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    • Free Agency, Mock Drafts, Camps, Roster Predictions, 2018

      Burner’s Burning Questions: Free Agency, Mock Drafts, Camps, Roster Predictions, 2018

      Greetings from BBQ to everyone in BGO land.

      Today we bring you another guest mock from Redskins fan and Fanspeak football analyst, Steve Shoup. Recently, Breaking Football and NFL Daily Mock analyst Zach Hicks gave us some great insights into his guest mock. Today, Steve has graciously given some of his time to present us with a superb mock for this week. He was recently with Breaking Football, but his passion is Fanspeak – a very popular site that is used by many of you to create superb mock drafts. Steve is the owner and operator as well, so it is extra special to have him here today. Fanspeak’s “On The Clock” simulator is a great platform for learning about the NFL draft and it allows you to become something of a GM - all while learning about NFL prospects. He is passionate about the Redskins (and D.C. sports) and possesses great information on our favorite team.

      Another item of note: Fanspeak has information on all the major sports and draft simulators for the NBA as well. Need some extra information on fantasy sports? They have that covered as well. Again, BBQ highly recommends Fanspeak.com.

      BBQ hopes you are enjoying these guest mocks. Next week we will feature another surprise guest.

      You can find Fanspeak at https://fanspeak.com and on twitter at @fanspeak. Steve and his sister (Megan) run the site and BBQ highly recommends that you become a member. You can find Steve on twitter at @Steveospeak and we highly recommend him as a follow.

      I hope you appreciate the time and effort he put into this entry on our behalf. His mock is presented here in our format with no editing from me. I know you will like his recommended players. I certainly do.

      FYI – we hope to have one or two more guests over the next couple of weeks or so with their mocks. We will have a free agency update tomorrow (likely several this week) and a prospect update on Thursday. Another BBQ mock arrives on Friday.

      Let’s get right to Steve’s mock.

      2018 Redskins Draft:

      Round One: Tremaine Edmunds, OLB, Virginia Tech:
      Assuming Zach Brown doesn't re-sign and Roquan Smith is off the board at 13, the Redskins would do well to add Edmunds to their defense. Edmunds is just going to be 20 years old this season, and possesses elite size, speed and natural athleticism. He's a good blitzer, strong in coverage and plays the run well. He's still developing his instincts, but the potential is there for him to be an elite player at this level.

      Round Two: Harrison Phillips, DL, Stanford:
      Phillips gives the Redskins a strong run defender who can line-up at the NT position in base formation. In addition in 4 man fronts he can play the 1 technique to give the Redskins a stronger run defender presence if needed. Phillips had over 100 tackles this season and combines excellent instincts and play recognition with his strong frame. He's not a quick pass rusher who will penetrate and attack up field, but he produces by pushing the pocket and getting to the QB when the EDGE defenders push him to step up.

      Round Four: Mason Cole, C/OG, Michigan:
      If Spencer Long leaves in free agency the Redskins will have two open spots along their offensive line. While the hope is the Chase Roullier can handle one of those spots, their is no clear option for the other spot. Cole played both LT and C at Michigan, but will need to move inside at the next level (though could offer depth at tackle if needed). Cole is a good solid blocker who is probably capable of starting as a rookie.

      Round Five: Terrell Edmunds, FS, Virginia Tech:
      With one brother already in the fold, why not grab the other as well? Terrell Edmunds is similar to his brother in that he's got excellent size, speed and athleticism for his position to go along with the fact that he's still really young. The difference with Terrell is that he's far more raw at this time and will need to develop. The good news is the Redskins currently have two decent safeties so they can give Terrell the development time he needs. In the meantime he offers tremendous depth and will be a core special teams player.

      Round Six: Jester Weah, WR, Pittsburgh:
      Weah had a pretty non-descript career at Pittsburgh, but he flashed potential at times as a 6'3" receiver with pretty good speed and jumping ability. He tested well at the combine and looks to be an intriguing late round receiver project who can add vertical speed to a team early in his career with maybe the chance to develop into more.

      Round Seven: Chris Campbell, CB, Penn State:
      Campbell is a long corner with decent coverage skills, who improved each year at Penn State. He's a guy who can add depth to the position and contribute on special teams. While he's probably a long shot to develop into a starter his size and cover skills are intriguing.

      Round Seven: Brian Allen, C/OG, Michigan State:
      Allen is a bit undersized at 6'1", but don't let his height fool you, he can play at a high level and while he might slide in the draft he's an interesting guy to grab late. He's physical and tough at the LOS and has experience at both guard and center. Even if he never makes it as a starter he offers a lot as a depth option.

      Thanks to Steve for providing us with a great mock to start the week. Once again, BBQ highly recommends Fanspeak. We will have a guest mock again next week from another expert. BBQ hopes you like these perspectives from Redskins draft and free agent gurus.

      Tomorrow we will have a free agency update as well as throughout the week. Thursday will bring a prospects list update. We return Friday with a new mock.

      Hail To The Redskins!
      This article was originally published in forum thread: Free Agency, Mock Drafts, Camps, Roster Predictions, 2018 started by Burgundy Burner View original post
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