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    • Skins Quotes 8/21/18: Gruden, Peterson, Williams

      August 21, 2018

      Head Coach Jay Gruden

      On adding RB Adrian Peterson:
      "We were short, you know. We’ve been going to practice the last few days with only three running backs and one of them is Chris [Thompson], and Chris probably won’t play a whole lot in the preseason. We need to get some people in here and Adrian was available, came to work out, looked in great shape and signed him and De’Veon Smith."

      On the expectations for Peterson:
      "Yeah we’ll see what happens. We just got him here and I got the chance to meet him for the first time yesterday. It was his first practice, did a great job today, (running back coach) Randy [Jordan] has already taken him under his wing trying to teach him the offense and that, so we’ll see. I think if you’ve got a Redskins jersey on, you are here to compete and make the squad, and it’s no different with him. He looks great right now, legs are underneath him, looks explosive, big, strong and fast, so we’ll see how he does day after day, till the fourth preseason game."

      On if Peterson will play on Friday against the Denver Broncos:
      "Oh yeah, if we get him up to speed, which I think he’s played enough football where he knows even and odd, so I think he’ll be OK. I’d like to get him a few touches in this game and see where he’s at."

      On what he will do with Peterson moving forward:
      "Well there is a lot that goes into it you know, not only what he can do, but where we are at the running back position, where Rob [Kelley] is, where Samaje [Perine] is with his ankle, or where Byron [Marshall] is with his knee, where Chris Thompson is, so I think there is a lot of factors involved in our final decision when it comes to the running back position. My whole thing is -- I just want to get these guys in here, give them a chance to get the ball in their hands [and] see what they can do and then we’ll make the decision accordingly."

      On if T Trent Williams was an influence in signing Peterson:
      "He’s an Oklahoma, loyal, yeah whatever. If it was Trent’s way, we would have all Oklahoma Sooners and we’d be 0-16 every year. No, I’m just kidding! Trent, it was important since he knows him so well. I mean that does play a little bit of a factor. We do listen to Trent quite a bit. When it comes to that, it wasn’t the only reason we signed him, we signed him obviously because of all the things he has accomplished in his career, and then we really signed him because of the workout and how good he looked in the workout, how explosive he was. Not only early in the workout, but at the end of the workout and he was not even breathing heavy. He’s in fantastic physical shape."

      On if there is pressure to play Peterson:
      "I don’t think so, you know, I’m going to go about the business the way I’m going to go about and give it to the people who I think, but I’d like to give him some looks and see what he can do. He played for Arizona last year, got a little bit of a stinger issue, injury issue, and didn’t finish the season, so I’d like to see where he is after contact. I want to see the explosion in the hole, his vision, all that good stuff. I don’t think he’s going to lose that, but it’s just a matter of taking the hits, play after play after play and see where he stands as far as stamina goes."

      On if Peterson's chances to make roster depend on injuries or his performance:
      "A little bit of both probably. We’ll weigh everything out and his performance will also have a lot to do with it. What he does, not only Friday, but during the weeks of practice leading up to the games."

      On if he considers Peterson competing for a positon among the running backs:
      "We have a third down back, and I wouldn’t ask Adrian [Peterson] to be on third down with all the things he’d have to learn right now, that’s Chris [Thompson], Byron [Marshall] and Kapri [Bibbs] have that stranglehold. Really, we are looking for first and second down guys. Obviously third down, short to medium he’d be in there, but that’s what we are looking for."

      On getting results from veteran players in limited roles:
      "I wouldn’t tell Adrian [Peterson] that he’s not that. I think he is fully confident that he’s still the same guy he once was. On the hook, he looks pretty good. I think the key really is for any veteran to come in here -- number one you have to set a great example for the young guys and to be good teammates, be good leaders, not based on vocal leaders but leaders by example. When you see the type of physical condition [that] he’s in, and Vernon Davis and Alex Smith are in, it’s an unbelievable example for the young kids of what it takes to be a professional athlete for this long period of time. It just sets a good standard, a good tone, for the rest of these guys’ work ethic, as far as getting themselves ready, year in and year out. I think it’s great to have him here for however long it is. We relish the opportunity and look forward to working with him."

      On Peterson’s run style fitting into game planning:
      "We’ll figure that out. You know, you have a pretty good idea of what he’s good at based on his career. We have all those runs that he’s been successful with and it just makes your play-action game a little bit better obviously and your play-action keeper-bootleg game a little bit better. We’ll feel it out as we go on, but we understand the skillset Adrian has and hopefully we will work to it."

