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    • Skins Quotes Post-Game vs Raiders: Skins Players


      On WR Josh Doctson’s touchdown:
      “It actually came out of the fake trying to throw it to Terrelle [Pryor Sr.], and I think Terrelle did end up winning late but I felt 38 (TJ Carrie) I believe was covering Terrelle was getting out of there and I felt like he was taking away the go ball and if Terrelle did end up getting by him it just shows how fast he really is. Then I looked back over to Josh and Ryan Anderson was getting deep as well but I do like Josh’s ball skills and his ability to catch the ball up in the air and I thought, you know what, I’m going to give him a chance, they have been asking me to give him that chance and let’s give it to him. It was scary when it left my hand because I still see Ryan Anderson going up, he’s got the ball skills too and Josh made me right but that play can go either way you know? That’s why this game is so tough.”

      On offensive performance expectations moving forward:
      “I don’t know, it’s so week to week that it’s hard to say what we are and what we aren’t. It’s going to change every week based on how we match up on their team, who’s healthy for us, and play calls. I just go where my reads take me and go through progression and situations in games dictate play calls. That long pass through the screen ended up being a long pass to Chris Thompson almost the whole length of the field, that was not a play that we had practiced this week, that was not a play we were expecting to call, situationally you get way backed up and you’re just trying to get out of dodge there. That play comes up and the next thing you know Chris has a big, big night as a result. So it varies from week to week but it’s good to see us get some momentum and now we have got to find a way to bottle that and carry it over to next week.”

      On comfort with RB Chris Thompson’s play while RB Rob Kelley is injured:
      “I can’t say enough about the job that Samaje [Perine] did tonight, Mac Brown, and obviously Chris Thompson. We have to make sure Chris stays healthy this year because it’s really hard to find a guy who can pass protect, make people miss, help me with the pass game, catch the ball. He is the total package and he is a great teammate. He’s got a great demeanor about him, he’s a smart player. We have to develop players, younger players, to do what he has learned to do. Chris didn’t come into the league totally polished in all of those areas. He’s developed himself and I do love that about our team. I feel like guys like Josh Norman, myself, and Chris Thompson, we didn’t come into this league as first round picks coming out the gate. We developed ourselves and it took time, we took our lumps and worked our way up in this league and I think that says a lot about the character of this team.”

      On the defensive effort:
      “I can’t say enough about the domination that the defense had and I couldn’t believe it when you think about how successful that Oakland offense has been, not only this season but back to last season, they have always protected the quarterback well. Derrick Carr has done a great job getting the ball out, being explosive in the pass game and for some reason our defense just really locked it down tonight and I was so impressed. I think they really put together now three straight weeks with really good performances on defense and if we can get that all year it really gives us a chance, regardless of how our offense is playing. It’s going to keep us in a lot of games.”

      On helpfulness of ball handoff tonight and moving forward:
      “I think that’s always a tough decision to stick with the run because you really don’t want to just waste plays and hand the ball off for no gain or one yard or two yards. But you also don’t want to walk out of a game with 40 to 45 pass attempts when it didn’t have to be that. I think Jay [Gruden] is trying to find that balance the last couple of weeks and again, when the defense is playing well, you have that luxury to be able to keep handing it off and stay patient and I think we did a good job staying balanced tonight.”

      On the touchdown pass to TE Vernon Davis:
      “It looked to me that they did split safety coverage. They played man up on Vernon. The goal was to beat his man down the field to find a seam between the two safeties and I just have to throw it out there. Vernon is a big asset to our team. You know that Jordan [Reed] is not always healthy. The fact that Vernon has the speed that he has and the experience and can make the plays with the last year and half – What an asset to our offense. Another guy that’s a great teammate, great person, he carries himself well. You just love going to work with him every day. Those are the guys you love to win with, because it’s that much sweeter when you love who they are and they go about their business.”

      On his proudest moments throughout the game:
      “I think the fact that we had a complete game. Any time you start fast, you know it’s up and down, plays happen, you can easily give the ball back. You can have a bad decision here or there and miss the read. The fact that it was a full four quarter performance – I felt that was outstanding. All offseason I was asked, “What are you working on, what are you trying to get better at?” The answer was situational awareness. Not just stick to my reads, but to think about how does that read change every now and then, because the game situation is changing. I think Jay [Gruden] was talking about that – looking at last year to now. By knowing how to manage situations and making decisions based on what I am coached to do and then how the game is being played.”


