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    • Skins Quotes 10/29/18

      October 29, 2018

      Head Coach Jay Gruden

      On injuries during game:
      "[Troy] Apke reinjured his hamstring, Chris Thompson injured his rib on the other side, Trent [Williams] had a thumb dislocation and [Kapri] Bibbs had a shoulder, labrum, came out of place a couple of times and then Ryan Anderson had a knee strain in the muscle in the back of his knee."

      On T Trent Williams's prognosis:
      "I think he's in a cast right now and then on Wednesday we'll see if we can jerry-rig it, where he can have some strength in the thumb where he can grip, that’s the most important thing. There's a good chance he can play with that thing, but we'll know more on Wednesday or Thursday."

      On testing Williams' thumb in practice:
      "Yeah, I think it will be important at some point to see what he can grab and how he can use that."

      On how severe the new rib injury is for RB Chris Thompson:
      "I don’t know, we're going to check that now, we'll see. I think it's going to be a day-to-day thing, a pain tolerance thing, maybe wear a rib pad, I don’t know, we'll have to wait and see. The ribs, those are painful and whether or not he can be effective with that thing, I don’t know with a running back, but we'll see how much it improves come Saturday or Sunday."

      On potentially placing S Troy Apke on Injured Reserve:
      "I would say so, we are going to talk to him and then get the final word on how many weeks we think it might be. If it's going to be four to six weeks, then IR is a possibility."

      On if playing is contingent on Williams being able to grab:
      "Yes, yes."

      On how RB Adrian Peterson has changed the emphasis on running the ball:
      "Well, I think his production has been such that we've continued to run the ball. When you have success running the football, you're not just going to stop running it, you are going to keep running it, especially with a guy that is hot like he is right now. Our offensive line, tight ends, receivers are doing an excellent job blocking for him and we're getting some big hits, staying on track for the most part. We've added some RPO type things, which we've ended up handing off a lot of them. I don’t foresee any major changes to our game plan. He's going to be a major part of it."

      On if winning games by running the ball and playing good defense is sustainable:
      "Every game is going to be different, some games we might have to throw it 50 times, you never know. But, the object is obviously to win the game however we see fit; we'll do the best we can to game plan accordingly. Right now, we are having some success running the football, holding the ball, playing field position battle. That might have to change depending on how the game goes next week."

      On if he is seeing the improvement in the passing game:
      "Yeah, we are close, we missed some opportunities of course but we're going to get there. I think it’s just a matter of it being a missed throw here or there, might be a poor route maybe, might be a protection issue just a little, we're just not quite in full sync right now at this time. I imagine we are going to continue to get better and better. I know that Alex [Smith] has a strong work ethic and desire to and has the offensive line and receivers to do and also tight ends, so it's a total team effort when it comes to the passing game. You've got to have protection, you've got to have good routes, you've got to have good route combinations against what the defense is playing and you've got to have good throws. Right now, it’s not fully in sync, but we're not turning the ball over and we're doing some good things also."

      On if it's a good thing that players don’t seem satisfied with the win:
      "Yeah, there's no doubt, I think a lot of areas we can say we can point to a lot of circumstances in that game where we can play a lot better in every phase. That's a good thing, we have a lot of room for improvement and that’s a better thing that the players understand that and are willing to come in here and work and fix some things that need fixing. That's going to be the case every week. We're never going to play a perfect game, we are going to try our butts off to do that, but the goal is to play together, get to know one another and continue to fight till the bitter end. I love the way we're competing, that's the most important thing. We're running the football [and playing] on defense, it's great team defense right now, give up a play or two, but we stopped the damage for the most part and played good red zone defense and third down defense and rushed the passer, played the run very well. Then offensively, like I said, we had some good plays, had some good drives, we just didn’t finish them very well."

      On the little things that indicate a positive change in the passing game:
      "I mean, there's something all the time, really. There are some opportunities for us to make some big plays that we are not making. I'm not going to get into the X's and O's and the reasons why, I just know that they're out there and I think the players can see they are out there. We've just got to keep working, keep running, and let Alex [Smith] do his thing and he's going to continue to get more and more comfortable with each player. There are still some nuances, whether it's a choice route or an option route where we are just a little bit hesitant here and there or maybe it's a deep ball that we're not letting go or let loose or we haven’t had time to let loose for whatever reason. So, we've just got to continue to keep plugging away at what we're doing and things will happen positively."

      On if there are games that he goes in thinking it may have to be a shootout depending on the opponent:
      "We'll let it play out, but we understand that Atlanta has got a powerful offense and great weapons, as the last few teams we've played have had also. Every week it is going to be a great challenge for us, Julio [Jones], 'Mo' [Mohamed Sanu], obviously Matt Ryan and [Calvin] Ridley, they are great players. [Tevin] Coleman out of the backfield is a very good back so it's going to be another great challenge for our secondary and our pass rush. Then offensively, if we have to match a few scores here and there, but we don’t ever anticipate a team coming in here and scoring a lot of points or, ‘Hey, it's going to be a shootout this week.’ We anticipate our defense playing extremely well and offensively sticking with our plan."

      On if there is a different mentality running the football:
      "Yeah, it's a different mentality and our guys can buy into that. The best thing about our running style right now is we can do a lot of different things. You've seen the power running games, you've seen the tight zones, you've seen the outside zones, you've seen the gap traps, you've seen the pulling guards and tackles on the perimeter, some toss cracks, you've seen a little bit of everything in our running game which has been very, very effective. I think the receivers are doing a better job blocking also which is important, but I think we have a pretty good scheme right now and we're utilizing it pretty good in the running game."

      On the missed deep ball by QB Alex Smith to WR Paul Richardson Jr.:
      "He just missed the throw a little bit, he came across, he made a great read, made the throw and just threw it in a bad location. I don’t think he could really step into the throw, I think he stepped up one time and we had a little push in the pocket, he wasn’t able to follow through. He took a shot to him on the deep ball, but we got a 40-yard pass interference call. It doesn’t count on the stats but it’s a huge play also. We're going to continue to take a few shots and hopefully we will connect here soon."

      On the quick game:
      "Quick game? Well, I think quick game is an extension of the run also. We try to get people lined up in spots where we can get the ball out of our quarterback's hand and let our playmakers make plays. Jordan Reed is a big part of that, 'Mo' [Maurice] Harris had a couple catch and runs; Vernon [Davis] had one there at the end of the game. Quick game has always been a big part of our offense since I've been here, for forever, so it's a way to change the launch point of the quarterback. We've had some good runners after the catch, Jordan is a great option runner, obviously guys getting the ball in their hands quickly can make big yards in short passes."

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