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    • Skins Quotes 11/12/18

      November 12, 2018

      Head Coach Jay Gruden

      On injuries in the game:
      "Only injury of note in the game was Geron Christian, tore his MCL. He'll be out for the year and he'll need surgery."

      On replacing T Geron Christian Sr.:
      "I don’t know yet. We still have some other things we have to do with our roster but I think right now with Austin Howard here, I think we're okay. Hopefully Trent [Williams] will get back here in a week or two or what have you. We have three tackles in the building right now and then also have one on the practice squad so we should be okay for the time being."

      On WR Trey Quinn:
      "Trey Quinn, we'll talk about Wednesday or Thursday. There's a good chance we activate him and get him rolling but we'll make sure that he has some good work on Wednesday in individual and go from there."

      On the status WR Jamison Crowder's rehab:
      "I think he's probably going to get another MRI just to make sure everything is on track as far as the healing process is concerned. If it is, and he can practice Wednesday and Thursday, there's a good chance he'll be up. You just can't tell. He's not quite 100 percent coming in and out of his cuts right now. I don’t think he's totally comfortable with it but hopefully by Thursday he has a chance."

      On RB Chris Thompson's rehab:
      "Yeah most likely, the rib thing, there's really not a lot of rehab you can do, it's just got to heal on its own and we'll wait and see."

      On update involving CB Quinton Dunbar's injury:
      "I do not have a handle on that one that is a unique injury. When you're talking about the nerve in the leg, I don’t know, [the process], it's new to me. It probably just takes some time for that thing to fire. I don t know when that will be if it's tomorrow or next week, or two weeks, so we've just got to play it by ear, keep testing it out and see if he has full strength and can run. He just can't run full speed right now so it's a problem."

      On the offense and how it is improving:
      "I think again, we had three drives in the first half, one was at the two minute drill which is a good drive to get three points. We had another drive where we went down the field and got three points. We had a penalty that stopped that drive, threw a screen pass on third down and 20 just to make sure we ensure ourselves an opportunity to kick three points – then we had two three-and-outs. Probably early in the game it was conservative with the new line that we had and their defensive line was pretty good. Then we kind of settled down a little bit in the second half, had some nice plays, some good drives, but for the most part with the defense, they were on the field a lot. They (Tampa Bay) had great ball control, they were moving up and down the field. Fortunately we got the four turnovers when we did to stop them from scoring points. Their kicker missed a couple of field goals, but from an opportunity standpoint, our offense didn’t have many and we have to improve."

      On when the timing will come and if the offensive line injuries affect that:
      "We'll see. We are playing another explosive defensive front this week in Houston so you'll have to wait and see how we're doing from a health standpoint, to make sure on Morgan [Moses]… Morgan came out of the game OK, we took him out at the very end just for a precautionary thing. Ty [Nsekhe] went out of the game with an ankle but came back in, finished the game. We'll just see how those guys are on Wednesday and Thursday, see how Jonathan [Cooper] improves obviously and go from there."

      On a tweet by LB Zach Brown:
      "Yeah, we talked about it. I think there was a little miscommunication there; I don’t think anybody pinned any blame on Zach Brown for the game against Atlanta. He might have felt like that based on a meeting or something like that but that wasn’t the case, I just assured him that wasn’t the case. It was a total team loss against Atlanta and no finger pointing is allowed in this building and we cleared it up."

      On any disciplinary action against Brown:
      "For his tweet? No, I'm not going to discipline anybody for a tweet [Laughter]. No, we're OK. We need Zach Brown."

      On the difficulty for a defense to give up a lot of yards and hold a team to three points:
      "We don’t anticipate giving up 500 yards every week. We missed a lot of tackles. We had a lot of plays out there we didn’t play our best on, but in critical situations we made plays and red zone defense is a critical situation – we played extremely well yesterday so that was big time. They had some third down conversions, which you know a missed tackle here, a poor break on the ball, a lack of pass rush, whatever it is, we let them stay on the field a lot and move the ball up and down the field. I don’t anticipate that happening every week. We've got to play better on third down and obviously make the tackles when they present themselves and do a better job. For the most part, whenever you hold a team to three points in the NFL, it's a pretty darn good outing."

