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    • Skins Quotes 3/15/18: Doug Williams, Paul Richardson, Alex Smith

      March 15, 2018

      Senior Vice President of Player Personnel Doug Williams

      Introducing WR Paul Richardson Jr.:
      “I want to say thank you for coming out, guys. This time of year, we spend a lot of time in the meeting rooms trying to find players that fit what we want to do and give coaches the weapons that they need. We were fortunate enough to come up with a weapon that we were looking for. We watched a lot of film, a lot of tape. The guy I’m about to call up is a guy that we targeted. We were fortunate enough with the work of [Eric] Schaffer… Here is a guy that hasn’t slept in I don’t know when. He needs some NoDoz, along with Bruce [Allen]. I think they’ve all been sleeping in the building. We [were] fortunate enough to land Paul Richardson, a guy that we watched back in the personnel and the pro department – especially Alex [Santos] and Richard [Mann II] and Jeff [Scott] and Brian [Zeches] and Pete [Picerelli] and Brent [Caprio] and Darryl [Franklin] – spent a lot of hours back there. We all targeted Paul Richardson and we [were] fortunate enough to be able to sign Paul. Paul and his mom and dad [are] here today and I would like to bring Paul up and introduce Paul Richardson.”

      WR Paul Richardson Jr.

      On how he can help the Redskins:
      “Just provide some speed downfield. We’ve got some great guys, got [Josh] Doctson, got [Jamison] Crowder, got Alex. So, I’m just going to come in and fill my role, beat guys downfield, take the top off of coverages, challenge people downfield.”

      On what he showed last year that he will be able to build on with the Redskins this season:
      “I think with my frame, I was able to surprise people by how I attack the ball in the air. And that’s a lot for a guy to do, especially running fast, so I just want to compete for balls downfield, make plays going across the middle, catch and run, man. I haven’t been able to do that, so I will finally be able to do that.”

      On why he wanted to join the Redskins:
      “Just the history here, and I was excited when I heard that they were interested. They got Alex and, you know, I felt like this was a good situation for me. My family was excited to hear it. They felt like it was a great fit for me, they felt like it was a good new start and you know, I appreciate it.”

      On how much of his decision to sign with the Redskins had to do with the offense and what former wide receivers were able to do in Washington:
      “That played a big role. I’m friends with DeSean [Jackson]. I’m friends with Pierre [Garçon]. They’re both great guys, great receivers. Especially Pierre, when Pierre told me this would be a great fit for me, I trusted him. He described the staff to me. He described the offense, and then, you know, I look. I pay attention to teams. I look up Alex, I look up the offense, I just see where guys are getting open, seeing windows that I’ve never seen before. I just could picture myself in those windows, so I’m looking forward to different concepts, how they get guys open and I think I will be able to contribute.”

      On getting started with new pieces in place:
      “I believe it’s very important. I want to be able to come in and develop a new chemistry with him. I want to be able to develop some trust, and yeah, I want him to know I’m always available [laughter]. Like, just throw it. It doesn’t matter where it is, I’m going to go get it and I’m going to turn him into a believer.”

      On how much of his potential he thinks he has reached:
      “I don’t think I’ve scratched it. I think I was able to open some eyes and create an opportunity for myself to grow even more and to be able to show just everything that I was brought in this league to do. To challenge guys, to compete for balls and to make big plays, I really enjoy that.”

      On what stands out about QB Alex Smith and how he thinks he will adjust to the differences between Smith and Seahawks QB Russell Wilson:
      “What stands out about Alex is he doesn’t have to leave the pocket. He can deliver balls on time in the pocket and then when he does scramble, he’s dangerous. He can go get the yards himself or he’s going to find whoever’s available that’s working with him to make the plays. So, they are very different quarterbacks, but I really appreciate Alex’s skillset. So, I think that it will help me grow as a receiver.”

