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    • Skins Quotes 11/9/18: Jay Gruden

      November 9, 2018

      Head Coach Jay Gruden

      On injuries:
      "Alright out will be Chris Thompson, rib; Trent Williams, thumb. Questionable will be [Jamison] Crowder, [Quinton] Dunbar and [Morgan] Moses."

      On WR Jamison Crowder:
      "He did a little bit more today. He did pretty good. We'll have to see a little bit more tomorrow, see how he's feeling and go from there."

      On T Morgan Moses:
      "Yeah, he did more team today and fought through it, did a good job. With all these guys that are questionable, it'll depend on how they're feeling tonight and tomorrow."

      On what the team misses in Crowder's absence:
      "Well, Jamison's a good player. I mean, you always miss good players. We've filled in. 'Mo' [Maurice Harris] has done a great job filling in for him but still Jamison is an excellent slot receiver [and] brings a lot to this football team. Like I said, 'Mo' has done a good job in his place."

      On if the offensive line is comfortable:
      "Well, they look good in practice. They've done a great job – hats off to the coaches – Coach Callahan [Assistant Head Coach/Offensive Line] and Phil [Assistant Offensive Line Coach Phil Rauscher] obviously for getting them ready to go. But we'll see. I think playing in 83 degree heat for the first time could take its toll on them, but we'll have some other guys available if it is an issue. We have to wait and see, but I'm optimistic that they've picked it up mentally. That's half the battle. Now physically on a 7-, 8-, 10-play drive, we'll see where they're at."

      On if he has chosen the starters on offensive line:
      "Not yet. We're still tinkering around with it. I think the big thing is we're waiting to see where Morgan's [Moses] at [as far as his injury]. With Morgan and Ty [Nsekhe], hopefully they'll be the tackles. But if Morgan can't go then we probably have to put [Geron] Christian in at tackle and move some people around. So, we'll wait and see."

      On playing CB Greg Stroman and CB Danny Johnson:
      "Yeah, we'll let it play out. I think they'll both play. I think Danny has done a nice job when Stroman got hurt. I think they're both good players. It's just a matter of we have to pick one on game day when they go sub. I think Danny will probably get the nod right now this week, but we'll see depending on how Stroman feels as far as his gate and his speed are concerned."

      On if CB Josh Norman will follow Tampa Bay Buccaneers WR Mike Evans in the game:
      "Well, they have DeSean [Jackson] too. It's very similar. Atlanta has very good weapons with [Calvin] Ridley and Julio [Jones], but Mike Evans probably has more targets. We'll wait and see if we travel with him or not, but you'd like to have him on DeSean too. You can only cover one of them. The other guys would have to play."

      On if CB Quinton Dunbar practiced:
      "He didn’t do much. He was on the side and did some work on his leg yesterday. Today we want him to rest and then we'll test it out tomorrow."

      On the interior offensive line:
      "Chase [Roullier] will be the center for sure. [Tony] Bergstrom will probably have to start out at guard, I would think. Then, left guard we're still deciding right there. It looks like [Jonathan] Cooper could have the nod."

      On if T Geron Christian Sr. will start if T Morgan Moses can't play:
      "Oh, yeah. Yeah."

      On putting an offensive line together in less than a week:
      "Yeah, we don't really know. We're hoping the experience that Jonathan [Cooper] has will help and [Tony] Bergstom's played a lot – obviously Chase [Roullier] – and hopefully we get Morgan [Moses] and Ty [Nsekhe] back. So that's still pretty solid if you ask me. When you're out there on the field, you'll get a better gauge of how they're doing. How we're protecting. How we're run blocking. How they're handling the heat and the drives and the communication. Time will tell. I'm anxious to see it."

      On the toughest challenge facing the offensive line:
      "It's all hard. It's all hard. It's all hard. It's just a matter of you're hoping that experience will take over and the knowledge that they gained in the last four or five days will carry over to game day and they can handle – just the mental part of it is one thing. Now the physical part you're handling with stunts and the movement of the defensive lines and the different fronts that they give you. Is it a jam front? It's over, it's under; there's a lot of different things that take place with the line calls. We have a fairly smart group I believe, so I think they'll handle it. But going out and executing the double teams and getting up to the next level and the stunts, we'll see how they do. We have confidence they'll do fine."

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