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    • Skins Quotes Post-Draft Rounds 4-7

      April 28, 2018

      Head Coach Jay Gruden

      On if DL Tim Settle was too good of a value to pass up:
      "That's what it boils down to, really. He was highly ranked on our board and he was still there and, you know, a lot of times you want to go by all the work you put in in the offseason. Scouts put a lot of work in. Kyle Smith did a great job and the rest of the scouts, so he's another big body that can rush the passer a little bit and he's really good against a run. So, I’ve said it before, you can never have too many big bodies. He's a talented kid to add to the mix with the other guys that we have here. I think he'll be good."

      On if drafting seven players from “Power Five” schools was strategic or coincidental:
      "That's how it worked out. I think those guys may have a leg up. If it's close between them and maybe a smaller school guy, then you might err on that side because they've played against great competition, but that's not always the case. It just so happened to be tonight."

      On S Troy Apke:
      "I think he improved as the season went on, I think he's a very good safety. He's got great range. You've seen him fill in run support and I think he's going to get better and better. I think the sky's the limit for him as a player. You know, anybody who can run 4.3 – whatever it is, 4.32, I think it was? Short shuttle, I think he's right around 4.0. He's still learning the position. He takes good angles to the football and he's not afraid. And he's great on special teams, so it was a win-win not only as a safety but as a special teams player. I think he'll fit right in."

      On if they planned to select so many defensive players or if it evolved as the draft progressed:
      “I think it evolved with who was available, like Settle, same thing with him like we mentioned before. We try to stick by our board as best as we could but there were some positions of need that we addressed here later on in the draft that we’re happy with the guys that we got. For the most part we’re trying to take the best player available. We feel good about the team we already have. Now it’s about adding good quality players, which we did.”

      On if he was surprised by Settle's availability in the fifth round:
      “We were surprised, very surprised, you know? Pleasantly surprised we got him. He’s a big, wide body, has good feet, good short-area quickness, plays off blocks well. He’s disruptive in the passing game and I think can play multiple spots along the defensive line as [Da’Ron] Payne, as [Jonathan] Allen. So it’s very important to have versatile defensive lineman and have a lot of big guys that can do multiple things and he’ll add to the mix.”

      On the importance of depth on the defensive line in this particular division:
      “It’s important. It’s very, very important to have those big guys that can be interchangeable and not just be a one position, one-trick pony. Subbing guys in and out and keeping them fresh throughout the course of the football game, whether you dress five defensive lineman or sometimes six, a good, sound rotation is what you are looking for with big guys that are very talented that can multitask and do different things.”

      On CB Greg Stroman and if he could contribute as a punt returner:
      “Yeah, I think last year we did not have anybody that could back up Jamison [Crowder], really. DeAngelo Hall took some there at the very end and right now on our roster we really don't have anybody that can catch a punt other than Jamison, so it was very important for us to address that. So with Greg and with Trey [Quinn], the last pick here, both of them have punt return experience, so that was good. And Greg is also a good corner.”

      On how he feels about the draft overall:
      “Well, I think everybody feels good about their draft. We feel very good. We got some players we wanted – we were intrigued about – we got them. We got some with Da’Ron [Payne] and Geron [Christian]. Those are two good picks. And obviously the rest of them with Tim and Trey… Trey Quinn is a very exciting prospect. At SMU, he caught a lot of balls, did some punt return. He’s a great option route runner, great feel in zones, strong hands, good physical blocker, good after the catch. Shaun Dion Hamilton, obviously a leader of that defense at Alabama, one of the smarter players that I've heard about on that defense communicated. Had a couple of injuries, we understand, but from our trainers we feel like he's going to be good to go. So I think overall, I feel good about it.”

      On if there's a specific reason for consistently taking four Alabama players in the last two drafts:
      “It's just a coincidence, really. It just so happens Jonathan Allen fell to us last year and obviously Ryan Anderson was one of our top outside backers at the time. And then Da’Ron Payne, he's one of the best defensive tackles in football right now, so we took him. Obviously with Shaun Dion Hamilton, I think watching him alongside Reuben Foster last year, watching the impact that he had on that defense, the way he communicated it, talking to the coaches and the players that played with him, how smart he is, how he anticipates things, it’s a great add for us. But, it's just a coincidence.”

