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    • Skins Quotes 9/10/18: Jay Gruden

      September 10, 2018

      Head Coach Jay Gruden

      On injury updates on WR Trey Quinn and WR Cam Sims:
      "Both of them have high ankle sprains and we’re waiting on the final results on whether or not they have to have surgery or not. We’ll get that here shortly."

      On potential roster moves following injuries:
      "We’re talking about that now. We’re going to wait until we get the final results to see how long they’re going to be out. We’ll find out the results on 'Mo' [Maurice] Harris, see how long he’s going to be and then go from there."

      On QB Alex Smith’s performance:
      "Yeah, he did a great job, both on schedule and off schedule. That’s kind of the MO of his career. He does a great job of managing the game, keeping us out of negative down and distance and negative plays. He does a great job of extending plays from time to time also, so couldn’t be more excited about his performance and moving forward, I think there’s a lot to build on there."

      On RB Adrian Peterson’s performance and how he was still without a team a few weeks ago:
      "Yeah, it’s surprising. I think running backs at that age in the history of the NFL haven’t had too much success, but he’s his own guy – he’s a different animal. We’re fortunate to get a look at him, not fortunate to lose Derrius [Guice], but we’re fortunate that he was on the streets and he had a great workout – hats off to him for staying in great shape, really. A lot of guys can tank it and not workout, but he was in great physical condition and he showed it on Sunday, being able to carry the ball as many times as he did without wiltering. He actually got stronger as the game went on."

      On Peterson's field vision when running:
      "I think we’re tinkering with some new types of runs that he probably hasn’t been accustomed to in his career. He’s more been a downhill, hit the hole type guy. We’re trying to do some more wide zone stuff, some more shotgun stuff that he is gonna get used to, and I think he’s shown that he can do it. We just have to get him on the track and path and get his vision points right, but I was impressed with him. He was able to handle all the different types of runs that we gave him in just a short period of time."

      On RB Chris Thompson's performance after coming back from season-ending injury:
      "Yeah, he's been incredible. You know, his work ethic to get back to where he was yesterday, I didn’t see any hesitancy whatsoever. He hit the hole hard. He was explosive. He was great in the pass game, both pass protection and in the routes. He just did what CT always does and you could see how much of an impact it had on our team when he left last year. The ability to catch the ball out of the backfield, the mismatches that he creates, the protection that he provides for the quarterback, the second-and-long runs, get back on track runs – he does a great job on. It's just a testament to him as a player and a person to get himself back in that type of shape."

      On if he expected the defense to deliver that caliber of performance:
      "You just never know what to expect – you're right. You don't know what they're going to bring out, but I think the rules that we have, we threw a lot at our defense throughout OTAs and training camp – different formations, personnel groups and types of runs and passes and play passes and boots and all that stuff. We feel like we have them in the best mental state of preparation we could and they performed well. I was most impressed with the way we tackled. You know, we didn’t miss, I don’t know if we missed any tackles really. Our secondary did a great job when they had to. Our defensive line got the necessary push to free up our linebacker and our linebackers made excellent tackles out in space also. [It's a] total team effort when you play like that on defense against a guy like David Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald and obviously Sam Bradford. I think it’s a great testament to the defense and [Defensive Coordinator – Greg] Coach Manusky and what he did."

      On what he was impressed with after analyzing the film:
      "I think we did some good things. There's some things that, obviously, we need to clean up. You know, we had a chance to put them away and keep them down for good, but we failed in the fourth, late in the third quarter. Third quarter-fourth quarter we kind of had a low there. Overall, I think we were pretty diverse in what we did. We were able to run the ball, different types of runs, like I said, play actions, some keepers, some straight drop backs, some empty [backfield]. We did a little bit of everything and we were able to manage it. The guys substituted in and out of the huddle very well and got to the line of scrimmage. I gave Alex [Smith] ample time at the line to make necessary checks and I was impressed so far. It's a great starting point. We can build off of it and do a lot more better things next week."

      On the ability to open up the playbook:
      "Yeah, it helps. It helps to have the whole playbook open. I was telling Coach [Bill] Callahan (Assistant Head Coach/Offensive Line) today, it's really one of the few times I could remember I was having trouble calling plays because there were so many good ones that I liked that we could get to. The different types of runs we were getting to. We have some options in, we have some zone reads in, we have some power, some duos in, we got some – a lot of different types of routes – outside zones, a couple RPOs, so to speak, so a lot of good things we were doing. It's really a testament to the offensive line, tight ends, receivers, for those guys executing, and of course, the backs finishing, the quarterback making it run smooth."

      On what the defense needs to improve heading into Week 2:
      "Yeah defense, like I said the tackling was great. I think the communication was outstanding. I think the secondary, which everybody kind of had a question mark on, with such a young secondary, I think they played extremely well. I think [Quinton] Dunbar had an incredible game really. I think he was all over the place, he was tackling, he was breaking up passes, he got an interception, was physical in bump-and-run, was good in zone. I think there are going to be things to clean up without a doubt, lineman assignment kind of things, but for the most part, I look for effort, tenacity, and an A-plus on both of those."

      On if lowering WR Jamison Crowder’s snap count helped him physically or allowed the offense to use a third tight end:
      "A little bit of both. You know, I think when we had a lead we got up 21-0 in the second half, we did a lot more two and three tight end sets, so it’s nothing. There are going to be games when we are going to be possibly down and we’re going to be in more three wide receiver sets, so he’ll get more and more reps. I think in the future, you will see more Josh Doctson, more Jamison Crowder, but in this particular game, we were able to use three tight end sets pretty effectively."

      On RB Chris Thompson’s development over the years:
      "Well, he’s such a good kid and a hard worker number one. That’s a great combination. If you work hard and you are a great kid, then good things will happen to you. He listens, he’s smart, and he just takes well to coaching. (Running Backs Coach) Randy Jordan has done an outstanding job with him. First of all, you’ve got to have the desire to be great and do some of the things we are asking that third-down back to do in protection. A lot of guys say, ‘Yeah, I could do that’. But physically they don’t hold up, and mentally they may not want to. But, Chris has done a great job. He’ll face up on linebackers, five-techniques, defensive ends, it doesn’t matter – he’ll block them. In the passing game, that’s where he’s really improved in my mind, in the pass blocking, but his routes, his confidence in that area is off the charts right now. He’s a very difficult matchup for any linebacker and that’s a testament to his work ethic with Randy Jordan putting him through it and his ability to get better every single day. He works as hard as anybody on this football team and it shows."

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