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    • Blognostications 2017 - Week 11 - Redskins @ Saints

      Blognosticator - LoyalSkinsFan

      “Oh, when the Saints…..”

      Oh hell, you get the idea.

      Well, folks…..the Redskins are traveling to New Orleans to take on the Saints this Sunday. Then, they shoot on back to DC to face the Giants on Thanksgiving Day. Gonna be a quick turn for them next week, but we can’t get ahead of ourselves, can we? Truth is, if we want to have any real shot at getting into the playoffs this season, this weekend’s game is probably a must-win. At 4-5, we’re in a hole.

      To tell you the truth, I have no idea which Redskin team is gonna show up this weekend. I’m not entirely sure which one showed up this PAST week against the Vikings, either. That game really took a toll on me. It was another very winnable game that we gave away. No….strike that. WE didn’t give it away. Kirk Cousins gave it away. Remember that….right before halftime? If we don’t score going into the half it would have been a bummer, but not a game killer. The Vikings were getting the ball to start the 3rd quarter, so a score (even a field goal) would have been nice there, but even to have to walk away with nothing there – though disappointing, it would not have decided the game. The interception that Kirk threw at that moment was a back breaker. That play turned into a 21 point swing for the Vikings and we never recovered. As much a role as he played winning the game the week before in Seattle, he killed it for us this week.

      I don’t say that lightly. I realize that our defense wasn’t doing us any favors, but they did keep giving the ball back to the offense and though they didn’t win the game for us, they didn’t really lose it either. Kirk did that well enough on his own.

      I have hope for this team down the line…..we have a great core to build upon, but I just can’t figure them out some days. Pryor has gone MIA, yes…..and Doctson should be a star, but he isn’t. Mo Harris can make plays – and we’ve seen Jordan Reed work and Chris Thompson and Jamison Crowder have playmaking ability too. But, other than Thompson, who among them have really stood out this year so far? None. I’m going to go out on a limb here and point out the common denominator – Kirk Cousins.

      Sense the theme for me this week?

      I really, really, really want him to be good – no, great. I think it’s in him, too…..but for some reason he just can’t seem to get away from the timely screw-up and for whatever reason can’t seem to get the ball to our playmakers – often missing wide open players when he’s locked in on something or someone else. Too often I’ve yelled to no-one “just throw it to him!” – and he won’t. Baffling….

      On the other side, Drew Brees is always a tough play….and he’s got running backs and people to feed. The Saints are coming in on a roll – and I’m sure they’re favored….blah, blah, blah. But, none of that really matters. Our defense should step up and the offense may just show up – and we could very well come out of this with a tough win on enemy turf. We’ve done it before.

      Truth is, I think we do. In spite of Kirk “Please don’t pay him just yet” Cousins, I think we pull off the win. Call it 27-24.

      Even so, admittedly, I’m a little sad inside.

      This article was originally published in blog: Blognostications 2017 - Week 11 - Redskins @ Saints started by Blognostications
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