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    • Week 6 2018 Grades, Evals, & Questions


      Burner’s Burning Questions: Grades, Evals, Questions, Regular Season, 2018

      Week Six

      Greetings to everyone here in BGO land and greetings to all of our friends on social media. We hope you become a member of the family here.

      Redskins football and Rich Tandler fit together like a glove. Many of us started our day reading his latest update and news about the Skins. He was our go to source for all things Washington Redskins. We will miss him. Today’s look at the Panthers game will include a bit of Rich’s style and format as a tribute.

      Our thoughts continue to be focused on those who were in the paths of Hurricane Florence and Hurricane Michael. We hope areas affected can get the help and support that is needed, but understand it will take time.

      Week six is in the books and now we take a look at how the entire team fared against the Carolina Panthers on Sunday. The questions and answers will be quick and simple once again as we pay tribute to Rich. We will try to make some sense of it all as BBQ hands out grades, evaluations, and questions. Feel free to offer your own grades, evaluations, questions, and opinions.

      Upcoming Dates:
      - Days until the Cowboys game: 3
      - Days until the Giants game: 10
      - Days until the Eagles game: 46
      - Days until NFL free agency: 146
      - Days until NFL draft: 189

      Let’s take a look at week six.

      Question: How did Alex Smith fare?
      Answer: Not bad. He managed the game and helped the team score a key victory.
      Grade: C+

      Running Backs:
      Question: Do you have a grade for them?
      Answer: Sure, and it is good.
      Grade: B

      Wide Receivers:
      Question: Well, how about the receivers?
      Answer: Better than last week.
      Grade: B-

      Tight Ends:
      Question: What grade do they receive (get it???)?
      Answer: You’re funny.
      Grade: B

      Offensive Line:
      Question: How about this group of big uglies?
      Answer: Certainly better than last week.
      Grade: B-

      Defensive Line:
      Question: What grade would you give their effort against the Panthers?
      Answer: Containing Cam Newton and company earns a good mark.
      Grade: B+

      Question: How did this group fare against the Panthers?
      Answer: It wasn’t perfect, just what was needed.
      Grade: B-

      Question: How about that Josh Norman interception?
      Answer: It was nice to see and he had a big assist from the defensive line?
      Grade: C+

      Question: Did they improve over the previous week?
      Answer: Yes. DJ Swearinger was intense.
      Grade: B-

      Special Teams:
      Question: How about this unit?
      Answer: Kudos all around. Downing punts inside the five yard line. A clutch 56 yard field goal. Yeah, this was good.
      Grade: A+

      Question: What can we say about the coaches for this game?
      Offense. Better than the week prior, but in-game adjustments are still needed.

      Defense. Better. Bend, but don’t break.

      Special teams. Excellent.
      Grade: B-

      I think Chicago is the best group of all time, but the Beatles are the best of all time for this week. Our pets are family. I prefer cats, but you can’t beat the love and loyalty of a good dog. For this week, dogs rule. On to game six. We’ll see you next week with grades, evaluations, and questions.

      Think I will take a thirty minute nap this afternoon, but it is not a nap. Just a brief period of rest.

      For Rich – Beat Dallas! We’ll miss you. RIP.

      Hail To The Redskins!
      This article was originally published in forum thread: Burner’s Burning Questions: News, Grades, Evals, Questions, Regular Season, 2018 started by Burgundy Burner View original post
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