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    • Skins Quotes 9/13/18: Gruden, Manusky

      Head Coach Jay Gruden

      On injuries:
      Alright injuries, [Troy] Apke, hamstring; did not participate. [Maurice] 'Mo' Harris, concussion; was limited.
      [Morgan] Moses was limited with his knee.

      On when T Morgan Moses' suffered his knee injury:
      "I don’t know. He's just been bothered by it a little bit this week after the game."

      On if Moses will miss or be limited on Sunday:
      "Oh, he practiced today so on a limited basis he's getting better and better."

      On if WR Trey Quinn and WR Cam Sims will return this season:
      "Yeah there's a chance. There's a chance it wasn’t… neither one of them were season ending but we'll play it by ear."

      On who will return punts in place of Quinn:
      "Oh, we have [Jamison] Crowder back there. We also have [Greg] Stroman with the ability to do it."

      On why he decided to have Quinn return punts instead of WR Jamison Crowder:
      "Well, Trey did a good job in the preseason games and Crowder was a little bit limited there towards the end of training camp and [it] gave Trey a lot of reps at it. We decided to take a little bit off Jamison's plate. Not any reason, just Trey was pretty good at it."

      On the Indianapolis Colts QB Andrew Luck:
      "I don’t think there's a lot [that's] different. I think the linemen are a little bit better in front of him. They added [Quenton] Nelson, obviously, and Kelly, Ryan Kelly is back to healthy. They get their tackle back this week, so I think with the protection a little bit better, I think you'll see him a lot more comfortable. There was a time where he was battered pretty good, as far as protection is concerned, but I think it's getting better and better which will make him a lot better. He still has plenty of arm strength and accuracy with the football and great movement in the pocket."

      On RPOs and how to stop linemen from getting downfield:
      "The ball's just has to get out quick. You know, it has to be a decisive decision. You can't hold the ball for two, three or four seconds. That ball has got to be out within a second or second-and-a-half, two seconds tops, so linemen will hold on their double teams a little bit longer on RPO-type things. Hopefully the ball will get out before they get down there. That could be an issue with some teams."

      On the Indianapolis Colts offense:
      "Well discipline is the key on both sides of the ball as far as defensive line, linebackers, staying in your gaps without a doubt, keeping your leverage and the corners making tackles, safeties going through your reads and filling when you need to fill. That's just the way football is – offense and defense. We're not trying to recreate the atom here either on offense. We're doing basic runs and we're trying to get our people, get some movement, get our linemen up on the second level and let our running backs make some good, sound cuts. That's what pro football is all about."

      On Indianapolis Colts Defensive Coordinator Matt Eberflus:
      "Yeah, I think there's a lot of carryover from Dallas without a doubt with Coach Eberflus. He's an excellent football coach. You could see the effort the defensive players play with. They're not overly complicated but they play extremely hard with a lot of movement and guys that can run. You know, I think that's the key to their defense. Movement upfront makes it hard for the linemen to get up to the next level and then linebackers that can really run. They do an excellent job in that regard. Obviously, they have a few blitzes that they may not have shown yet. That’s a tough thing is how much Dallas film do you watch? Do you watch a couple years' worth, you'll find a ton of different fronts and coverages and blitzes. You just have to prepare for just about everything. He's a good football coach and [they] have a good scheme."

      On gauging RB Adrian Peterson touches and playing time:
      "Yeah, it's something we have to be in communication with him about. He has to be honest with himself, with me and himself and let me know if it's too much or if he's getting a little bit worn down. But we're in Week 1. He's in good shape right now. As the season progresses, if he feels like he's getting a little worn down, which I doubt, I doubt he'll tell me anyway, we'll get Rob [Kelley] in there and get the other guys in there. We probably will start to feature [and] get Rob in there a little bit more anyway just because it is a long season."

      Defensive Coordinator Greg Manusky

      On what makes QB Andrew Luck that makes him so accurate:
      "Well, I was there with him for four years, so I understand Andrew. He’s a top professional in this league. I mean overall, he’s a dynamic player and I’m sad that he’s back (sarcastic tone), but he is back in a different situation. Andrew is a quality quarterback that can make all the throws; always has been. Great mind, just a great guy overall and I’m looking forward to facing him this Sunday."

      On if his familiarity with Luck helps with game planning:
      "Maybe, maybe it doesn’t, but I’m just saying overall, I love the guy. He’s an incredible person; with me being there for four years, he was fantastic. Made a lot of good plays across the board and I respect him as a person and as a player."

      On the progression of CB Quinton Dunbar:
      "Yeah, I think when I first got here, you know, I wasn’t here when he was a wide receiver, but the next year I was, and prior to that, he just understood man coverage and that was about it and he didn’t know much. Now he knows route recognition. He knows what the quarterback is looking for. He knows exactly what the quarterback sees and from a coverage standpoint. He’s got the size and the ability to make plays and that’s what he did the other night. He played a heck of a game and I’m excited for him. We knew he had that in him. He just has to grow as a player and I think overall, all the young players that we have, and [they've] got to grow just like 'Dunnie' did."

      On how important it is to capitalize on Luck taking chances:
      "Well, it's Andrew. The best thing he does is get out of the pocket and tries to make plays. We understand that because I was there with him for four years, but overall, a great player; can make all the throws, favorite targets across the board. He’s got a bunch of guys that he can go to. He’s an experienced quarterback that we have to defend on Sunday and you know that’s what it is."

      On how interesting Luck is on film:
      "Well, I know he had a little cot or something to sleep in and he would watch plays and be there probably past the time that we were there as coaches defensively. I know Andrew spends a lot of time on film, I was there. He knows exactly what’s coming from his standpoint, so that’s what I expect."

      On his impression Luck after watching film:
      "Yeah, he’s a big bodied guy. He can avoid the pocket and when you get in his face and stuff, he can scramble. Once he scrambles, he can get out of the pocket and keeps his eyes up and throws it to the guy that’s open – which he did for a number of years when I was in Indy, so a great quarterback."

      On what can be improved defensively after Week 1 performance:
      "Yeah, I’d like to get a win, you know? More than anything, you know? But from our standpoint, I just want to play physical, play hard across the board, and we kind of did that Sunday. But overall, I think our performance was OK. I don’t think it was where we wanted it to be right now but we got a lot of young players and I think eventually we are going to get to that spot where we get to where we want to be."

      On what he likes from LB Josh Harvey-Clemons playing the nickel corner:
      "Yeah, Josh Harvey, he’s doing a good job of covering guys and doing the things we have to do. You have some tight ends in this league that you have some matchup problems with; 'Gatesy' [Antonio Gates] in the past, Gronk [Rob Gronkowski] and stuff. This guy’s long. He’s played safety before in his college career, and from a linebacker prospective, with him matching up on guys, you don’t feel as bad."

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