      On P Tress Way and his overall importance to the team:
      "Again, he had another outstanding game. He's starting to show off a little bit, I told him today [Laughter]. He's just dropping the ball, pin pointing balls at the three, four-yard line and our guys, our gunners, don’t even have to down them. They are back spinning and he looks like he's hitting soft 9-irons into the Masters ninth green for goodness sakes, so he's doing a great job, man. We talk about all three phases being critical, [Dustin] Hopkins made all his kicks, Tress Way is doing his job and when we're backed up, he changes field position. He keeps teams backed up, making teams go the length of the field which is huge in the NFL. Eventually – and that's what we've had trouble with in our offense from time to time – we can move the ball 10, 20, 40, 50 yards when you have to go 85 yards in 12 to 13 plays it becomes difficult. There is a holding call, there's something that happens, you shoot yourself in the foot and that's what teams are doing and Tress is making teams go the length of the field and our defense is taking advantage."

      On T Trent Williams practicing:
      "Trent Williams? No, I don’t expect him to practice this week. He's still got the big old cast on there."

      On starting CB Danny Johnson and then switching to CB Greg Stroman:
      "Well Danny had a good week of practice. He filled in for Stroman when Stroman had the hip issue last week and we thought we'd give Danny a shot to start. Danny was playing a little soft [coverage] there for a little while, so we decided to give Stroman a crack at it and he had a nice interception, a couple of pass break ups. Both those guys are going to be good players. They are both very young, Stroman is a seventh round pick, Danny was a free agent and they're thrown in the fire covering DeSean Jackson for goodness sakes and it's not an easy task. But, both of them are going to be fine players, not giving up on Danny and when [Quinton] Dunbar comes back, that'll be his job, but right now until Dunbar does come back, Danny and Stroman both have to step up."

      On how important the interception was for Stroman:
      "Yeah, most young corners are going to have their ups and downs. Most veteran corners have some ups and downs from time to time. The most important thing for a corner is to have short memory and that's what I like about Stroman. Against New Orleans when he gave up a couple of touchdowns, he bounced back a little bit and the following week he made some plays and he's going to continue to compete."

      On if it surprises him that there is still negativity when the team is 6-3:
      "Yeah a little bit. We're obviously not satisfied or sitting in the lounge chair with our feet up right now relaxing. We've got to get back to work and continue to work. We know there is a lot of football ahead of us, a lot of great teams come in here to play and we have to go there to play and we have to do better. We have to do better on offense and there's a lot more for us to get offensively and defensively for that matter. I'm glad that we're winning without a doubt. We're 6-3 in first place, that's a heck of deal after nine games, but I'm also excited with the fact that we have not played our best yet and I think the best is yet to come. It's our job as coaches to make sure we do the best we can to get it out of them."

      On the decision to leave LB Pernell McPhee inactive:
      "Yeah, we had to dress eight offensive linemen, so I had to pluck from a spot. Couldn’t do a receiver, couldn’t do a tight end, couldn’t do a running back, couldn’t do a quarterback, so I did an inside linebacker in [Zach] Vigil. Vigil is a key special team's player. Pernell McPhee doesn’t play special teams so I activated Cassanova [McKinzy]. He's a good special team's player, so he took the reps that Zach Vigil normally gets so unfortunately I had to sit McPhee, not performance related, but just I had to get another body on the offensive line because we're banged up."

      On if going 6-3 for the first time acts as validation for him:
      "No, no, we're not pointed anywhere, we're just pointing our ship towards Houston right now. We're just trying to do the best we can and we've got a good group here. We have a roster that I think is going to compete every week and I like the fact that win or lose, they come back, they are the same guys every week. They're going to work their tails off Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and get ready to play a very good Houston team and that's our sole purpose right now."

      On if he looks at who the division opponents have to play when watching the standings:
      "I really don’t worry about that. I think the good thing being 6-3, being in first place is we control what we have to control. We don’t have to look at the other teams, we just have to focus on what we do and if we do our job, we don’t have to worry about anything. Right now it's just all about Houston and that's all it is. They are a very talented football team, six-game winning streak and anything else really doesn’t matter."

      On RB Byron Marshall:
      "Yeah, I don’t know, we have another week we can look at him on the practice field, make sure he's 100%. There's a chance we could activate him but with Adrian [Peterson] and Kapri [Bibbs] and obviously Samaje [Perine], we don’t have to do it right now. We could, we'll see."

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