      On if there's a common trait among players from Alabama:
      "They play at such a high level, consistently. Their defense is good week in and week out. I mean, In the last three years, they've been to three national championships and won two. So that type of consistency against the best competition in college football, their defense stands out. They get the top recruits out of high school. These guys translate to great college players and then, for the most part, they translate to great pro players. You're going to see that here. Ryan Anderson is just getting ready to make his mark and obviously Jonathan Allen's going to have a healthy year next year and play extremely well [and] Da'Ron. So we're excited about these Alabama guys but we're also excited about everybody else."

      On how much better they think they'll be at running the ball and stopping the run after free agency and the draft:
      "We feel like we're better. We addressed it. We've got to get everybody together here – first steps first. We have to get everybody together, get them in the meeting room, study the game, get the phase two going, then get to our OTAs, get them in shape, and then get them to training camp and see where we're at. But I feel good about the physicality of our football team. You know, adding Derrius Guice in the running game, he's a powerful, physical runner. Adding obviously Da'Ron Payne to go with Jonathan Allen and the rest of the guys we already have and Tim Settle, we're going to be more physical up front. So I think I like where we're headed. Now it's just a matter of getting everybody on the same page and playing good together."

      On if he envisions an immediate role for all of the draft picks:
      “Well, we will see how it goes. We are not guaranteeing anybody anything. They have got to come in here and compete. They have got to stay and they have got to get themselves in shape and understand what type of grind this is. They have got to learn a lot of football – techniques, the fundamentals and terminology – all that stuff to see how much they can handle. But we anticipate these guys having an immediate impact and we’re going to give them every opportunity to do that, but we also have guys in-house that aren’t going to give their job away easy. So, there’s going to be great competition and great teams will have great competition throughout OTAs, throughout training camp and throughout the regular season, so we anticipate that here.”

      On position groups they may target with college free agents:
      “I think we’re short probably a little bit at wide receiver. We don’t have a lot of bodies there. We probably need some more receivers, some more defensive backs, probably. Maybe another offensive guard or two. Go from there.”

      On if he saw the same thing that NFL.com evaluators did in comparing Shaun Dion Hamilton to Martrell Spaight:
      “No. No, I did not. No, I didn’t see that. I think that they’re two totally different players. Yeah, they’re different players.”

      On if Stroman will play inside or outside:
      “I think he has got the ability to do both, which is good.”

      S Troy Apke

      On how it feels to be a member of the Washington Redskins:
      “It feels great. I'm with my family right now. We are all excited and I'm really excited.”

      On if his family is happy they won’t need to travel far to see him play:
      “Definitely, they are happy about that.”

      On how his life changed after the combine:
      “You know, it's been a great journey. I came into Penn State as a receiver, switched to safety, had a good career there. The combine, everything was good. I'm just excited right now and, you know, it's a dream come true. It's what I have been waiting for.”

      On if he thinks his athleticism will help him fit with the Redskins:
      “Yeah, definitely. I think my speed will help with everything. I'm going to make a name for myself on special teams first, and then after that, just make my way into playing safety there.”

      On how he describes his game:
      “My game, I'm aggressive. I think I can get in the box and hit someone. I'm fast. I can cover the field. I just kind of play. I'm tough, that's how I like to play. I won't back down from anyone.”

      On areas of his game in which he thinks he needs to improve:
      “Definitely just like my angles, you know? I’m fast enough to get to the ball, but just taking better angles when I’m tackling people, and my man-to-man coverage.”

      On how facing Penn State’s offense helped him improve:
      “People like DaeSean Hamilton, going against Saquon [Barkley] every day, people like that, they made our team better and they made me better. We battled every day in practice and that’s how it went.”