      On Peterson’s injury history:
      "I think as a running back, the most positive attribute you can have is durability, number one, and unfortunately for him, he’s had a couple of injuries, so we’ll see. He’s fully recovered, we’ve got every medical test known to man done on him and we feel confident that those injuries are behind him but you just never know. We learned the hard way, whether it is a 22-year-old back like Derrius [Guice]. In older backs injuries do happen, and we have to cover ourselves, which is why he’s here in the first place. He’s filling in for Derrius [Guice] and Samaje [Perine] right now and it could be good."

      On if there were conversations about Peterson before the workout on Monday:
      "I didn’t actually talk to him. I just knew we were going to work him out. We had a couple other backs to work out and he wanted to work out and show that he was in good shape and at the workout he proved to us that he’s in great physical condition. He’s actually a physical freak if you want to say that. Like I said before, at the start of the workout Randy [Jordan] put him through to the end of the workout and he didn’t even break a sweat, hardly. He’s in great shape, explosive, and that is really what sold us. Sometimes these backs come in for workouts and they haven’t been doing anything, and you can tell they’re out shape. Some of the backs we had in here were huffing and puffing, keeling over and he’s standing straight up. He could have gone for another two hours. That played mostly into it -- his great physical condition."

      On injury status of RB Samaje Perine, Byron Marshall and C Chase Roullier:
      "Chase just has a little groin injury and he’s day-to-day. Same with Samaje, [he] is close. He’s got an ankle sprain, so we’ll wait and see, day-to-day. Byron could be a little bit longer. He’s got a sprained knee so we’ll just have to take that for what it is and go from there."

      On injury update on DL Stacy McGee:
      "He’s karate kicking right now over there [inside the weight room] so he’s doing pretty well. I don’t know as far as Week 1 is concerned, we’ll figure that out once we get to that point. But he’s a big guy and could be a PUP option for us."

      RB Adrian Peterson

      On the process of his decision to join the Washington Redskins:
      “Well, my agent had been in contact with them (Washington Redskins). I think he got in contact with them like two weeks ago and let them know that I was interested in coming in and they pretty much said, 'Hey you know if we need help in that position then we will consider bringing him in for a visit.' So actually, I was in Oklahoma Sunday and got up early to head back home to Houston. I turned my phone back on [and] received a lot of texts from my agent. He was like, 'Hey the Redskins want to bring you in.' You know, so that’s just pretty much how it happened.”

      On what made the opportunity attractive:
      "I think it’s a great opportunity to come in and, you know, help with what I see as a great offense. You know, a young offense and defense as well. I’ve always been a fan of the offensive line. Trent Williams is a good friend of mine. We have a business together in Texas and I’ve always talked about playing behind a good offensive line. I know my last couple years -- I kind of struggled in that department, but great head coach, obviously a top-notch organization, so it made sense."

      On if he can contribute to the offense:
      "You know like I told coach, whatever you ask of me I am going to do. The things that I’ve been doing for the past two years, of course, being in New Orleans last year and finishing off in Arizona, is just being a great teammate. You know, I’ve got a lot of knowledge. [I’ve] been around for a long time so helping these young guys and not just the running backs but guys at different positions as well. You can lead by example and vocally and I try to do both."

      On the criticism regarding his age and last season's statistics:
      "You know, it shows me people don’t really know about football because I feel like people that know the game of football they know different situations a player might be in. So, when people go back and say, 'Oh, 2.4 yards a carry,' you know it’s a lot that can contribute to that as well. So, you know, I just brush it off and continue to work because at the end of the day, I control my output so that’s why I continue to work hard. I knew the opportunity would present itself and at the end of the day, God willing, stay healthy, the guy’s upfront stay healthy as well, I know that I’ll be able to contribute in a big way in the run game.”

      On if he can be a factor in the offense:
      "I can give a lot. I really believe that because there’s a great group not only on the offensive line but young receivers, two great tight ends, Alex Smith, young defense so I feel like the sky is the limit. Going through the process of being a free agent, obviously when I come in number seven overall [in the 2007 NFL Draft], staying in the NFL for 10 years, I was able to experience a lot. It was a revolving door. I’ve seen guys come in and come out. I’ve seen guys that move their family to Minnesota and then five weeks later, they were picked somewhere else. So I have appreciation for it. I mean it was rough, don’t get me wrong, because I’m human and I know what I have left in the tank, but ultimately, I just really step back and appreciate it because I’ve seen so many people deal with way worse. I’ve been blessed to have this type of career that I’ve had and blessed now to continue it."

      On the running back competition:
      "It’s good. We’ve got some good running backs, smart guys. You know I’ve been here -- this is my first practice so I haven’t really been able to see too much, but there’s some talent in the running back game for sure."

