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    • Free Agency, Mock Drafts, Camps, Roster Predictions, 2018

      My latest stab at the draft. Traded down once to pick up a 3rd round pick.

      Round 1 Pick 13: Payne, DaRon, DT, Alabama (A+)
      Round 2 Pick 16 (LAC): Michel, Sony, RB, Georgia (A)
      Round 3 Pick 20 (LAC): Ragnow, Frank, C/OG, Arkansas (A)
      Round 4 Pick 13: Cain, Deon, WR, Clemson (A+)
      Round 5 Pick 12: Schultz, Dalton, TE, Stanford (A+)
      Round 6 Pick 14: Scales, Tegray, ILB, Indiana (A+)
      Round 7 Pick 13: Coutee, Keke, WR, Texas Tech (A+)
      Round 7 Pick 23: Allen, Kyle, QB, Houston (A)

      Schultz,Scales and Coutee are players that I hope our Front Office is interested in. I love the scouting reports on all three of those guys,projected to go later in the draft.


      Very tenacious and tough as a blocker. Well-schooled in blocking fundamentals. Leaned on as vital part of the run blocking unit. Initial hand placement is good. Ability to sustain and finish. Improves positioning after contact and can generate some movement at point of attack without a double team. Gave it to USC's Rasheem Green on more than a couple of snaps when matched head to head. Sinks hips into breaks. Opens sharply on underneath routes to look for the throw. Has good feel for attacking the voids against zone coverage. Will shut routes down early to keep throwing window open for quarterback. Physical in creating space at top of his routes. Short area footwork is adequate. Has ability to become a reliable target over the middle and in traffic.

      lite instincts keep him near the action and racking up tackles. Keys play direction instantly and gets early jumps to rendezvous point. Vocal leader. Can step downhill without getting trapped in the trash. Limits run lane depth by challenging climbing linemen early in rep. Looks for the action and doesn't wait for it. Uses shoulder turn and hand quickness to help play around and under blocks. Punches and separates from blocks and rarely gets glued for long. Possesses high-end football intelligence. Has innate feel for running back's cuts. Takes quality angles to the play and is able to adjust them around traffic. Decent cover skills in space. Gives strong redirect to routes. Finished career with eight interceptions. Plus coverage teams talent.


      Tremendous deep speed who devours coverage cushion with his initial push into routes. Warrants additional attention from safeties no matter where he lines up. Explosive speed can turns slants and crossing routes into long touchdowns. Separation comes easily for him. Could thrive with NFL option routes. Carries athletic ability into body adjustments and catches. Sinks into soft spots in the zone. Shows some focus to secure the throw when working middle. Has ability to add impact as returner. Averaged 31.5 yards per kick return in limited 2017 role with one touchdown.
      This article was originally published in forum thread: Free Agency, Mock Drafts, Camps, Roster Predictions, 2018 started by Burgundy Burner View original post
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