      On what he knows about the Redskins:
      “The capital, Washington D.C.”
      On who called him:
      “I got the call from the War Room or something there and they pass the phone around to everyone in there. And [they] just said, ‘Congratulations, we’re taking you in the fourth round,’ and they asked me if I run a 4.34 still. And I said, yes, and they said, ‘All right, we’re taking you.’ [Laughter]”

      On if he met with the Redskins before the draft:
      “I think I met with them at the NFLPA game, some of their scouts there and I think at the combine maybe with one or two people there. It went good. You know, I didn't really know where I was going already but, you know, I'm happy to be here”

      On his ability to contribute on special teams:
      “I think it’s going to be a big thing. That’s what I'm going to make my name on – special teams – there. And then, you know, I played it all throughout college, I played on all four special teams so that will be big for me.”

      DL Tim Settle

      On what it was like being drafted:
      “It was a blessing. It was a stress relief.”

      On if the process was nerve-wracking:

      On if he had any meetings with the Redskins:
      “Oh, I did. I came up there for the pro day.”

      On his time spent with Defensive Line Coach Jim Tomsula:
      “I like his personality. You know, he's keeping it 100. He talks from his heart. He' s not going to beat around the bush. He's honest, you know? He told me, ‘If you come here, you’re going to work.’”

      On how he would describe his game:
      “Destructive, physical, explosive, raw. It's causing havoc, I like to say.”

      On how he is against the pass:
      “I feel like if it's one-on-one, then I'm going to win every time. If it's two-on-one, I'm still going to win a majority of them [laughter].”

      LB Shaun Dion Hamilton

      On being the fourth Alabama player selected by the Redskins in the last two drafts:
      “It's a really, really, really good feeling. Ryan Anderson actually texted me Thursday morning saying, 'Be on the lookout,' then Friday he texted me also and told me, '[We're] coming to get you, man.' I had all kinds of thoughts, you know, I was thinking I wasn't going to get drafted and I was thinking, ‘What better place than the Redskins?’ I have the Redskins circle actually now since Da'Ron Payne went there and I have teammates there. I was actually talking to Ryan on Friday about how we could really bring out the best in each other because all of us have played on the same defense before and we would be able to push each other and things like that so I'm just excited to be a Redskin.”

      On his knee:
      “My knee is doing really good. I'm cleared to do all football activities. I'm just continuing to rehab and things like that. I'm about 85-90 percent right now, so I'm going to be full speed by the time of training camp.”

      On the location of his rehab:
      “I train in Tuscaloosa with our weight room coach, Coach [Scott] Cochran. And also rehab with my trainer, Jeff Allen.”

      On what he can bring to the Redskins:
      “Well, you know, I think that I can bring a physical linebacker who is tough, a guy who is going to be the signal caller, a guy who is going to make the coaches’ job easier and the guy who's going to be able to make the plays. Just a natural-born winner so I'm willing to do whatever it takes to help the team. It's all about the team, not about myself.”

      On his biggest takeaways from playing at Alabama:
      “I probably say the biggest thing that I took is accountability. You know, how important it is for all 11 guys on the field to do their job, not just for 20 plays of the game, but every single play counts, every single inch counts. Accountability is the biggest thing I've learned there.”

      On what the Redskins see in the Alabama program that leads to drafting four players in two years:
      “One thing at Alabama that helps you get ready for the next level is the competition. I mean, I can say that there never was a time that I didn't go on the field Saturday not thinking I was prepared to play because I know that I faced the best guy Monday through Thursday at practice. The competition level that we have at Alabama is different and got me ready for the next level.”

      On if he had backups who were also highly rated recruits:
      “Oh, yeah, no doubt. So you can never get comfortable there, which helps you translate to the NFL because, I mean… teams are always looking for guys because of course guys are getting older. So Alabama, they train us to never get comfortable. So, I will never be comfortable a day again in my life, whether it’s from working a regular job or I’m playing football.”
      On how many different roles he played in the past few seasons:
      “Oh, man, I played tons of different roles from all the different adjustments we make during the game based off formation, personnel. From week in to week out, like I said, I was the signal caller, so, man, I’m going to be looking forward to getting in, coming in and working hard and getting that playbook down so I can be a signal caller again.”