      On if he wants to compete for the starting running back position:
      "Without a doubt, I would be cheating myself if that wasn’t my approach."

      On if the organization talked about its expectations of him at running back:
      "We haven’t really gotten into detail, you know. Obviously they brought me in for a reason and I’m just going to play my role whatever that is."

      On his physical condition during his workout with the Redskins:
      "I’ve been grinding, man. You get out what you put in. You’ve got to run to make sure your lungs are open and conditioned well and do different things. So, that’s what I attribute it to. I don’t allow people to box me in. I know there are a lot of athletes out there that are commentators now and they have so much to say. Well maybe when they were 33, they didn't feel like they had it or they couldn’t do it. I don’t allow people to box me in [and] that’s what I just try to tell people in general, 'Don’t allow anyone to box you in'. You know you are what you think, you get out what you put in. Darrell Green ran a 4.4 [40-yard time] at 50 years old. You know, stuff like that motivates you that tell you that, 'hey anything is possible'. So, that’s how I’ve viewed any situation that I’ve been in and that’s how I view the doubters as well -- alright whatever -- it is what it is.”

      On how he remains in shape:
      "Well the gym that I spoke of, well I didn’t say the gym, but it’s a gym that we [he and Trent Williams] own in Houston, Texas. Our vision was to have everything under one roof. We have a hill outside so I do a lot of hill work and it’s hot in Texas, clearly. We have a sand volleyball [pit] so I am able to get out there and do different agilities in the sand as well. We have yoga. We have turf. We have boxing. I am able to do a lot of stuff to keep my body in shape and I am more conscious -- I’m have never really been on a diet but I’m more so aware and conscious of what I put into my body and try to eat health and good genes as well."

      On his self-evaluation:
      "Every summer we have young guys that come and workout in our gym and not yet anyone outworked me. I’m talking about 21, 22 year old guys. No matter if its speed work or agility work [or] running the hill. So that right there is a good measuring stick as well. I’m talking [about] guys like Melvin Gordon (LA Chargers). But you know when you watch the film, I feel like there’s evidence there to show that, 'Hey I’ve still got the bursts, acceleration and the power.' But I guess everyone doesn’t feel that way and that’s fine."

      On his familiarity with RB Chris Thompson and RB Rob Kelley:
      "Yeah, Chris Thompson and Kelley, I’m familiar with those guys just from watching and being a fan of my boy Trent, so I was able to catch those guys and see what they were able to do last year a little bit."

      Senior Vice President of Player Personnel Doug Williams

      On RB Adrian Peterson:
      "Well, No. 1 we brought in three guys the day before yesterday to work out. We didn't like any of those guys really. We brought Jamal Charles in for a visit, we talked to them and Adrian was willing to work out -- he came here and he was willing to work out with four other guys. When you stand out there and you see these young guys work out and then you see Adrian Peterson work out, we really were in the position to sign one guy because we only had one roster spot at the particular time, but we knew we had another roster spot that we could get. The most important thing was to let the guys heal up that we have on this roster and try to get through the preseason with a young guy and that was De'Veon Smith. If he can come in and impress and if he can put us in a bind as to making a decision that would have been great, but with the workout that Adrian had too we feel like that situation -- I heard you ask the question about what he has left in the tank. I don't know what he has left in the tank, but what I saw yesterday, I think there is a lot of fuel in his tank. I think the most important thing is things that we can't control is injuries and the last couple years he has had a couple injuries. If we can stay injury free and if he has what he showed yesterday in the tank, we feel pretty good about what he could contribute to this football team."

      On if Peterson can help RB Derrius Guice following his ACL injury:
      "I'm not worried about Guice. He FaceTimed me last night, so we talked. He is the same upbeat guy that he was before he got injuried. He understands that he has a road that he has to travel and I think he is willing to work. We're looking for Guice to come back just like he was before the injury."

      On what he expects from the run game:
      "It is no doubt that drafting Guice gave us confidence and a hope that our whole backfield situation was a lot better than it was last year. After we lost Derrius we realized that we still have the guys. But, when they came in camp, Rob [Kelley] and [Samaje] Perine came back in pretty good shape and I think a lot had to do with the fact that we did have Guice and they realized that we have to come back and work. So we were happy the way they came back. You can't count Kapri Bibbs out, he came back [and] he was running. [Byron] Marshall was having a good camp, so we felt pretty good. Even after Guice got hurt we felt pretty good with those guys until the other two injuries hit us. When Perine and Marshall [went down] you realize, what is happening here? You don't know, so we were put in this situation and we're here now."

