TE Jordan Reed on the inside. Those inside players are critical to our offense."

      On Quinn’s particular skillset the makes him an ideal punt returner:
      "Well, he catches it, that’s one [laughter]. We’ve had trouble with that, so if you can catch it you’re probably our punt returner. So, right now Trey is the only one who could catch it. But, he’s also got no fear. You’ve got to be able to be tough back there because guys are coming at you at all angles. He’s got enough quickness to separate. He’s got no fear. He makes quick, sound decisions and he can catch it."

      On if he knew that Williams had a medical issue:
      "Well, I know he’s frustrated. Anytime you have something done, a procedure like that, of that magnitude, you want to find the reason. You wish something maybe could’ve been done differently or different timing, but our doctors are very good. I know they did the best they can. I mean, they have plenty of degrees. I know they did the right thing in their mind, and I know Trent’s probably frustrated. But at the end of the day, we want him back, staff wants him back, players want him back and hopefully we’ll get it fixed."

      On if the diagnosis was football related:
      "No. I don’t know."

      On if the diagnosis’ timing was an issue:
      "I’ve heard that’s [where] the frustrations may lie – the timing of it. How, when, I don’t know what his frustrations are right now with the medical staff. You’ll have to ask him. The rumor just came out today. It’s the first I’ve really heard about the frustration as far being the reason for him not being here."

      On if Williams communicated his frustration with the medical staff to him:

      On dealing with an off-field issue:
      "I have a lot of people I need to coach right now, and we’re doing a good job. We have a lot of good things going on here in [minicamp]. Our rookies have come in and done a great job. The guys that we've signed free agency-wise have done a great job. The veterans we have coming back have bought in and are practicing really hard. That’s what I’m focused on. Trent’s our best player, one of our best players, and we want him back, but right now we have to cater to the guys that are here. We’ll handle Trent accordingly and hopefully we’ll get him back by training camp. But, we have so many good things going on right now. I’m not going to let one distraction hold us back and it’s really not a distraction for me right now."

      On if CB Adonis Alexander suffered an injury:
      "Yeah, a little bit of a groin. We saw him out today."

      On if T Geron Christian Sr. sustained an injury:
      "He’s still recovering from his knee."

      On the timetable Christian Sr. to return:
      "Hopefully, training camp; we’re shooting for training camp."

      On if Christian Sr. will be in the rotation:
      "Yeah, he better be."

      On RB Derrius Guice:
      "Yeah, we kept him inside. He’s dealing with his injury in-house, in here."

      On if Guice will be in the training camp rotation:
      "Yes, he better be as well."

      On having a focused and dedicated defensive line:
      "It’s an unbelievable group. On and off the field, you can’t ask for a better group of men. It’s led by a great coach [Jim Tomsula] obviously. I think, not to take anything away from Jim Tomsula, but I think anybody in here could coach that group [laughter]. He’s a great coach, but these guys are great people, great players. They demand a lot out of one another. They demand a lot about their teammates, and that’s what you look for when you draft young players. You want them to come out here and dominate their craft. But also, set great examples and set the tone for the defense. DL [Daron] Payne and DL [Jonathan] Allen and DL [Matt] Ioannidis, they brought DL Caleb Brantley along and he’s done a great job. DL [Tim] Settle coming on last year, the way he’s come on. Those five guys have been outstanding. And then you’ve got some young guys that we’re looking at right now that have been very impressive. So, they just follow suit. It’s the effort, the tenacity they play with, the accountability that they demand of each other. It’s everything that you want in a player both physically and, obviously, mentally and leadership-wise."

      On injury update for TE Jordan Reed:
      "Yeah, he should be ready by training camp."

      On if Reed’s is an ankle injury:
      "Yes, I believe so."

      On if there is a timeline to remove QB Alex Smith’s external fixator:
      "Yeah, he told me I think it’s going to be another month, month and a half, maybe."

      On if the timeline is typical:
      "I have no idea what’s expected of that thing."

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