      On his performance:
      “I can’t explain it. Everybody all around just did a good job for me. I got a lot of good looks. Our offensive line did such a great job. Kirk [Cousins] also, he did such a great job, just finding me. Coach [Jay] Gruden, I think he deserves all of the credit for the offense. I think he just called the perfect plays at the right time. My first touchdown I think they ran pretty much an all-out blitz to my side, and I was free releasing. It was such a great job by him. I can’t really take a lot of the credit. Just everybody around me did such a great job so it just feels good to continue to be a spark for our offense and just make plays.”

      On how the offense performed as well as it did:
      “I think it was play calling. I think it was just trying to continue to play the way we practice during the week. Just practicing hard, going hard during the week is really the key. And just coming out here, executing, and being in front of our home crowd, we have to put on a big show for them.”

      On the offense feeding off the energy of the defense:
      “I can’t say enough about our defense today, they did such a great job. [The Raiders are] one of the best offenses in this league. I don’t know if they even passed the 50, other than the times that we had the fumble, had the two turnovers, where they scored points. So our defense, they are playing such great football right now.”


      On his touchdown:
      “Just a fade route. I just made the play. It was pretty simple to be honest.”

      On being a major offensive contributor:
      “It’s good. I’m just glad we got the ‘W’ though. Defense played really good tonight – really the reason why we won. And in the offense, we made plays that we needed to, to help the defense. All in all, a good team effort.”
      On how the offense was able to execute so well:
      “Execution, man. We got the right plays and all the right calls were called. Players just played and executed.”


      On his touchdown reception:
      “It was one of those plays that we run in practice. They called it, I made the proper moves that I was supposed to make, just looked up for the ball, and it was there.”
      On his ‘agelessness’:
      “It’s cool. I feel like I’m better than I was when I was younger. Faster.”

      On the overall offensive performance:
      “[I] think we played together. There was a lot of synergy there—continuity within the team. Had a great week of practice and we approached this thing with a winning attitude.”


      On his interception on the first drive:
      “Well you know, watching film – D.J. [Swearinger] and DBs as a whole have been telling me to read his eyes when I am back there in half and that is what I was doing. I can’t believe he actually threw it, but when he threw it, it was just a ball in the air, it has got to be ours, that’s what we preach and I just kind of went up there and grabbed it.”

      On the defensive performance as a whole:
      “[The Raiders] have a great offense, you know what I mean? No doubt about that. Our goal was to stop the run and then get off on third down. That is pretty much our goal every week. I think we did that pretty well. Like I said, they have a great offense. Even to do that, it is just a step in the right direction for us. Next up is [Kansas City] so we will go in and just go to work again. That’s all we can do.”

      On having a statement win early in the season as an underdog:
      “It’s big, but it is not at the same time. That sounds weird, but it’s big because like you said it is Sunday Night Football. It is primetime. Like I said, they have a great offense, but it isn’t at the same time because it’s our third game. It’s still early in the season. There is still a lot to build on, still a lot of corrections to make but like I said, it is early in the season. I think we will get it together towards the end.”


      On his first sack:
      “It feels good man. It was a great team effort man. I knew the defense could do it and I am glad we went out and showed it today.”

      On the defensive game plan coming into the game:
      “I mean we just plan on being physical every game. I feel like that is something we want to build as an identity here. I feel like we did a good job of doing that. You have to give a lot of credit to [Jim] Tomsula and [Greg] Manusky coming up with a great game plan and DBs helped us a lot by covering them so we actually have time to get back there and we stopped the run.”

      On having a statement win early in the season and what it means for the team:
      “I feel like it is a week-to-week thing. We are just trying to get better. I feel like we showed that we can with the best of them. Personally, I am just trying to do my job and help this team win games.”


      On the defense as a whole:
      “I think it is just each level of the defense just playing ball. D[efensive] line was going out there and just attacking, hunting, eating. And I remember just being on the sideline - just all the DBs – just telling them how much we appreciate it. The linebackers helping them in the run game, helping us in the pass game. So just all three levels, all three phases of the game.”

      On the secondary and the turnovers they were able to force:
      “I mean we were just out there just – we prepared. We prepared a lot the whole week. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, you know guys like J-No [Josh Norman], D.J. [Swearinger] pushing us to be great. That is what we have got to do week in and week out.”

      On his first career interception and what he saw:
      “Really just watching film and knowing when he likes to hit back shoulder throws and when he likes to hit guys – kind of lead them and things like that. So really just film study, good technique and being in a good position and making the play.”

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