      On if Peterson fits in with the plans for the season:
      "I think like anything else you let the chips fall where they may. We've got two weeks, more than two weeks to find out exactly how this thing is going to work out. Adrian can very well be a part of that, Perine can come back healthy, we don't know how long Marshall is going to be out, whether that is two or three weeks you don't know. But they've got to come back. We do know that Kapri Bibbs had a good camp and Rob is healthy, so you have to roll with what you have at this particular time and let the weeks go by and find out where we are in the next three weeks."

      On his thoughts on Peterson willingness to go through a workout:
      "I think the average guy that has accomplished what Adrian has accomplished probably would feel like, 'I don't have to work out. You sign me.' But, he didn't come in here with that attitude. I think it shows you the person he is, that he has humility and he realized he wanted to play. He realized he is in a good situation as far as what we have here, the pieces to go with and he was willing to do whatever it takes to show us that he deserves an opportunity to be on this football team."

      On his impression of QB Alex Smith:
      "I think Alex brings a different dynamic to this offense. I can honestly say this, when Derrius got hurt I was down for a day or two and you go back to practice and you realize you still got to go forward and I realized we had Alex here. What I've seen during training camp is that Alex brings something to this team that we hadn't had and that is prolonging plays, making receivers make plays, throwing the ball where it's catchable and giving them an opportunity to make plays and I think that in itself is a plus for us. I think talking to the receivers they would be the first to tell you that you can never give up on the route because you don't know whether or not he is going to throw you and he realized that some of them have to make adjustments to the ball and they've had a lot of fun doing that in camp. I've seen some great catches in camp, not from just perfect throws, but the ball was in a position and in the range of the receiver that they had to make an adjustment and make the catch and that's what the game is all about."

      On the competition at wide receiver:
      "It's been a good competition. I think what has happened is the free agent kid from Alabama [Cam Sims] threw a hand grenade in this thing. I think Sims has had a tremendous camp. You have to give [Brian] Quick some compliment. He was having a great camp before the injury. Maurice Harris has played exceptionally well until the concussion and [Darvin] Kidsy, the young kid from Texas Southern walk-on has had a good camp and I think Trey Quinn, Mr. Irrelevant, has proven that he could have been Mr. [Relevant] or could have been picked a lot earlier. He has had a pretty good camp and played some pretty good games."

      On which position group got his attention at camp:
      "The defensive front -- loved the defensive front. You know we’re young, energetic, they understand what's at stake and the fact that you have so many combinations you can play with up front. You don't just have to just say 'hey you're going to play nose tackle’, but you can put whoever's at nose at the five [technique] and you can just intertwine with each other. I think [Matt] Ioannidis had an injury that put him back a couple weeks. But with the young guys, it's a young defensive front and they've been playing real good football. They practice hard. I think what is done for the secondary, we got two young secondary players that have come in here and made an impact along with Fabian [Moreau]. So you've got three young defensive backs. I think [Quinton] Dunbar has probably had one of the best camps that he's had since he's been here at defensive back and you watch Josh Norman. Josh Norman, you know, is who he is but I think when you think about his work habits, he's probably worked as hard as anyone in this camp. You feel pretty good from the defensive side of it. If they keep what they’ve been doing up, I think we’ll be in a pretty good situation."

      On RB Adrian Peterson being part of a committee with RB Rob Kelley and RB Samaje Perine:
      "That’s out of my hands. That’s down the other side of the hall. That’s the coaching side of it. I think that’s something that Coach Running Backs Coach Randy [Jordan] and Head Coach Jay [Gruden] and Offensive Coordinator Matt [Cavanaugh], the coordinators have to sit down with Adrian [Peterson] and let him know how this thing is going to work, but we all know if you’ve got a guy that’s got a hot hand, you don’t just set him down just because you want to get other guy a chance to play. But I mean, if you’re going by committee and you’re getting results, you’ve got to keep doing what you’re doing."

      On DL Tim Settle:
      "Firstly, let me tell you why he was available about 31 other teams passed him up. 32 of us passed him up until we got to him in the fifth round and he was there and we picked him. I can honestly say that we had him a lot higher than the fifth round and with the picking of [Daron] Payne, you know, our mindset really wasn’t another D-Lineman at that particular time, but when you look at a young guy with the ability that he has and the fact that we had him a little higher that we valued him a little higher than what he went, it’s hard to pass him up under those circumstances. I think that was a good pick in the fifth round for us and mix him in with the young guys that we already have and you watch what he’s done since OTAs and where he is today, I think he’s come a long way and is mixing in with this defensive front."

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