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    • Skins Quotes Post-Game vs. 49ers 2017: Redskins Players


      On his performance:
      “I think we did a good job as an offense. I think we moved the football. There were a lot of good decisions, a lot of good plays made, a lot of third-down conversions in big moments, a lot of crucial drives where we had to churn the clock and come away with points. So, I was proud of the way our offense played today. It wasn’t perfect, there were a couple mistakes, but all in all we did a lot of good things.”

      On his comfort with the read-option and what he likes about the play:
      “It’s always been there because you know – I would credit going back to my rookie year with Robert [Griffin III] here, we did it a lot. It’s always going to be a part of our offense because it does give defenses something to think about. Kyle [Shanahan] told me when he left, he said ‘I’ve learned after working with Robert that this is a really valuable play no matter who the quarterback is and I’ll always carry it with me.’ So, when Jay [Gruden] arrived, we kept it and valued it, and as I started playing, it can still be a great play. You just have to pick your spots, be smart with it, call it at the right times, and read it correctly, and then usually you can get some yards.”

      On importance of next week’s game against the Philadelphia Eagles:
      “It’s a great opportunity. It’ll be a very charged atmosphere. It’ll be a tough environment, very good football team. I think that’s why you play in the NFL – for games like this coming up, to play against a really good team at their place and have a chance to put yourself in the hunt for the division and the NFC. You know, we have to measure ourselves against really good football teams and the Eagles certainly are one. So, we’ll look forward to that challenge.”

      On not sliding on his long run:
      “No, I wasn’t just trying to be a hero, I just got caught. You know, I felt like Jimmie Ward broke down and I was like, ‘If I slide, he can still pop me’. So, I probably should’ve slid feet first or head first and just gotten down. Not only that but he was able to put his helmet on the football which can always cause a fumble. So, we’ll go back and make the point that, ‘Hey, get down there, slide.’ Trent Williams reminded me I need to slide. It was kind of funny because Trent said, ‘Hey man, you have to get down and protect yourself. That’s a valuable arm, don’t get that hit.’ And Spencer [Long] and Brandon Scherff go, ‘We kind of liked it.’ So, they said that but they understood. I do need to slide, absolutely.”

      On WR Josh Doctson’s role and his recent performances:
      “He’s done a great job and he’s going to continue to get better. We’ve only scratched the surface with what Josh is going to be able to do for us. You know, I don’t handle the substitutions or personnel or who goes in when. I just execute the plays that are called with whoever is in there. But, Josh is doing a really good job and he’s going to continue to get better and show up more and more for us in this offense.”

      On WR Ryan Grant’s development:
      “Well, he’s come to the forefront because we need him to. You know, we need a guy like him to step up and he has. There are times when I can keep watching the film and I’ll go back and feel like he could’ve caught two or three more passes but I didn’t do a good job of getting him the football. So, I was glad today that on a third down over the middle and on a third down in the high red zone that we did get him the football because he proved us right. That pass interference at the end was also big. So, we have to continue to get him opportunities. He has all the tools, and now in his fourth year there’s a lot of confidence and experience there, so he’s going to keep getting better as well.”

      On T Trent Williams’ injury status:
      “I wasn’t really sure until warm-ups and even then, I felt like if it’s fragile enough, he could be out quickly if he wasn’t feeling good, so you never really know. So you prepare for the worst and hope for the best and Trent did a great job playing through his injury. I’m a little spoiled having him as a left tackle and when he’s in there it makes a big difference.”

      On if he thought about 49ers Head Coach Kyle Shanahan giving his team information on Cousins’ style of play:
      “I didn’t but I was aware of that possibility. This offense has evolved and a lot of nuances have changed through the years where I think it would be harder for him to know a lot of our X’s and O’s or how we do things or how I’m coached after this many years have passed. He certainly knows what quarterbacks need to do and not do and I’m sure he got them prepared as well as they could, but ultimately they just have to go and play. We felt that against the Rams as well but ultimately you just have to go and play and execute. Kyle knows me well and I guess he wouldn’t believe in me too much if he thought he could just tell them something and then I was no longer effective.”

      On his rhythm with Terrelle Pryor Sr. as compared to Grant:
      “This is why we say attention to detail and fundamentals and all that. I mean, the ball just landed a yard or two out of bounds. If the ball was kept inbounds, I think Terrelle did have a step on the DB and maybe catches the touchdown there and we’re talking about how he had an amazing game and did a lot of great things. The margin of error is so small. I told him on the sideline as the defense was on the field in the last 30 seconds that if we could have left that ball inbounds, we could have probably scored there and how he did a good job and how those are the things that the people don’t see. The ball just fell a yard or two out-of-bounds and it changes the stat-line or the perception of how Terrelle is playing and how much he’s fed the football. He’s doing good things for us and that play is good example of it.”

