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    • Skins Quotes Post-Game vs. Colts 2018: Jay Gruden


      On injuries:
      "As far as injuries are concerned, they all came back to play – Trent [Williams] and Brandon [Scherff] and Morgan [Moses]."

      On why the line struggled today:
      "Well, you know, hats off to [the Indianapolis Colts]. First of all, credit to Coach [Frank] Reich. Congratulate him on his first win. They came in here and outplayed us [on] both sides of the ball, special teams. Got in some tough situations, but we didn’t handle the movement you know, again in the running game more than the passing game. We couldn’t get any runs going. We had a lot of negative plays in the running game, which is unfortunate, and in the passing game, we couldn’t handle a lot of their stunts."

      Follow up on if the struggle was due to play calling or execution:
      "Well, I think they were executing and we weren’t – period. You know hats off to them like I said. They did a good job. We didn’t do a very good job out there in the second half. We weren’t on track. We were off track a little bit, lost our balance, never really had it really. We were kind of one-dimensional throughout the game. Our running game suffered and we were pretty much one-dimensional."

      On what concerned him in the passing game:
      "Well, they were very, very loose in their zones. It's not easy to get down the field in that defense. You're going to have to check the ball down a lot. We had some shots designed and they took them away with their linebacker dropping deep, their two deep safeties. You know, they played a lot of that. Cover 3 with deep safeties, deep corners. [If we] had to do it all over again, we'd have been more, obviously, probably less ambitious with some of our deep game and more geared towards moving the ball and getting the ball out of our hands and let the playmakers do their thing. As it turned out, we failed. "

      On the pass rush:
      "They were in positive down and distances pretty much the whole game. Third and two, third and four, and hit a lot of nice crossing routes. They had one third and 12 backed up and hit a nice bubble screen for goodness sakes for a gain of 15. It was just one of those days we could not really get home and didn’t have the opportunity to rush a whole lot. I thought Preston [Smith] had a couple good rushes. [Pernell] McPhee was short a couple times. I saw Jonathan [Allen] back there just a little bit short. We have to get back there a little bit quicker, possibly. I’ll check it out."

      On changing his protection based on the offensive line’s performance:
      "I try to keep on track with what we were doing. We were down. We got down a little bit once we gave up that last touchdown in the fourth quarter with nine minutes. We had to go no huddle and that is all she wrote. The first three quarters I tried to stay on track with our running game but just didn’t have much success."

      On the running game:
      "Like I said, we didn’t have a very good run plan [and] did not execute very well in the running game [and] did not get many good looks. We had one or two good looks that [Adrian Peterson] fought through there. We have to go back to the drawing board and talk about what runs we can hit against a moving front like that."

      On not converting on third down:
      "It hurts a lot, you know, it hurts a lot. Last week we were able to get some third down conversions and keep drives alive. That does two things; it keeps your offense on the field, keeps you on track as a play caller and it keeps your defense fresh. We were not able to do that today at all. Third downs were a huge, huge problem for us. We’ll have to go back and look at that."

      On the need to get receivers involved:
      "Probably. Like I said, there were a lot of cover two shelves out there. They’re doubled basically. The corner jams them and the safety over the top. There’s some holes in there that we can try to get in there. From time to time we did. Josh [Doctson] made a couple catches. Paul [Richardson Jr.] made a couple catches. [Jamison] Crowder had a couple there late. Overall, it’s about taking what the defense gives you. Taking shots when they are available. We just did not have any available to us today. We’ll have to try next week."

      On positive takeaways from this game:
      "Well, more than one, obviously. We were excited and upbeat as a result of last week, we are probably a little down this week, and that is pro football, and you have to handle the good with the bad, and see what type of team you’re made of, how we handle adversity - and this is an adverse situation. Never like to lose at home ever, but we did and now we have to bounce back in a big way. And get ready for Aaron Rodgers’ led Packer team."

      On struggling with offensive picks:
      “Well, we got picked, you know that is good design by them - had a couple of them. We have to do a better job at getting on different levels possibly, and not getting picked. On my part, that should have been called, but you know, that’s pro football, and if you are going to play a lot of man-to-man, you have to expect some pick plays. And we did not do a very good job at passing those off or switching them in and out.”

      On dropped passes:
      "I don’t know. We had no chemistry at all today, and it’s myself as a play caller. Really it’s my fault. I couldn’t give any rhythm calling plays. The inside zone wasn’t working, the outside zone wasn’t working, our read options weren’t working very well. We became one dimensional. And our play passes? We got sacked on two play passes for goodness sake. So they did a nice job, credit defense, they helped execute."

      On play of the secondary and D.J. Swearinger interceptions:
      "That’s a whole thing. D.J. [Swearinger] gave us some great opportunities to get some points on the board; touchdowns and we failed to do so and it’s unfortunate. We just got to go back and look at the film and see what happened. I thought we had a couple of good plays down, but they took them away. I’ve mentioned all along situational football, they executed, we didn’t and that’s it.”"

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