      On when the signing with the Redskins started to become a possibility:
      “Man, we really didn’t know. You know, I guess as soon as the windows opened up, my agent called me and he’s like, “Man, you know, I feel like this is a good look for you. You know, if we’re able to make it happen…” And I just talked to some of my guys. I talked to Pierre; you know, we have the same agent. We’ve developed a friendship. I look up to him a lot and I talked to him, he said, ‘Man, it doesn’t even matter. They need a receiver. I think you will be a great fit there.’ So it wasn’t a lot of a thought process. I trust Pierre, I look up to him and I respect him a lot, and for him to say that after leaving here, you know, that meant a lot to me. So that was easy.”

      On playing in the NFC East:
      “I’m looking forward to it, man. We’ve got some great teams in this division and I just joined a great team, so, I think there’s going to be a lot of excitement, a lot of attention and you know a lot to play for and a lot to live up to. So I think I will be able to fill that role just fine.”

      On what he learned from DeSean Jackson:
      “For a decade, DeSean, he sets people up so great with his double moves downfield. He has great ball tracking ability over his shoulder. All parts of my game that I’ve been working on that I can’t wait to be able to show and, you know, I really took that from DeSean and what I took from Pierre even, just how aggressive he is, how much attitude he plays with, how much confidence he plays with. Both of them play with a lot of confidence, so just being able to take parts of their game, being able to ask Pierre questions and him being able help me, you know, I think things are going to pan out great.”

      On if he talked to his new teammates yet:
      “Not yet, I haven’t talked to the guys yet. I’m looking forward to it. I’ve just been able to hear great things about them, just hear about their personalities and just how I would fit in into the room and my role in the room. So, I look forward to meeting those guys, developing a good relationship with those guys so we will be able to help each other out on the field.”

      On if he feels a burden to prove something with his new contract:
      “I feel like a have a burden to prove something all the time, every time I touch the field. So, you know, this contract is motivation. It’s a lot of motivation, it’s me going through everything I went through my first three years in the NFL and to be able to spread my wings a little bit, stepping into this new contract in my last year of my first deal, so I think that, yeah, there is a little bit of a burden but I welcome it. I’m embracing it and I’m just going to have fun in it.”

      On comparisons to DeSean Jackson:
      “I feel like us both being from California, both being from L.A., and us being speed guys, there’s going to be a lot of comparisons and I think he’s a great receiver. Like I said, I look up to him a lot, especially how he sets guys up in his routes. I think that I have a lot of the same qualities. I think that I do add the ‘going up and get it’ aspect. I like going up against defenders and turning 50/50 balls into 100 percent mine. So, you know, that’s the other element that I will bring.”

      On what life will be like for him on the East Coast:
      “I’m going to learn what life is going to be like, but I think it’s great. I mean, I’ve been out here a couple of times. Like I said, I’m really close with Pierre. I’m friends with, [Kam] Chancellor, who’s from here, who I’ve spoken to already, and you know, they’ve just you know – not warned me – but basically prepared me for what it’s like out here, to live out here and I’m looking forward to it. I think that once I get my house and everything situated and I start to, you know, learn my teammates and build relationships with them, I think life outside the facility will be fine.”

      On if he wants to be active in the Washington, D.C. community:
      “Oh, definitely. I do a lot of stuff in Los Angeles for like kids camps. I always go show up. If I can run the drill, I’ll run the drills. Whatever my friends are doing for the community back home, I’m a part of it. I was a part of the community a lot in Seattle. It was fun. They embraced me, and it was fun and enjoyed it. I think that once I get a feel for being here, once I get comfortable and start to meet people and meet the different organizations and be able to incorporate my own, I think that it will be fine out here.”

      On if Smith’s ability make plays off-schedule helped attract him to Washington:
      “Definitely. To be able to have a guy with such good timing and then him to be able to be mobile as well, those are two great combinations, man. So I think that as long as he’s moving and I’m still able to move, I’m going to run past people, whether it’s across the field or down the field and I think that he will find me.”

      On people who doubt his ability to make plays in the middle of field given his stature:
      “They’ve got to catch me [laughter]. I’m not big on trash talk and all that stuff, but you’ve got to catch me.”

