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    • Skins Quotes 11/19/18: Jay Gruden

      November 19, 2018

      Head Coach Jay Gruden

      On if the team has signed a new quarterback:
      "Yes, we're going to go with Mark Sanchez. We had a workout today, felt it looked pretty good, but based on his past experiences with Coach [Kevin] O'Connell and [Matt] Cavanaugh, he's won some playoff games, has got a lot of experience. I think this time of the year you need somebody that has taken some meaningful snaps and a lot of experience and Mark has done that."

      On how QB Alex Smith's surgery went:
      "Yeah it went well. Doctor [Robin] West did a great [job], she's a great doctor and the surgery went well. We anticipate him making a full recovery."

      On if it was just a clean break or had ligament damage:
      "I don’t think there was any ligament damage, no. It was a significant break of the bone."

      On the recovery timetable for Smith:
      "I don’t know, six to eight months' maybe. I think six months from what I hear, but I think [Head Athletic Trainer] Larry [Hess] will probably update that more in the next coming days."

      On what the coaches mentioned about QB Mark Sanchez to vouch for him:
      "Well one thing is that he's got the experience, number one and he's not going to have a lot of experience with our terminology obviously because it's changed from when he played with [Matt] Cavanaugh and [Kevin] O'Connell. But he does bring a veteran presence to the locker room and to the quarterback room which is important. I think if he's thrust into action, with the experience that he has, he can perform. It's going to be difficult with only a couple of days of walkthrough to perform at a high level, but we'll give him a package of plays that I think he can handle and function with, but hopefully that won't happen. But, he's a guy that's obviously played a lot like I said and can provide us a good backup role."

      On how much it helps to face a team that they have already faced:
      "It helps a little bit, we just played them not too long ago, so I think the game plan on both sides of the ball won't change a whole lot. I'm sure we'll have some wrinkles offensively and defensively, as will they, but familiarity with the Cowboys will be good. It's never easy playing a short week, no matter who you play, but they are in the same boat we are and we've just got to go out and play."

      On QB Colt McCoy's familiarity with the offense:
      "Well he didn’t have an opportunity to run it that much. His first year here he got a couple of games to start, then he hurt his back or neck and he hasn’t had many opportunities since then, so we'll see. I just feel very comfortable with Colt, always have and its's been a luxury to have him as a backup at quarterback and now it's a great opportunity for him to take the reins and I know he's excited about it, but he's a guy that knows the system, he's a competitor, accurate with the football, understands where to go with the football, we assume. But, we'll see on Thursday."

      On what he remembers from McCoy's comeback win in Dallas:
      "Yeah I remember we were struggling at that time and then playing on Monday Night Football against our rival, he came in and competed. I remember the quarterback draw that he ran and the huge play and made some big time throws in that game and despite being under a lot of pressure. I think this shows the type of toughness he has. I think that’s never going to change with Colt. I think the competitive fire that he has will rub off on everybody and will be a good thing for a lot of people. This opportunity has been a long time coming for him in his mind and I know he's excited about it. Not excited about how it happened, but very excited to get his opportunity."

      On if he believes QB Colt McCoy's ups and downs have made him better:
      "I think so, I think so. I think any experience is good experience. You know, he didn’t fair too well at Cleveland obviously. He got hit a couple times pretty hard, had some issues there and then he got hurt here. I just think he's a guy that's been in the hopper just waiting to come out. This opportunity is a great one for him. Like I said, he's a veteran guy, been through a couple different systems but he's been here now and understands exactly what we're trying to do and trying to accomplish. We don't have to change a thing with Colt at quarterback. We just go on as scheduled. I know the players all have a ton of respect for Colt and they're going to play hard for Colt and they know the ball's going to be thrown in the right spot."

      On if QB Alex Smith's injury was even sadder because of how the team was starting to come together:
      "We put a lot of time in and Alex was coming along at a pretty good rate. We had a lot of people moving around personnel-wise as far as receivers, running backs, offensive line and he was still playing pretty well. Unfortunately, the injury happened but it's not the first time a quarterback has been injured nor will be the last. That's why you have to have a good backup plan and we feel like we do."

