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    • Post-Game Skins Quotes 10/14/18: Jay Gruden


      On injuries:
      "No injuries of note. Brandon Scherff just tweaked his knee but he came back into the game."

      On the character of the team after ups and downs:
      "Well I think it's good. I think that’s the way this football season is going to be for a lot of teams in the NFL. I don’t think anybody can enjoy success all the time. You're going to face adversity and we have to meet it. It was great to see our guys bounce back after a tough performance on Monday night on a short week against a very talented and very well coached Carolina Panther football team, so I'm happy. You know, [we're] 3-2 right now and we faced adversity throughout the game but everybody kept fighting and stayed together, stayed positive and finished the game. "

      On CB Josh Norman's performance today:
      "It was great. You know, it was great to see. The thing got popped up in the media somehow. I don't know how or where it came from but Josh and I have swept it under the rug right after it happened. It was great to see him play well against his former team. I know it meant a lot to him. His forced fumble, interception, had some good tackles so I'm happy for Josh."

      On the defense’s performance at the end of the game:
      "Yeah, I think they had a couple good hits early on and made some great plays. Cam [Newton] scans the field very well, very accurate for a big quarterback. He's tough. He's tough to deal with. But it was great to see our guys breaking on some balls and making some plays. That's what it's all about. They got some yards, got down there but it's about red zone defense, situational football, third down, fourth down. We got the big stops and won the game."

      On the play of QB Alex Smith and the offense:
      “I think we had a chance to do a lot better. I think we were light in protection a few times and missed some great opportunities. We didn’t handle the stunts very well, again for whatever reason. Overall, we were efficient early on, jumped out to a big start, made some big conversions but couldn’t finish the deal in the third and fourth quarter again. That’s kind of been our M.O. here, against Arizona, same thing, against Green Bay, we struggled in the second half again and then tonight, again, we struggled. We did enough to win. We protected the football for the most part, which is good. A couple of big penalties hurt us, the intentional grounding, then the holding call off the trap play, or little forced play hurt us a lot.”

      On the last drive and changing the coverage:
      “I think Coach [Greg] Manusky stuck with his plan. I think he got after them once or twice but defensive backs and linebackers just had to hunker down and just play tighter coverage. [Christian] McCaffrey is a monster out of the backfield and Greg Olsen is one of the better pass route-running tight ends in football and [Devin] Funchess is a big wide receiver that creates separation with his size and of course you have Cam’s [Newton] running ability where you have to use an extra player sometimes to spy him so it puts you light in coverage. Overall I think our guys held up pretty well.”

      On his level of confidence in K Dustin Hopkins:
      “That was good. Coach [Ben] Kotwica said he’s a go and Dustin ran out there, sprinted, no hesitation whatsoever. I thought it was more of a 53-yarder but then I saw the 56-yarder, I got a little bit more nervous and almost took a time out, but I trust Dustin and Dustin knocked it through – big time kick.”

      On how WR Josh Doctson played and if there was an effort to get him the ball:
      “Yeah there was, we had some opportunities. We missed some at the end of the game. We had a double move for him on the left side and we got hit and that’s when the ball came out and we tried to go ball down the field and I thought he got held and grabbed on that one but we tried to get a couple shots to him. Vernon [Davis] made some plays, Jordan [Reed] made some plays, and when protection allows us to go after him, we have a better opportunity. We didn’t have a lot of opportunities with the protection the way it was today.”

      On the run game:
      “I think we had a pretty good plan. We had some good hits. We spread them out a little bit. It wasn’t the tight, condensed, power-type plays, it was more spread out, get [Luke] Kuechly and get them out in space a little bit more and run away from him and get our linemen up on safeties and try and do a good job and not let our running backs cut the defense. We had a couple good hits in that regard. We had some down down pull plays that were pretty good. We put in a lineman and pulled our linemen, [Brandon] Scherff was unbelievable at that so we had some good hits. Our backs were very good at that and Adrian [Peterson], I can’t say enough about what he did today, playing through the pain of the shoulder and the knee. What a pro, I mean what a pro he is.”

      On QB Alex Smith’s response after last week:
      “I think he did good. You can’t really tell. He’s never really too high or too low. You know obviously he wanted to improve on a performance like everybody did, myself included. But he comes into work and prepares and works hard. Gets the look and he’s just an even-keeled guy. I liked the way he bounced back, he protected the football and did some good things.”

      On second half offensive struggles:
      “I don’t remember those games that much, I remember today. We had a couple of good hits, drives, we had two key penalties that I can remember that hurt us. And then a couple of protection misses on some key third down plays. You know it’s a combination of things and plus let’s give it up to Carolina’s defense a little bit. They have three bonafide Pro Bowl type linebackers. Thomas Davis is unbelievable. [Luke] Kuechly is great. Their defensive line is very good, added [Eric] Reid obviously [Mike] Adams is a veteran safety. So, it’s not like teams are scoring 60 on these guys every week. It’s a grind. And we grinded this one out and got the big win.”

      On TE Jordan Reed:
      “I think we did better and again I think there’s more to get for Jordan [Reed]. We had a couple of opportunities. We had him targeted and they doubled him, like you said. And by the time you got off of him we had pressure, so I think Jordan is obviously very important and critical part of this offense. Whether he’s in the slot, whether he’s outside, whether he’s in the core blocking. He got some good blocks today in the core. So, we will continue to try to get him the ball as much as we can but if they continue to double him and play spot drop zones on him, we’ll have to work somebody else.”

      On offensive struggles after scoring early:
      “Like I said, there’s a lot of things that took place. End of the second half, we had a big grounding call. We had a chance to get out a field goal at the end and then we had a running back sitting right out there. They called a grounding which killed the drive. The third quarter we had that big penalty. We had to run up to the 15-yard line, I think it was and they called a penalty. So it was first-and-10 at the 15, we got second-and-20 at midfield. I mean, these are huge plays. And then we had a couple of protection blowups on third down. We try to stick with the plan and mixing the run and the pass but a couple of third down stops hurt us with some protections, maybe a missed target here and there. But, I don’t know. And like I said before, you got to credit Carolina’s defense a little bit. They’re pretty good.”

      On third-down performance:
      “It’s hard when you get third and long. You try to stay at third and manageable today, which is key against these guys. You see what they can do with their pass rush and their linebackers can cover out in space. They can hook drop. They cover a lot of ground and they’re very sound with what they do defensively with all the blitzes they also have. They can present problems to you. And we had [Kapri] Bibbs playing third-down back as opposed to Chris Thompson. That kind of shied us away a little bit on some of the third and long plays. I thought once we got to third down and medium, Alex [Smith] did a great job sitting in there, finding underneath crossing routes, a couple to Jordan Reed, one to Vernon Davis, one to Brian Quick. Those are key plays that keeps us on track and keep us on the field.”

      On reasons for offensive line’s struggles:
      “Yeah, yeah for sure. And they’ll get better. And they’re pretty good. It’s some of the stunts that hurt us a little bit. But we’ll get those corrected. And those mainly came on third and longs or, you have two-minute known passing situations. They hurt us a little bit. Overall, I felt like our line played very well against a very good team. Both in the running game and the passing game with a few exceptions which will happen against a good defense.”

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