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    • Post-Game Skins Quotes 10/29/17: Jay Gruden


      On injuries:
      “Jordan Reed, hamstring; Shawn Lauvao, stinger; Niles Paul, concussion; Matt Ioannidis fractured his hand; Stefan McClure, hamstring; T.J. Clemmings, ankle; [Bashaud] Breeland missed the game. He got a little more injured on Friday at practice and couldn’t go today at pregame warmup.”

      On if DL Matt Ioannadis will play in future games after today’s hand injury:
      “I hope so. We’ll have to wait and see. I don’t know. We’ll try it. I’m sure if he can, he will.”

      On if he feels like the season is getting away:
      “Well, we’re 3-4. We do have a lot of injuries, especially offensively, but we just have to step up. That’s just part of the game. Six of your top seven – or seven of your top eight – offensive linemen not playing makes it a little more difficult and then two of your three tight ends, but we’ve got to go to Seattle. We’ve got to recover. We’re 3-4. There’s still a lot of ball left to play. Seattle’s in the playoff hunt, Minnesota’s in the playoff hunt, and New Orleans in the playoff hunt. Tough three games in front of us but if we take care of business, we can be right back in it.”

      On the turnovers:
      “Yeah, we had the blocked field goal which was very costly, obviously. We could have gone up by nine. Instead, they got the ball at our one-yard line. That was a big one. I don’t know if it was low snap, hold was a little… low kick. We’ll have to take a look at it. Usually those three guys, those guys are pretty solid with their hold and snap, so maybe it was just a low kick. I don’t know. The interception at the end was just trying to make a play. I don’t remember the other ones. Oh, Chris Thompson’s fumble. Yeah. That was uncharacteristic of him. Just a good hit by their player.”

      On the challenges as play caller with multiple injuries today:
      “It’s a challenge, plus your list has shrunk about a quarter because we had a lot of two-tight-end, three-tight-end sets ready for this game and we lost both of those pretty early – at least Niles [Paul] early in the game. It was a challenge, but we have enough plays that we can adjust and hopefully function, which we cut it to seven and had a chance there with the ball but couldn’t get it done. Couldn’t get it back in time.”

      On how the injuries to TEs Jordan Reed and Niles Paul affected the play calls:
      “We were limited to one group and had to add some more groups in case something happened to Vernon [Davis]. We had to talk about our four-receiver sets and our three-receiver sets with two backs and had to coach those up in the locker room. We had to do some work, but we still had our normal package, one of them.”

      On how the blocked field goal altered his plans for the rest of the game:
      “I don’t know. It was right before half and they got the lead 14-13. We had the ball coming out to start the second half. [We] didn’t get much done. There are a lot of plays that altered the course of the ballgame. I think that was one of the main ones and some of the big plays that they made defensively. Hats off to [Defensive Coordinator] Coach [Rod] Marinelli, he did a great job with the secondary and his four-man rushes. Good job by [Offensive Coordinator] Coach [Scott] Linehan.”

      On addressing adjustments throughout the game:
      “The work is pretty much put in. We’re just trying to adjust to pick the personnel we have available, the offensive line we have available. So that’s how we’re trying to adjust based on the play calling. Coach up a guy who just got out of his car yesterday, I think, and he’s playing 50 snaps. And obviously [OL Tyler] Catalina’s never played left tackle. He played left tackle today and a lot of right guard. We mainly had to coach our guys up on what to do.”

      On if he would change the run-pass ratio:
      “At the end, when you look at the stats, yeah. But I don’t think, I think in the third quarter, I don’t know if we had the ball at all. I think we were playing catch up there in the fourth quarter the whole time and not to mention our two-tight-end, three-tight-end sets were out. At the end of the day, you can see a successful Redskins game when you look at the run-pass ratio. If it was lopsided like it was today, you probably look at a loss and very few times will we win those games. We need to be balanced to be successful. So, yes, I wish I had that back.”

      On how the defense played:
      “I thought they did some good things, without a doubt. Most disappointing thing was at the end there, we had a chance there. We cut it to seven and couldn’t get them off the field, so we burned all three of our timeouts and only had [54] seconds left on a short field. But other than that, they played good. We had some tough situations to be in. They had first-and-goal, we fumbled a kickoff, sudden changes out the gazoo for them and they reacted and responded and did some good things.”

      On the injuries on the offensive line:
      “It is mind boggling. I just hope these guys get well. These guys lay it all on the line for it, they practice hard, they have been doing it all right with their bodies, with the weight room, they get themselves ready to play, it’s just one after another, two tight ends go down in the same half for games – it’s crazy. I just want these guys to get well. That all I care about. If we can get those guys dressed up, play and compete.”

      On T T.J. Clemmings’ injury:
      “It was deflating but T.J. played his butt off today. You know, he hasn’t been here very long. He had to learn our entire system. He played some football in Minnesota, but this is a little different, the man competed. He played pretty well today, he fit in, he probably gave up a sack, probably could have applied pressure, he might’ve wanted to take some plays back but I think he played pretty well. It’s unfortunate it was another ankle injury. I just feel bad for him because they were playing their butts off. I just want him to get well.”

      On G Brandon Scherff and T Trent Williams:
      “He [Scherff] had tried everything, he tried to brace it up, he tried to put some crazy tape job on it but he could not run. He would not have been effective today. We have to get his strength back a little bit more, build him up a little bit more where he does not have to wear huge tape jobs, where he can’t even move. Hopefully he makes it back for Seattle, but we’ll see how he’ll do. Trent’s status is lingering bone bruises type of thing with his knee. He has some issue with a lot of pain, he doesn’t feel like himself. He is trying to get himself right but he can’t practice, he needs to practice to feel alike. The pain is too much for him. We’ll try to get that to calm down.”

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