      On the distribution of targets in the Washington offense and if he can handle how those targets are distributed:
      “I honestly believe I’ve showed I can handle that well based on my first four years. There wasn’t a lot of balls, there just wasn’t. There’s guys that have more targets in one season than I have had my whole career, but I make those most of my opportunities and I really take a lot of pride in somebody being able to look my way and just trust that wherever the ball is going to be that I’m going to make the play. So whether it’s a ton of balls, whether it’s a few, I’m going to make the most of whatever it is and turn it into whatever I can.”

      Senior Vice President of Player Personnel Doug Williams

      Introducing QB Alex Smith:
      “Yes, it is a great day. You know, the whole organization’s in here and that makes it that much more better for everybody to be here to see what’s about to take place today. First of all, I want to say this, especially for the media, and that is we’re not looking in the rearview mirror. We’re going forward and that’s where we are today. So everything we do today is going forward, nothing behind us, and we’re going to treat it that way.

      “I want to say this, first weekend of playoffs, the coaches, the personnel, this whole brain trust of personnel, we all got together. Bruce [Allen], Dan [Snyder], who [doesn’t] do anything but listen, and kind of let us do what we want to do, and we knew somewhere along the line we had to find a quarterback. We had to find a quarterback and we went through them all. And we knew that in order to get the guy that we wanted, you had to find a way to trade for him. Didn’t know whether we [were] going to get the guy or not, but it was a consensus of everybody in the room. They had a coaches meeting first, they had a personnel meeting first, and that’s the good part about it because we all didn’t meet together at the first time, but we all came up with the same consensus.

      “And then we finally got together and we came up with Alex Smith, but we had to find a way to get it done. And it wasn’t easy because there was a few teams in it that wanted Alex Smith. He chose us and he chose us for a reason. It’s because who we are, the legacy of the Washington Redskins, the history of the Washington Redskins. He knows what Jay’s offense is all about. He knew about the guys that he had to throw to, especially adding Paul to this offense, giving him something to work with. He knew about the offensive line even though they were banged up a little bit, they’ll be raring to go when the season starts. If you’re a quarterback, you look at those things, the offensive line and the weapons that he has to work with. And, promise you, we’ll get the running back situation straight. So Alex is going to have everything he needs to work with and that’s why he chose the Washington Redskins and we’re glad that he chose us the next five years and then if we’ll have to add a couple more years to it, we’ll do that too. We’ll take seven. He’ll be 40. He can play until 40. Can you Alex? [Smith nods] Look at him, I think you can.

      “So with no further ado, guys, I’d like to bring up Alex Smith. I wanted to bring Jay up, but Jay said he’s talked to Alex enough. And he don’t like to talk anyway. I can tell you he’s a little different than his brother; he don’t like to talk. But we’ll bring Alex Smith up.”

      QB Alex Smith

      On officially being part of the Redskins:
      “Yeah, I feel like I’ve been waiting on this for a long time, right? I think everybody knew, but the funny rules and can’t talk about certain things and timing and deadlines and things like that... So, glad it’s finally here. The ball can start rolling, you know, the sooner we can get to work, the sooner I can get to work. That’s what we’re all here for. So, yeah, I mean, I’m excited about it, excited that this day’s here and kind of kick start everything. The next date we’re starting at is April 16 and the chance to finally come together as a team and start the process. Really that’s the start of the year for us as a team, so, you know, looking forward to that and what’s to come then.”

      On his journey to this point of his career:
      “I think everybody’s path is different. No two are the same, and I think through all of it, you just try to, like Doug said, I think you want to maintain looking forward, right? I think you want to try to continue to get better, good and the bad. I think you try to digest all that, learn from it, take what you can and move forward. I think the thing I looked at, the common denominator amongst all I think successful veterans when I was a young player, especially quarterbacks, was that – they were tough. I mean, everybody’s going to take their licks in this game. It’s not easy and I think the guys that were mentally tough, that kept getting back up, that kept going at it, finding a way, getting better, never stopped improving, you know, in all aspects. For me, those guys were great examples for me and I think I’ve strived to do that, I think I still strive to do that. It never ends. You kind of continue the chase.”

