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    • Skins Quotes 11/28/17: Jay Gruden

      November 28, 2017

      Head Coach Jay Gruden

      On injuries:
      “The only change will be Trent Williams was limited today. Everything else will stay the same and you will get the injury report here shortly.”

      On if game statuses will be announced tomorrow:
      “That’s tomorrow, yeah.”

      On the status of TE Jordan Reed’s hamstring:
      “Same. [The] same, day-to-day. We are just trying to take it day by day and he’s trying to get stronger in the weight room, just taking it slow. That’s the only thing we can do. Your guess is as good as mine, but obviously there is an issue there otherwise I would like to think he would be further along now, but we just have got to get him healthy.”

      On if T Trent Williams will be a game-time decision:
      “Yeah, exactly right.”

      On DL Terrell McClain’s toe injury:
      “I think – yeah, it’s an issue. So we just don’t know the severity as far as how long. These big guys who have these toe injuries – there is a lot of weight that he has got to put on there. All the planting and moving around side to side, it’s a little bit more difficult. So we will see what he can tolerate.”

      On if McClain’s toe is fractured:
      “I don’t know. I just know it is a toe. I don’t have the [exact injury].”

      On if the Giants did anything specifically to take away TE Vernon Davis:
      “No, not particularly. Sometimes after a game you look at the game stats and, ‘Wow, Vernon didn’t get many targets.’ I think just with the way the game flow went, we had a lot of running attempts. So Vernon is a big part of this offense. [He] has been all year and will continue to be. Just that game was a little different.”

      On if he has noticed a difference in WR Jamison Crowder since healing from a hamstring injury:
      “Yeah, I mean, he definitely looks crisper in and out of his breaks. [He] has looked crisper the last four or five weeks quite frankly, and has been producing at a very high clip, which is exciting.”

      On Dallas’ run game:
      “I don’t think they change their game plan. Alfred [Morris] has been a very productive back in his career. So I think they are still going to try to run it behind that big offensive line and try to control the clock, mix in the play-action and the bootlegs – things that have made them successful in the past. That’s what their formula has been for winning. I don’t think they change.”

      On QB Kirk Cousins having to adjust to throwing behind T Ty Nsekhe:
      “Ty has been in the lineup before. It’s not like we have never seen him before... You will have to ask Kirk that one. I don’t think it is an issue.”

      On which uniforms the Redskins will wear on Thursday:
      “Ooh, man, that’s a great question. One of the better questions I’ve had since I’ve been here at the podium [laughter]. You came all this way to ask me that? [Laughter] If I say yes or no, what is your reply going to be? … I have absolutely no idea. Sorry, what a wasted trip [laughter].”

      On his takeaways from road games this season:
      “Biggest takeaways? I think – like every road game – the object is to try to take the crowd out of the game as early as possible. I think that is the intent, but really we just have got to handle the noise and handle the ebbs and flows of football. They are going to make their plays. They have lot of great players on offense, and so we have to make sure that we have to answer their momentum with some momentum of our own and try to maintain that level of consistency throughout the course of the game. The games that we have lost on the road, we’ve failed in two-minute, some short-yardage situations, had some key turnovers or penalties. If we can stay away from shooting ourselves in the foot, then we will have a great opportunity to win.”

      On the progress of K Dustin Hopkins:
      “He’s getting better. He’s getting better. He hasn’t been out – I haven’t seen him out there – kicking yet, but I have seen him in the weight room. He’s doing good.”

      On if he likes the challenge of scheming with a “limited” offense:
      “I don’t think we’re that limited, I really don’t. I think we’ve had some key backups step in and play pretty well for us. We still have our arsenal of wide receivers out there and we still have three pretty good tight ends, a heck of a quarterback. Our running back, Samaje [Perine], has proven to be a good alternative for Rob [Kelley] and been a good first down back. You know, the big guy is Chris [Thompson]. But we’ll see how [Byron] Marshall does. We’re excited to give him some opportunities with some balls out of the backfield, see what he can handle and the protection part of it. But overall I think we haven’t been that handcuffed. We’ve just got to go out and continue to do what we do and go attack.”

      On if he ever accepted a “here we go again” mentality with all of the injuries:
      “Oh, no, you never accept that. I think you just have to keep pushing forward and try to get the guys ready that are going to play for you. But we expect to win every game that we play. There’s no reason for us to walk into a game or walk into a season and feel like it’s a wasted year. I think we still have a great opportunity now. We have to take advantage of it. It’s not what we expected personnel-wise, some of the injuries, but, you know, that’s pro football. You have to adjust to them and you have to show your depth. The players that are playing have to play at a higher level to make up for some of the deficiencies we have because of injuries. So, it’s been great; some of the guys have got some great opportunities to play and they’re showing they belong in the NFL and belong on this football team.”

      On if there is a position group that has required more teaching than usual as a result:
      “Probably, certain positions. Yeah, I think running back, really, has been tough. Especially at that position, there’s so much to learn as far as third down protections and all that stuff, but Byron [Marshall] has done a great job of picking it up. [Running Backs Coach] Randy [Jordan] has done a great job of teaching them. We’ve had some issues at middle linebacker, obviously. You know, safety has been in and out from time to time. Offensive line, [Assistant Head Coach/Offensive Line Coach] Bill [Callahan] has done a great job. Always going to be a lot of teaching going on and that’s our job.”

      On Cowboys RB Alfred Morris:
      “I think Alfred looks very similar to when he left here. You know, he’s got good vision. He’s running very hard and he always figures out a way to move the chains and make those positive yards. He very seldom puts them in negative down-and-distances – second-and-12, second-and-11. Usually he’s going to find a little bit of a hole and then he’s tough to bring down with that first arm tackle. He does a nice job. Alfred is Alfred, just steady eddie, solid as can be.”

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