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    • 2019 - A Pivotal BGO Year...

      As BGO approaches it's first decade (!) of existence, thing are heating up.

      Confronted with an increasingly beleaguered and hostile fan base, the Redskins just threw a Hail Mary, selecting an uber-talented young QB in the 2019 NFL draft. The brain trust in Ashburn is being hailed for one of the best overall drafts in recent memory. The current coaching staff is reportedly coaching for their lives, decidedly on the hot seat.

      And BGO is at a turning point.

      Do you love this place?

      Do you pine for all things BGO?

      Do you agree not only that the Redskins future holds more promise than in years, but also that Om, Henry, Miles Monroe, Burgundy Burner, and Neophyte are dead sexy and amongst the smartest savviest Redskins prognosticators and assessors anywhere?

      I concur!

      We're in the midst of a pivotal, turning point year for our beloved Burgundy and Gold. And for the Burgundy and Gold Obsessed.

      Are you all in? Do you have the right stuff? Are you a gamer, or do you only impress without the pads on?

      We need your help.

      Invite a new member.
      Mention us to Skins fans you meet in real life.
      Promote the hell out of us and share our posts on Social Media.
      Post or repost our content on Twitter, Facebook, and on other social media sites.
      Ask your social media followers to follow us, or join the site.
      Start new BGO threads.
      Respond to existing threads.
      Vote in polls.
      Participate in our contests.
      Donate to us - support us financially - this site is expensive.
      Participate in game chats.
      Follow and talk about us on Twitter, Facebook, and in church.

      Okay - that bit about church might've been over the line. But pray for us.

      Some people say forums and messageboards are dying. We say...

      **** that!

      We aren't going anywhere.

      We're just getting started.

      What say you our beloved BGO members?

      If you love this place, and we know you do - get involved. Spread the word. Find a new member. Increase your participation. This is an unbelievable site and community. Do you believe that? Do you love coming here? Do you believe some things are special in life and deserve our devotion and commitment?

      The Redskins are going to turn the corner. The time for an independent, creative, and welcoming Redskins fan community is NOW.

      The Redskins are about to...


      There has never been a better time to support, promote, and grow this community than right now.

      Ask not, what BGO has done for you - but what you have done for BGO... Don't take this place for granted. It only exists because we choose to keep it going. Your energy is our energy. Let's re-energize.

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