      On what impressed him about the Redskins:
      “I mean, I think just for me in obviously the short time until now, I think that it’s very clear, immediately, the desire to win from top to bottom. The competitiveness, top to bottom. The stakes, the urgency. I think those are all important things that need to start at the top and I think that trickle down, down into that locker room, sets the tone. I think you have to have that sense of urgency every day when you go about your business. The offseasons get shorter. No more two-a-days, all our time together is shorter and shorter and I think you have to continue to take steps every day and I think that sense of urgency, that competitiveness, that desire to win, to win a championship, it has to start up top and I think that was very clear from day one.”

      On his success in Kansas City last season and how he can continue it in Washington:
      “I mean, I don’t want to get into comparing year to year and things like that. I think numbers can be… Obviously you can look at them for a lot of things, sometimes they can be deceiving. Certainly as a quarterback, you are a reflection of a lot of guys around you, and for me, excited about what that means here and going out there and being the facilitator, right? Being the guy to distribute the football to all this talent, to Paul, to all these guys here and looking forward to that. Delving into the scheme, that’s a huge part of this as well, right? Getting in there and where does this take us? And every year I think we all have got to come together to find a way, that’s what we’re here for – everybody, everybody included in that – and trying to figure out a way to get it done.

      On how much input he had in the trade process:
      “There was some, obviously, yeah. With the extension involved, there was a little bit. Certainly it was something I think that everybody involved had to be on board with it. I was obviously fortunate enough and happy enough that everybody was, because this is where I wanted to be, and that it did work out. I don’t know if that answers your question. Obviously there was a little bit that went into that, yeah.”

      On what attracted him to the Redskins:
      “I think, as a quarterback, you certainly watch a lot of film, right? We spend a lot of time in the film room. You get to see a lot of other defenses but you get to see a lot of other offenses. Certainly from afar, watching everything that’s kind of taken place here over the years, the system, the guys that are here, it looked fun. Looked like I wanted to be a part of it. To sum up your question, yeah, that’s a lot of it. You watch a lot of film, you can see what’s going on other places, get a little glimpse of that, and certainly that’s what started that.”

      On being reunited with TE Vernon Davis:
      “Excited about that. It was like icing on the cake. Certainly I’ve known Vernon a long time, both young guys in this league together and spent a lot of years together. And certainly he was one of those guys from afar, watching and still seeing VD that he could still roll a little bit too. Still continuing to make plays. I’ve seen him here or there over the years and keep in touch with texting and things like that. He was one of the first guys to reach out when it unofficially happened. Obviously, looking forward, he’s such a unique guy, such a great teammate and friend so I’m looking forward to being around with him again.”

      On what he liked about the Redskins schematically:
      “What do you guys say – ‘pass happy?’ [Laughter] Pass happy, right? No, I think balance. I think you saw from afar, you just see a scheme that’s put together really well, right? Balance, run, pass, play-action, misdirection, all the things that go into being a good offense. And there’s a lot of ways to do it, but certainly here. And then you combine that with the players and the talent here as well, and all those go into playing good football, right? It takes everything, so certainly that was a big part of it though. But seeing the balance, seeing all the things you get to do, I certainly feel like as a quarterback I can do a lot. I like that. I like to be kind of that Swiss army knife and be able to take advantage of a lot of different things, and certainly see how creative they’ve been here and look forward to kind of continuing that.”

      On WR Josh Doctson and if he’s ever had a receiver with his ability to make contested catches:
      “You know, I mean, honestly, I don’t want to get into comparing. I’m excited to get to work with all these guys, right? We’ve all got to get to know each other, right? We’ve all got to go through this, reps and trial and error and a lot of time together and I look forward to that. I think we all do. Kind of getting to work finally, getting out of the suit and tie and getting on the field, so I look forward to that. Certainly Josh [Doctson] is one of those guys that I’m excited to work with.”

