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    • Skins Quotes 8/19/18: Jay Gruden

      August 19, 2018

      Head Coach Jay Gruden

      On running back update:
      "We had our workouts this morning. We had Jamal [Charles] in for a visit, just got to meet him and got him a physical and we’ll decide at a later time what we're going to do at that position. We are going to wait on Samaje [Perine] and Byron [Marshall], see where they’re at and make a decision whether or not we are going to sign another one here in the next day or so."

      On confirmation free agent RB Orleans Darkwa had a workout:
      "Yeah, he worked out, yeah. He had a good workout. We have not signed him yet."

      On free agent RB Adrian Peterson working out tomorrow:
      "Um, possibly, yes."

      On the length of time before Perine and Marshall return:
      "That’s the thing, you know we are taking it day-by-day and I think both of them are day-to-day type things, we’ll see. The big thing is to make sure I have three up for [Week 1 game versus] Arizona [Cardinals], so I think I have three in house that I feel very good about and maybe get another in here to compete and go from there."

      On potentially putting Marshall on Injured/Reserve:
      "That’s a possibility. We’ll have to wait and see and hopefully it’s not that long. If it is, there are options that we have to look at."

      On free agent RB Jamal Charles and RB Adrian Peterson:
      "Well we want to bring them in to get physicals on them just in case. Like I said, we have had very [unlucky] situations with our running backs with obviously [Derrius] Guice and [Byron] Marshall and Samaje [Perine], if something else happens, we are going to be really, really, really thin, so we just want to make sure we are covering all our bases right now and we will address it when we feel like we have to."

      On WR Cam Sims missing practice:
      "No, he’s been getting rehab. He’s day-to-day."

      On Sims’ injury:
      "I don’t know. He’s got something wrong. All these guys that aren’t practicing have something wrong, they're going to get treatment and hopefully we will see them out there sooner or later. Hopefully, we will get them out there for the next game, the next day, and that is all I can go by."

      On C Chase Roullier:
      "Oh, yeah same thing, he did stretch so he will be ok."

      On LB Zach Brown and CB Quinton Dunbar:
      "Zach Brown, [Quinton] Dunbar, yeah they were down today. But they should hopefully be up Tuesday when we get back."

      On balancing the third preseason game with injuries:
      "That’s something I have to look at very closely with our staff and find out what players are available. We’ll get some quality work, regardless of who is out there, it’s just a matter of who I want to put out there and get ready for the game Friday night. So, we have lots of options, we've got a lot of good players here that are willing to play [and] are ready to play. So we’ll have definitely some guys out there to play and it’s just a matter of who -- I’m not sure yet."

      On bringing in veteran free agent running backs:
      "I’d say we’re covering our bases right now. We’re not looking for a starter right now. We’ve got Rob [Kelley] in-house, obviously Chris Thompson, Kapri Bibbs has done a good job, Samaje [Perine] I don’t think is going to be very long at all. You know, so we’ve got four [running] backs right there. It’s a matter of if we were to have another injury and we’d have to cover our bases, we could bring one of those guys in after the third preseason game and get them ready for Arizona."

      On if he notices any chemistry between QB Alex Smith and TE Vernon Davis:
      "I don’t know about all that. I think Vernon is a very friendly guy and a friendly target no matter who he plays with really. He’s a good player, still runs very fast, but now it’s just a matter of the route concepts, you know, them getting on the same page. Alex has been in the League for a long time. He’s pretty well easily adaptable to a lot of different guys, and since he’s played with Alex, Vernon I’m sure is probably a little easier for him."

      On if he will create plays/routes for the tight ends similar to the Kansas City Chiefs:
      "Vernon [Davis] and Jordan [Reed], yeah. Both of them, yeah. When Jordan and Vernon [are] on the field at the same time we’ve had pretty good success using the tight ends. You know, yes, we have plenty of options for them, plays that Alex [Smith] is comfortable with, but it’s a matter of getting everybody on the field at the same time."

      On S Troy Apke:
      "Special teams he’s been very good, which is important. You know, if he’s going to be a third or fourth safety, then he has to be good on special teams and we feel really good about his speed on teams. [It] is something we have been lacking a little bit is that type of speed running down on kicks and covering kicks and blocking and all that good stuff. He’s been everything that’s advertised in that regard, and then defensively, he’s coming along good. For a young kid to come in here and play safety there’s a lot of calls you have to make, a lot of adjustments and he’s picking it up fine."

      On the new kickoff rule and how it affects the team:
      "It’s been OK. I think we’re still working through it. You know, the big thing, I think, is personnel and who you are going to put on there both kickoff and kickoff return. If you go smaller on kickoff return and they go bigger, it’s going to be hard to hold up with those match ups. So that’s what we’re trying to figure out. Try to get the more physical players out there, but they might not be as athletic in space, so it’s -- I think that’s the biggest road block, so to speak, we’re having right now is the personnel out there. Is the receiver out there, do you want a linebacker out there who’s not quite as good in space? We’re putting through -- putting a lot of guys in different spots on that kickoff return and trying to figure out the same as kickoff."

      On the penalty flags regarding the new helmet rule during the New York Jets game:
      "I think it’s a work in progress. I, you know, they had two on them and then the one they called on Fish [Smithson] at the end of the game, I have no idea. It actually drew two flags and I don’t think it was a penalty, so I think we’re going to have some issues. Like I said before, guys running full speed, you’ve got to get your pads down. Your pads go down; your helmet’s going to go down slightly. It has to. I mean last time I checked, so hopefully we get it cleared up by the time the regular season starts because right now it’s a little confusing."

      On expecting to see CB Adonis Alexander in the game vs the Denver Broncos on Friday:
      "Yeah, that’s the guy I’m really excited to see. He’s been down with a hamstring, he practiced today for the first time, got an interception so I’m excited to see him. So it’s a big-big game for him, a big two games for Adonis, so he will get plenty of reps if he’s able."

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