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    • Skins Quotes Post-Game vs. Colts 2018: Redskins Players


      On the team chemistry:
      "In the first half, I think a lot of things, certainly chemistry, rhythm; I didn’t think we had any of that. I didn’t think we were great on first or second downs. We gave ourselves some tough third downs in the first half, and then we didn’t convert so it was tough. Towards the end of the second half, I thought we finally did get in a rhythm but situationally even though we did put some drives together, but we stalled out, we stalled in the red zone. I think those are the two big things looking at it. Third down, red zone, it’s one of those days when you’re looking at a ton of opportunities but we needed to be better down there."

      On if Indianapolis Colts pressure or run defense was the factor in slowing down the Redskins offense:
      "Yeah probably, I think they both played into it. I thought both had timely pressure by them on third downs that cost us on conversions – certainly had a lot of penetrations at times with the run game as well. I think that played into it a lot, especially in the first half."

      On incorporating outside receivers and handling the switch:
      "I thought the guys did a great job in staying with it when we were making adjustments. It’s easy to get frustrated there. I think guys did stick with it that were able to get some things there in the second half and then move the ball a little bit. They made it apparent they were not going to give up the big play the way they were playing. I think making a smart and sustained drive, and it seemed like every time we got one going and got some rhythm going, something would happen. It’s easy to talk about right know but in hind sight, I wish we had some something different. There’s going to be a lot to look at and be better from."

      On the lack of attempts downfield:
      "I mean, I think that was the deal, they were playing pretty soft and weren’t going to give up big plays, make you check it down, they were going to rally and tackle, be disruptive up front and I think they did a great job with all of those things.”

      On consistency:
      "I mean that’s most of the NFL to be honest with you. I feel like it's really hard every single week and that’s the challenge, a great challenge every week. We had a chance here for the home opener and do that and we didn’t get it done. At the same time, I think we can use this constructively, build off it and find ways to get better and improve so we are more consistent."

      On chemistry:
      "I think today is a good example of that and that we didn’t find it. I guess that speaks to what Jay [Gruden] called chemistry, I guess. I’m saying rhythm, finding what that is. The great thing is we have a lot of weapons. We have a lot of tools and we can find something no matter what. And it took a while tonight to get to it and I’m sure we will be looking at film and more will come up that we wish we had gotten to or wish we could’ve done differently. That’s kind of the nature of it."

      On handling the blitz:
      "I guess some great timing or unlucky timing for us and great timing by them. It’s hard to say on all of those. We’ll look at it."


      On what the Colts were doing in pass defense:
      “Yeah basically what I think is they were just disguising their help. They had help in different areas, and they were just switching it up. So, one time they will have help over the top, next they will have help over the middle with deep help. They always kept somebody deep, you just didn’t know if the help was coming from the outside or the inside, or was it no help then a rush. It’s just a combination of things.”

      On what the safeties were doing for pass defense:
      “Yeah a lot of it is the safeties and the linebackers and what they are doing inside. It’s hard for the corners to decide if the safeties are intersecting with the linebackers.”


      On what the Colts were able to do to be effective:
      “They just played better than us; that’s it. There isn’t really much to say about it, we just have to execute better.”

      On what the team needs to do for next week to prepare:
      “Look at the film, see where we went wrong, and just find a way to come out fast next week.”

      On what prevented the team from getting any rhythm in the running game:
      “They just played harder than we did. That’s it.”

      On why the Colts were able to get in the backfield so often:
      “They just played harder than us. I’ve got to play better. We’ve all just got to find a way to be consistent.”


      On what the defense figured out early that wasn’t working:
      “They were just doing certain things different and the scheme as well, so after that, after the first drive, we had to settle down and just figure out what it was that they were doing.”

      On how disappointing it was to give up the last touchdown drive after seemingly pulling the defense back together:
      “We’ve just got to make sure we just communicate better and be on top of our game. The coach came out and they did what they had to do.”

      On the reason the pass rush wasn’t as effective getting to Andrew Luck:
      "We were only playing whatever was being called. At the end of the day, we just have to win. We just have to find that way to win somehow."


      On how disappointing it is not being able to start at home with a win:
      “Super disappointing, you know what I mean? All aspects of the game, all phases, you want to come out and have a big game in front of your home fans and we didn’t. We didn’t play good at all. It’s about adversity now. It’s going to be about how you respond and how you can bounce back and how you’re going to come in tomorrow morning working. Just got to come in and keep working because this is not a good way to start your home stretch - losing at home on national TV. So we’ve got to get stuff corrected and let this be the last one.”

      On what the Colts’ offense was able to do well against the defense:
      “Just little things here and there. I really can’t even put my finger on it. It was just little rub routes, little pick routes, stuff like that that they had schemed us up. We’re going against man, running different schemes, but we’ve just got to play better. We’ve got to get the ball back more. It’s something that we pride ourselves on but we didn’t do a good job of that. We’ve got to get them off on third downs and take the ball away.”

      On if he can explain the difference between the team’s performance this week and last week:
      “It’s the NFL. Teams are going to come out and have different looks for you, different things they want to do. Each week is going to be a dogfight. This week, we lost it. So, we have to bounce back and continue to work, take the coaching and watch the film. [We] can’t let this happen again because it feels terrible. You just want to throw up. You’ve just got to go get it corrected and find a way to get this taste out of your mouth.”


      On the emotion about not being able to get the home opener win:
      "Obviously it’s disappointing. You know what your capabilities are and we just didn’t show it tonight. We didn’t play Redskin football. And that’s the most disappointing part about it. In all phases of the game, when you get in opportunities like that, you can’t get them back. So you’ve got to capitalize when you get the opportunity. We did and we just didn’t do it today. That’s the most frustrating part about it all."

      On if the Colts offense did anything different to throw the defense off:
      "Defensively, I don’t think they did anything different. They wanted the shots, they wanted the deep ball and we didn’t give it to them. They got little under routes, pick plays that ended up hurting us a little bit, but we were able to counteract later on in the game and it’s just one of those plays where you’ve got to have some adjustments to. Time ran out so we couldn’t really adjust that quick. We’ve just got to be better and understand and try to create those things out there, and when they happen, try to keep some defensive plays open."

      On the difference between the Arizona Cardinals and the Indianapolis Colts:
      "Tale of the tape – I said earlier, those plays, those pick plays, you’ve got to be better at them and have something to play off in certain situations. Like I said before, pass, the rushing, backfield go hand-in-hand. Rush there has to get there. We’re not holding up; rush can’t get there. We’ve got to do a better job of taking the back just all around, just making those situations a little bit better than what we have been, whether a guy’s up or a guy’s off. It’s just got to be discipline, knowing the plays and coming out playing. You’ve just got to look at the overall scheme of everything that we’ve put into place. Hopefully you make adjustments as you go."

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