      On what the hardest thing is for a coach on a short week:
      "To get a plan together for them, you know, one that they can function with and be successful with without going overboard. You can’t come up with all these crazy ideas and let's do this, let's do this and put them in and just walk through them and expect to execute on game day. I think you have to be pretty simple in your approach, make sure the guys can execute and play fast. That's the most important thing. That's the biggest challenge that we have without being too simple. But I think for us, to get the plan together, get it taught the way we want to in a short amount of time and let them be successful."

      On what has changed with the run defense:
      "A little bit. I think there's a few hits in the running game that happened the other day whether it was a linebacker that got out of a gap or maybe a defensive lineman or a defensive end or what have you. I think it's a combination of things. I think our run defense is still pretty stout though, pretty good. It'll be another stiff test on Thursday against Zeke [Ezekiel Elliott]. We have to make sure we sure up our gap integrity and make sure we wrap up and make sure we pursue to the football. We actually calmed down after the first two drives against Houston and played pretty well on defense – created some turnovers, got off the field. With the exception of a couple runs, I think they played excellent."

      On the team fully accepting Colt McCoy at quarterback:
      "Yeah, yeah. They better. They don't have any choice. We're all sick and heartbroken over Alex there's no doubt about it. He's such a great guy and a great leader and teammate and a joy to coach. When something like this happens, you have to move on and we are going to move on. We are going to move on. Colt is going to do just fine and I know the players will respond to him. We still have a chunk of our season left. We still have a lot to play for. We're in first place in our division still, big game Thursday night. We have Monday Night Football coming up. We have the Eagles twice coming up and obviously a lot of other key matchups, but it starts on Thursday night against Dallas – Thursday afternoon, Turkey Day. I know everybody is geeked up and ready to go."

      On if there is an update on T Trent Williams or RB Chris Thompson:
      "No, not on Chris or Trent. I think Trent was so close last week but it's not a lot of time that's going to give that thumb a chance to, the swelling to go down. I don't know to be honest with you on either one of them."

      On if there is anything about McCoy's skillset that will make them have to adjust on offense:
      "Not really. We’ve been doing quite a bit with Alex as far as some of the RPOs and zone reads and getting him out of the pocket a little bit. If anything, we might be a little more hesitant to do some of that because we only have Colt. After that, we have Mark [Sanchez] who has never even taken a snap here so maybe a little more conservative in that approach. Other than that, we're not changing anything."

      On the timeout controversy from yesterday's game:
      "I don't know what the issue is. We had two timeouts left with about three and a half to go. If I ran through them right there, they would have gotten the first down and it would have still been the same thing. I don't know what the issue is, but we had a chance to have two timeouts and the ball with two minutes to go. If they didn’t call the touch foul on Josh Norman we would have had two timeouts, two minutes to go and the ball. They probably would have punted, backed us up, so I would rather have my timeouts in two minutes as opposed to maybe two thirty [two minutes and thirty seconds] and no timeouts. I think the majority of the coaches would play it the same way. I don’t know, could be wrong."

      On what McCoy said to the team in the locker room after the game:
      "Yeah, I didn’t hear that. I didn’t hear that. I was already out doing the media probably when he did that. "

      On what McCoy's rallying cry means to him:
      "I already know everything about Colt's character. He's a great guy to have on your football team and great leader. He's been like that with Robert [Griffin III] as a starter, with Kirk [Cousins] as a starter, just waiting for his opportunity and when we signed Alex, he was a little disappointed, but he was all about the Redskins and doing what he could to help the football team. I know the players really appreciate Colt, what he does on scout team every day, the looks that he gives, the competitive spirit that he brings to practice every day is second to none. So, of course I don’t think there is going to be any issue with the team rallying around Colt."

      On WR Jamison Crowder and CB Quinton Dunbar:
      "Dunny is probably closer than anybody. Hopefully, even though we are just going to have walkthrough's, we'll get him on the side and get him running tomorrow when we come in here and same with Crowder, so we'll have to wait and see."

      On how QB Mark Sanchez stood out from other quarterbacks:
      "He threw the ball good. I think Mark has always been able to spin is. He was a top pick, a Top 10 pick in the NFL Draft because he had a very nice arm, smooth release, so he's always going to throw the ball good in those settings. The other quarterbacks did pretty well also, but we just chose Mark obviously based on history and his ability to probably learn this faster.”

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