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    • Redskins Spotlight: Alvin Walton


      With the playoffs well under way, and our lack of involvement in them, I thought I would try out something new: a short (puff piece) biopic of some of my favorite 'Skins from past years. This initial post describes one of my all time favorite players from the glory days, aka the Gibbs 1.0 dynasty. Alvin Walton was an undersized but FIERCE hitter back when DB's were allowed to crush receivers over the deep middle. In fact, as a young(er) man I remember watching "hit list" vids in whatever bar or another I happened to be in that showed him leveling a receiver, calmly looking down, and then walking away - without barking - and tugging on his gloves as if to say "next." Epic, and brutal.

      Most of this info comes via Wikipedia or the Redskins History Database. I make no claim to knowledge that anyone else could not pull down with a little research. I would merely like to open up the forum to discussion that does NOT involve the imminent departure of Kirk Cousins or other similarly depressing subjects. Here goes.

      Alvin was born in Riverside, California, and played HS football in Banning. Not coincidentally both places are very familiar to me - one sister still lives in the former and I lived for 16 years adjacent to the latter - but this is not about me. Apologies, and onward. Walton played at Mt. San Jacinto JC before heading to the University of Kansas, where he wrapped up a solid if unspectacular collegiate career before being selected in the third round of the 1986 draft by Bobby B and the B&G brain trust. At 6'0', 180 lbs, he was not physically intimidating even in those days at SS, but he was a ball hawk and separator par excellence. In 77 starts over six seasons in Washington he recorded 12 picks, two of which went back to the house. In my admittedly dim memories, however, his biggest impact was what would never show up on the stat sheet; he was a feared enforcer. I have little doubt that any wideout playing the 'Skins in those years had his head on a swivel whenever he ran a skinny post, crossing pattern, or dig route, looking for #40...with damned good reason. The ex-Jayhawk would take your head off if you didn't keep your eye on him. Many opposing WR's learned this lesson the hard way.

      AW went on to win two of the three SB's the 'Skins would garner from 83 to 91, whereupon he was released and ended up working for FedEx and the USPS before attending barber school. After three years out of football he signed with the CFL Baltimore Stallions, where he won a Grey Cup in 1995 - the only time an American team has done so. In later years, sadly, he and his family fell on hard times. Financial hardship forced his wife to pawn his two rings with the intention of redeeming them later, but they were sold before the family could do so. Nonetheless, he, his wife and his seven children continue to soldier on wherever they now live.

      On a personal note, this man is what was so great about those teams from that era. Tough, hard-nosed blue collar guys who played every down as if it was their last, and would not give an inch no matter what the score or the time remaining. I still get chills thinking about those Richie Petibon defenses, and his part in them. Here's to you, Alvin. Thanks for the great play and the memories, and may you have many good years left to remember them.

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