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    • Skins Quotes 9/11/17: Jay Gruden

      September 11, 2017

      Head Coach Jay Gruden

      On injuries:
      “We just have some bumps and bruises here and there, nothing really to announce. We will announce the injury report on Wednesday. Everybody came out pretty good.”

      On the number of rushing attempts:
      “It got away from us a little bit. We had a couple other runs called that we threw quick passes on. So have to get that cleaned up a little bit and get the running game going.”

      On if the Eagles did anything different to stop the rushing attack:
      “No, they have a good front. That is well-documented. We have a good front also. We should block better than we did. From time to time we had… I think 13 of our rushes by running backs, I think eight of them were positive, five of them were negative. That’s not a very good percentage. I think it was somewhere around there. I don’t know the exact number, but just have got to get it cleaned up. That’s not just the offensive line, you know, sometimes it’s the back, sometimes it’s the tight end. So we all have our hand in it.”

      On if he was surprised by the play of the offensive line:
      “Yeah, I was surprised. We expect great things from our offensive line. I know Coach [Bill] Callahan holds them to very high standards, as do I. They hold themselves to high standards. Unfortunately it was a combination of everybody. It wasn’t just one area. Our left tackle had a couple, our left guard had a couple, our center had a couple, our right guard had a couple, and our right tackle had a couple. It’s not like each individual played terribly. It’s just they all had mistakes or poor protection things at inopportune times. They will work at it. They will get better and they have to.”

      On his impressions of Defensive Coordinator Greg Manusky’s defense:
      “They played hard without a doubt and we expect them to. They should and they will every week. Just one glaring stat that just blinks out at you is 8-for-13 on third down. That’s something we have to get better on. We have to get better with our four-man rushes when we rush four. We have to get better with our blitzes when we blitz. We have to tackle the quarterback when we have him in the grasp. We had four sacks and we let him go. Heck of a job by Carson [Wentz]. He is a big strong kid, but still we have got to do a better job of wrapping him up when we get a chance. When he does get out of the pocket, we have got to match our receivers and play better defense.”

      On if “readiness issues” limited WR Josh Doctson’s snaps:
      “I don’t think it is ‘readiness issues.’ I think he is ready to go. I think it is something more that he has to perform and he has to play well to earn more playing time. You know, he hasn’t practiced a whole lot. Last year he didn’t practice a whole lot. This year, he has been in and out of the lineup a little bit. I think once he establishes himself as an everyday player, he is going to get the reps and he is going to prove that he is one of our top receivers. He’ll get more and more reps as the season goes on without a doubt, but he has got to earn that right like everybody does.”

      On if practice is where Doctson will earn that role:
      “Yeah, of course. Consistent. He’ll get more next week.”

      On the play of QB Kirk Cousins and the offense:
      “I am not up here to bash any individual. We know that as an offense that we have to play better. Line has to play better, tight ends have to play better, backs have to play better, our receivers have to play a lot better, our quarterback has to play better. The pick was unfortunate. A very similar thing happened against Arizona last year at the end of the game. We had pressure in his face and the ball got away from him and Patrick Peterson picked it. It was the same exact route and the same exact outcome. When you have a free hitter in your face, you have got to do a good job of drifting and trying to make a good throw. The ball just got away from him.”

      On Cousins developing chemistry with the receivers:
      “That is going to be the issue. We just have to keep practicing. That’s what we are out here for on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. We have to do a good job of getting these guys on the same page and calling plays they’re comfortable with that they can run. We have to get our tight ends more involved and Chris Thompson more involved in the passing game if we have to. For the most part, I think our receivers played pretty well. Ryan Grant played well. I think [Jamison] Crowder played hard, didn’t get as many opportunities as he normally would. But we will get it together, without a doubt. Those guys will have good chemistry sooner than later.”

      On why Doctson didn’t get any targets:
      “It wasn’t anything Josh did. It was just that, for whatever reason, the play we had called didn’t get targeted to him.”

      On what Doctson needs to do to earn more reps:
      “I need to see him out here at practice, you know, on a consistent basis. He will make plays in practice. The more plays he makes in practice, the more comfortable that Kirk will be, the more reps he is going to get and that is going to happen. It will happen. I know that will happen. Josh is a great receiver. Now it is just a matter of putting it day in and day out consistently, stacking days together one after another and then he will play plenty and get plenty of catches by the time the year is up.”

      On if TE Jordan Reed is still feeling the effects of the toe injury:
      “No, I think his toe is fine. I think he had enough time off to get it healed. He’s got the orthotics in there and I think he ran around pretty good. If anything, he might’ve just been a little rusty, just a little too quick with some of his cuts, all that stuff. He had some opportunities to make some big plays. We missed him on a couple, quite frankly. Jordan will be a big part. I think he’s healthy and feeling good, if you ask him.”

      On balancing predictability and plays that work well with Reed:
      “That’s what we battle every day in meetings. We have enough formations and ways to utilize not only Jordan on some option routes but Jamison [Crowder] and our halfback. Chris [Thompson] caught a great one for a touchdown. Just have got to keep changing it up, getting our best players the ball in optimum looks. Then when we get the optimum looks, make sure we get it to them – give them the ball and protect.”

      On if he was easing LB Junior Galette back into action:
      “Yeah, a little bit. We’ve got to ease him back to make sure he’s ready to go. I think he’s very similar to Josh [Doctson]. He’s going to earn his right and get more and more reps. I think next week you’ll see him probably get 25 reps or 30. Same thing with Josh; he’ll probably get 35 or 40 next week. Just get these guys going, make sure you don’t push the envelope too far, [too] fast. Make sure they’re ready to go, and when they are ready, we’ll let them loose.”

      On the pass rush:
      “Well, we had opportunities to get him [Carson Wentz] on the ground – we missed four sacks at least, like I mentioned – so that was good. We had a couple others, I think there was a couple instances, especially on third down, we rushed four and didn’t get much pressure, which hurt us a little bit. We’ll try to get that fixed. Overall, I think the defense did play hard. We just had some tough deals on third down.”

      On if the punt and kickoff returners are set:
      “Punt is going to be Jamison [Crowder]. That’s the first drop I’ve seen him have. Maybe he’s had another one, but he won’t drop anymore. On kick return, that’ll be ever changing, probably, but Chris Thompson and [Bashaud] Breeland. We’ll stick with them. We’ve just got to block better. We didn’t block anybody.”

      On if he’s concerned about exposing CB Bashaud Breeland on kickoffs:
      “No, I think Breeland wants it. He’s been wanting to be a kick returner for a while, so I’ll let him keep doing it. He’s done well. He’ll be OK there – we just have got to block for him.”

      On Breeland’s indecisiveness in stepping out of the end zone on one kickoff:
      “That was a tough one. We’ll fix that. He’ll fix that.”

      On the challenge of Rams Head Coach Sean McVay knowing the Redskins’ tendencies:
      “Greg [Manusky] is a little bit different than what he’s seen before, but Sean does a good job of attacking what Greg does. They have a good receiving corps – Sammy Watkins and Cooper [Kupp] and obviously a good running back in [Todd] Gurley. Tavon Austin is a good mix-it-up guy, he can play in the backfield as a running back, he can do option routes, he can do jet sweeps. They’ve got enough weapons they can hurt you. It’ll be a great challenge. We have a good idea of what he likes to do, but you just don’t know when he’s going to do it.”

      On his impressions of the reviewed fumble in the fourth quarter:
      “I couldn’t tell. I couldn’t tell. Maybe the ball was still in his hand. Sounded like it was blocked from where I was. I ran it back on the sideline copy, I couldn’t tell.”

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