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    • F***!!!!!!! ..........And The Silver Lining

      I finished the Redskins @ Patriots game with a generally good feeling.
      The Redskins dominated the 1st half of the game and led 17-3 to the AFC Champion Patriots.

      Now I know what you're thinking: "But Ghost, it's just a preseason game with mostly backups starting.....so who cares."

      Well, think about this for a moment. Only a few years ago, going back to Gruden year one or year two (2014-2015), most likely the Redskins 1st team unit would have been demolished by the Patriots 3rd or 4th string units. Jay's team had a long way to go and it's nice to see that the Redskins 2nd team guys outplayed the Patriots 2nd team guys.

      I could go on for another paragraph or two about how the team fared; who looked good and bad, but instead I have to skip that part because of the news that came out on Friday and then more bad news that subsequently came out on Saturday.

      Done for the year
      Derrius Guice (ACL)
      Manasseh Garner (ACL)
      Robert Davis (Broken Leg, multiple ligaments?)

      They also waived FB Elijah Wellman (injury settlement) who made a few big pops on Thursday.

      For a lot of fans the excitement and momentum of the upcoming season has been at best dampened by the loss of the the explosive Guice if not put out with the sudden amount of injuries.
      Some fans are going back to the DC Sports Curse or that the Redskins franchise itself is cursed.
      Some fans think the season is all ready over.......and Alex Smith has yet to even take a snap under the lights.

      Yes, this sucks. I can't think of a Redskins fan who doesn't like Derrius Guice and couldn't wait to see him don the Burgundy and Gold on Sundays.
      But the thing is that this is the NFL. And most fans know that when it comes to players and coaches NFL stands for Not For Long. We also know that in a league where gigantic men crash into each other at amazing speeds, this phrase Next Man Up has significant meaning.

      So, here's the good news in all of this. The team has more depth on this roster than they have had in previous years and while very early in this season, it's time for that depth to show up.

      To the running backs: Here's your chance. You want to make this roster? Now is the time to prove it. You want to start? Now is the time to step up. Kapri Bibbs said that most of these RBs should be on a NFL roster. It's time to see who can stand out and who wants it more, not just for 2018 but for 2019 and beyond. Who wants to be the man at RB.

      Same can be said at WR. Right now there are four locks to make the roster, but there are two more spots open and it's time for some of the UDFAs to step up and shine and try to make this roster along with Brian Quick and Trey Quinn.

      Also, some more good news. Daron Payne is back practicing. At worst he'll be playing in week three of the preseason vs. the Broncos. Same could be said about Matt Ioannidis who could be back for the Broncos game but will be ready for the start of the season (after having a similar scare in Foxboro, he luckily just walked away with a sprained ankle and knee).

      So all is not lost. Last year we had players step up and play hard when over 21 guys on the roster were placed on IR. This year the same will be asked again of a few players and hopefully they will be ready to step up and take that starting job and help the Redskins get back into the win column.
      This article was originally published in blog: F***!!!!!!! ..........And The Silver Lining started by The Burgundy Ghost
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