      On Head Coach Jay Gruden’s feelings after the win:
      “I think what he’s pointing to is holding ourselves to a high standard and expecting great performances week in and week out. It is a good thing that we have high expectations, but I feel pretty good. I think we did a good job and I did believe that that 49ers team was 11 points away from being 4-1 and arguably could be 5-1. They’re a really good football team and they just haven’t found a way to win a game but they’re an NFL football team. We knew it wasn’t going to be easy and [I’m] just proud of the way that we found a way to win.”


      On the offensive performance:
      “I thought, as an offense, we started off fast, which is something that has been a point of emphasis for us –was to get started fast. The 49ers have a good defense. We had to kind of set the tone in that first drive. We were able to do so and then second half, we just got to play better. We just got to execute better, not put our defense in a situation like that in the end. Then we start having a few three-and-outs. It’s putting the defense in a bad situation. We’ve just got to look at film and continue to get better.”

      On gaining yards after catch:
      “They are all blocking their guys great and I’ve been given some one-on-one opportunities and just winning those matchups. That’s pretty much the key to it. I had three screen plays today, my first three catches. And my O-line did a great job downfield, Jordan Reed, the receivers, all those guys did just a great job blocking for me. It’s on me to make plays and be a playmaker, be a difference maker on this team.”

      On takeaways looking toward next week:
      “We won the game today. Just kind of keeping that momentum going, looking back at film, looking where we went wrong, looking at what we did well. We’ve got the Eagles coming up. It’s going to be a dogfight. For us, we’ve really got to be on it, have to have some good practices this week. Some of the guys that we have injured, hopefully they can come back and help us out.”


      On the injuries that the defense had:
      “Yeah, some injuries happened and things got a little chaotic, but we had the right 11 out there at the time and we got a win.”

      On his performance today and how he was able to get to the quarterback:
      “I think the defense played lights out today. Every game is never going to be perfect, but I am really proud of the way the whole defense played, from the secondary down to the D-line.”

      On the last drive:
      “It was good to get a two-minute stop to win the game and I think it helps solidify an identity for our defense. I am really proud of defense for going out and doing just that.”


      On QB Kirk Cousins:
      “Ever since I was a rookie when I came here, Kirk has really been helping. He comes down here and really cares about this team, cares about winning, cares about his performance. He just keeps getting better and better and he’s a hell of a leader out there.”

      On his relationship with Cousins:
      “I think Kirk is hilarious. Just a smart, witty guy, knows a lot of movie quotes and stuff like that. I don’t know. Also genuinely a really good guy. But when you see him under the lights, out on game day, you see a sort of intensity and focus in his eye, and he has leadership qualities that are rare. He shows them every Sunday.”

      On Cousins’ performance:
      “I see a guy that’s intensely focused in his game. And he wants to improve. That’s a quality that we should all seek to have.”


      On the play of the defensive backs down the stretch:
      “Yeah, I commend those guys. We practiced throughout the week so I feel like there isn’t a drop off with Fabe [CB Fabian Moreau], Hols [CB Joshua Holsey] or when anybody comes in; we expect no drop off, man. That’s the standard we hold.”

      On the last drive and the intensity of the game:
      “I don’t blink, man. Like I was saying during the week, football is pleasure for me and what I have been through growing up. It’s fun and I just love to play. That’s all.”

      On how the defense has thrived through injuries:
      “No drop offs. We prepare – everybody prepares like starters. Coach [Torrian] Gray helped us during the week to prepare everybody like starters. So when you get in, you are expected to play like a starter.”


      On the play of the defensive backs:
      “I think it’s just always the way we’ve worked since training camp and since OTAs. We are as strong as our weakest link and we always talk about not having the drop offs. Anybody who is in there, we trust to make plays.”

      On the injuries of the defensive backs and the game coming down to the last drive:
      “We know the depth that we have in this secondary. Everybody can come out there, everybody can make plays and everybody is smart. That’s just how we have to do it as a group.”

      On what they were told as a defense with the game tied 17-17:
      “We just have to keep on fighting. I think they played four or five games where it came down to the end with three points or less. So we knew it was going to be a dogfight and we just had to go play by play and keep on competing.”


      On his touchdown:
      “It felt good. Didn’t really feel real. I felt really well, I was just really excited to get out there and help the team.”

      On his game ball:
      “Probably going to give it to my mom. I give her all of my football stuff. I give it to her, she collects it.”

      On the team’s mindset during the game:
      “We knew they were a great team. We knew they were never going to quit and we just had to come out there and string some plays together. And we did that and we came out on top. We knew they weren’t just going to lay down just because we came out fast. We knew they were going to stay in it and they were going to stay fighting. We just had to match their intensity and hope to come out on top and we did that.”

      On what he learned about the team:
      “Everything that I already knew. We faced adversity fairly well and of course there’s some things that we’ve got to work on – penalties and such. But we came out and they did exactly what we thought they were going to do. We stayed together, kept our heads down, and kept fighting.”
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