      On what he remembers from playing against the Redskins last year:
      “Staring at [Greg] Manusky on the opposite sideline, you know? [Laughter] Spend a lot of years and all of a sudden you’re going against him. Every time you’d end up over on that sideline, he’d be yelling at you. Yeah, I remember how, to be honest, the week before, you had just beat the [Raiders] and pounded them on national TV, and obviously it was I think a pretty healthy team at that point. And I remember getting ready and just how good they were, how tough it was going against, and obviously it was a game that came down to one play at the very end. But, yeah, and then obviously after that to watch as it went on, certainly the injuries piling up, and I think some missed opportunities out there, but certainly remembering how good they were playing at that point and healthy and with everybody going and, like I said, yeah, so excited when this opportunity came up.”

      On if he prefers to work with receivers early away from the practice facility:
      “Great question. You know, I think a lot of that stuff looks great on TV. I think it’s great for Instagram followers, but to be honest, at this point we’re limited on what I can get my hands on, scheme-wise, and there’s all these rules and stuff. It would be great to come together, and, yeah, us go out on the field and throw it around, but I think we’d all like to have coaches there thought and I think we’d be better off with that. I think some of that stuff happens when we get a little bit of the playbook under our belt and can actually be efficient with that. But sometimes to go do that, it looks great, but I’m not sure you’re getting the bang for your buck there. Excited for us this summer, potentially that’s a good time for that once we’ve got OTA’s and a bunch of the playbook in this spring. Right now, like I said, it would just be, you know, yeah…”

      On what keeps him fired up at this point of his career:
      “Well, for one, I’ve never won a championship. Never won a Super Bowl. That’s what we’re all chasing. I think this is the ultimate team sport, it’s the most competitive sport in the world, the greatest sport in the world and we’re chasing that ultimate dream. We’re trying to find a way. That’s the challenge for me – can we find a way? And there’s so much that goes into it top to bottom, every department in the building – can we find a way to go out there and get it done? I guess that challenge excites me more than ever. Certainly as you get older, you realize the opportunities more. You cherish it more and more because you realize there is an end for everybody, and that excites me – that challenge. Can we find a way? Can we find a way to come together and get it done?”

      On if he improved his downfield passing last year:
      “I think as a quarterback, my job [is] to run the offense and within that, there's a lot, whatever the defense is going to give you, right? If it dictates throwing the ball down the field, certainly you want to be able take advantage and make them pay. But, yeah, you want to spread the ball around, right, and certainly be efficient. You want to be good in all areas, right? When you take shots downfield, you want to be good at them. Certainly when you're possession throwing, you want to be good at that too. So I think you want to be well-rounded and all you can do, all of us this time of year, this is an opportunity to look at where do we need to improve? Where do I need to improve? This is the time of year for me to try to get into that. So, certainly, yeah, whatever it be, throwing downfield, running, moving, movement within the pocket, ball security, accuracy, those are certainly things that you continually will always work on and I will always work on.”

      On areas in which he’s progressed in his career:
      “I think I guess to answer your question, I think all of that. I'm trying to get better at everything. Certainly the more you play, the more reps you have, the more experiences you go through... Take scheme even out of it. Just going through game situations, I think you take all that with you, you bank it. You take it with you and you use it. Certainly from a physical standpoint, I’m continually trying to get better in every area. There is certainly no area where I'm good enough here. That's just not the case. So, you're constantly trying to work on all of it. And I think I can improve in all those areas. I think that's what being a good quarterback. There's no one thing. Quarterback, there's so many different things that happen to come up in a game, in a situation, over a season. I think you have to be able to handle all of that. Some of them are physical. Some of them are mental and some both.”

      On continuity and knowing where he’s going to be for the next few years:
      “It’s a starting point, but certainly I’ve got a lot of catch-up to do with the guys here that have been in the system. Paul and I have got to get going and catch up to speed with everybody. There’s nothing I’m going to say – anybody is going to say – up here that’s going to prove that. I mean, we’ve got to do it. We’ve got to go win games. We’ve got to go play well. That’s on all of us, right? Excited about the opportunity because that’s what it is at this point. It’s an opportunity. We’ve got to go make the most of it and [I’m] excited for that. There’s nothing I can say at this point that’s going to change that. We’ve got to go do it.”

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