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    • 2018 Redskins Draft Grades

      Burner’s Burning Questions: Free Agency, Mock Drafts, Camps, Roster Predictions, 2018

      Greetings from BBQ to everyone in BGO land and guests from social media – we hope you become a member here.

      The ride to the 2018 NFL draft is over and it has been quite the experience. Eight new draftees will now begin their NFL careers as they put on the burgundy and gold at practices. All of them will not only try to make the final roster of fifty-three, but will seek to carve out their roles with the team.

      BBQ had what is undoubtedly the best mocking process ever. The first two players were mocked exactly where they were selected. We listed third round prospects in recent weeks in anticipation of acquiring a third round selection and that happened. Three players selected on day three of the draft were mocked at various times by BBQ. Two players selected on day three were positions that we highlighted in the final rounds often – inside linebacker and cornerback. We rarely mocked an offensive tackle (we emphasized guards) and one was taken in the third round – our only pure miss.

      That kind of success truly helps the members of BGO to focus on the players who were truly prospects and what the Redskins were looking for during the 2018 off-season. It feels good to provide everyone here with the kind of service you expect from BBQ. We will have a self-evaluation later this week with grades – something we do each year.

      Today is about grading the team’s front office and the choices that were made. We will also have a final overall grade.

      Without any further delays, let’s take a look at the draftees.

      Round One: Da’Ron Payne, DT/DE, Alabama
      Payne is the space eating defensive tackle that Jim Tomsula has been coveting since his arrival at Redskins Park, but the Crimson Tide prospect can play all along the line. Welcome to the Burgundy and Gold, Mr. Payne.
      BBQ Grade: Fills a major team need and he is arguably the best defensive line prospect in the draft.

      Round Two: Trade
      The Redskins traded down fifteen positions with the 49ers in the second round and obtained an early third round selection. The Redskins also gave up their earlier fifth round selection in order to complete the transaction.
      BBQ Grade: This was a very good move.

      Round Two: Derrius Guice, RB, Louisiana St.
      The Redskins can’t continue to rely on mid-round prospects at running back and this is the year when the Redskins make a firm commitment to the running back corps. Welcome to the Burgundy and Gold, Mr. Guice.
      BBQ Grade: This is a huge steal for a top ten talent. Also fills an enormous need.

      Round Three: Geron Christian, OT, Louisville
      A late second round talent that has plenty of room to grow and learn from an excellent offensive line coach. Should add about twenty to twenty-five pounds of bulk and muscle. Solid third round choice. Welcome to the Burgundy and Gold, Mr. Christian.
      BBQ Grade: Good value here, but there were several talented left guards available.

      Round Four: Troy Apke, FS, Penn St.
      Speed, speed, and more speed. Should be an excellent special teams player. Can come in on passing downs and provide solid coverage. Welcome to the Burgundy and Gold, Mr. Apke.
      BBQ Grade: This is a good selection and Apke will be a fine addition to the team, but I think he would’ve been there two or three rounds later.

      Round Five: Tim Settle, DT, Virginia Tech
      Settle is a massive defensive tackle who is stout against the run. He can collapse the pocket on occasion. He will probably lose another five to ten pounds (he has lost nearly twenty already). Welcome to the Burgundy and Gold, Mr. Settle.
      BBQ Grade: Derrius Guice was a huge steal in round two. This is the greatest heist for the Redskins in 2018. Grand theft is an understatement.

      Round Six: Trade
      The Redskins move up a bit in round six in a trade with the Rams. The teams switch positions in round seven.
      BBQ Grade: Trading up rarely works, but this time it was very successful.

      Round Six: Shaun Dion Hamilton, ILB, Alabama
      Hamilton is a talented inside linebacker who is easily a second round talent. Injuries the last two years have hampered him, but he can regain his form and may play sparingly his first year.
      Welcome to the Burgundy and Gold, Mr. Hamilton.
      BBQ Grade: If this pans out, then it is another steal. If it doesn’t, then spending a sixth rounder on such a good player is not a huge deal.

      Round Seven: Greg Stroman, CB, Virginia Tech
      Stroman is a bit undersized, but makes up for it with his tenacity and ability to consistently read routes before they happen. Superb punt return specialist. Welcome to the Burgundy and Gold, Mr. Stroman.
      BBQ Grade: Superb punt returner, but will need to make the roster as an all-around special teams ace.

      Round Seven: Trey Quinn, WR, Southern Methodist
      If Jamison Crowder thought he was feeling the heat with the Stroman pick (punt returner), he will certainly feel it even more with this pick. Quinn is three inches taller and thirty pounds heavier than Crowder. However, Quinn is faster and catches everything thrown to him. Great speed.
      BBQ Grade: We had him listed as a 4th rounder and so did many pundits/experts. Mr. Irrelevant (last player chosen in the draft) will make the final roster and could have quite an impact. Another enormous steal.

      Overall Grade: There is no way to know what kind of impact this set of draft picks will truly have until they are on the field and performing. Sometimes it takes two or three years to really know what kind of honest grade to give a group of draftees.

      It is now time to offer the first overall grade for this draft. BBQ believes it is the best draft in years and the impacts will be solid. There are a couple of question marks, but the team appears to have improved with quality draftees and a group of players that figure to leave positive marks on the team.

      We will have more reports and analyses as the week continues. See you as we go along.

      Hail To The Redskins!
      This article was originally published in forum thread: Free Agency, Mock Drafts, Camps, Roster Predictions, 2018 started by Burgundy Burner View original post
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