      On areas in which he can improve:
      “I would say I probably need to improve on blitzing better, continuously cleaning up my technique when it comes to taking on blocks and things like that.”

      On how much special teams he played at Alabama:
      “I played special teams all four years. You know Coach [Nick] Saban is the kind of guy he doesn’t care if you’re the Heisman Trophy Winner or the Butkus Award, you’re going to play special teams. That’ll be a role that I’m looking forward to playing on special teams definitely because in the NFL that’s important and you can never take a play off on special teams. That can define a game.”

      CB Greg Stroman

      On being drafted alongside college teammate Tim Settle:
      “Man, it just feels like going to school and going to Virginia Tech again. Tim Settle actually played with me in high school and we went to Virginia Tech together and now once again we meet again. It's going to be fun.”

      On if he knows former Redskins CB Kendall Fuller:
      “Yes, I am very close with Kendall.”

      On his relationship with Fuller:
      “When I came into Virginia Tech, Kendall was a year ahead of me and we became close playing the same position. I looked up to him and he definitely taught me a lot about the position. I will definitely be speaking to him here soon.”

      On if he has spoken to Settle since being selected:
      “Not yet, I haven't gotten a chance to talk to him yet.”

      On if he's spoken to Defensive Backs Coach Torrian Gray:
      “Yes, I just got off the phone with him – speaking to all of the coaches.”

      On if he had Gray as a coach at Virginia Tech:
      “Yes, my first two years at Virginia Tech.”

      On what he remembers about playing for Gray:
      “He's intense. He wants to win and puts a lot into the game – watching film and things like that. Those are some things I've learned from him. Definitely ready to get back to that and learn some more.”

      On if he thinks he'll be able to contribute as a punt returner:
      “Yes, definitely.”

      On why he feels he's been an effective punt returner:
      “I just feel like at Virginia Tech, we take a huge pride in special teams and the guys around me, they did well in taking pride in blocking and just playing ball. Getting the ball in my hands, I'm elusive with the ball in my hands, and I like to make plays. That's what we did at school and I'll help to do that at the next level.”

      On if played both ways in high school and if that got him used to carrying the ball:
      “Yeah, definitely. I played quarterback in high school, so definitely used to having the ball in my hand.”

      On what he brings to the Redskins:
      “Just a playmaker, a guy who is just going to go out there and just make plays, a guy that’s going to study film, knows what's going on before the play starts and just finish plays. Catch interceptions and take punts to the house.”

      On if he was relieved to be drafted:
      “Oh, yeah, definitely. It feels great.”

      WR Trey Quinn

      On being named “Mr. Irrelevant” and how he plans on keeping from being irrelevant:
      "There’s a big chip on my shoulder and you'll see it on me, but I'm excited. I'm excited to be a part of an organization, and after a long day, I'm kind of stressed out. I'm just excited to be a part of the 'Skins and go dominate a little bit.”

      On how he plans on setting himself apart from the other draft picks:
      "I think I'm setting myself apart every day already. So I already have a head start on that, but it’s really, like I said, I'm about to walk around with an even bigger chip on my shoulder. I earned everything that I'm about to receive and if people don't want to give me the credit for things that I've done, I'll just have to keep on doing them.”

      On if he thinks he can contribute as a punt returner:
      "Absolutely. I think that kind of just comes natural. I grew up playing center field for baseball, so tracking balls was just kind of a thing that came easy to me, so I'm excited to have the opportunity to show my talents on special teams as well – just anyway to make the team and not even just make the team but, you know, dominate once I get on the team. So like I said, I'm excited and I'm ready to compete"

      On after whom he models his game:
      "That's kind of a tough question I've been getting because I feel like I don't really model after just one or two specific people. I kind of take, you know, bits and pieces from everybody because I'm not your typical slot that everybody thinks I am. I think I can do a little bit of both – outside and inside – and I'm willing to go over the middle and go into a collision with a backer. Whatever it takes, man. I'm willing to do it.”

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