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    • Burner's Burning Questions: 2017 Season Predictions

      The new season is about to begin and the Redskins are facing another tough sixteen game schedule. In the final offseason edition of BBQ for 2017, we will make a game by game prediction. All of us would love to see a 16-0 record, but let’s see if we can make some accurate prognostications. Are you ready for some football?

      September 10 – Eagles at Redskins
      The Redskins have a revamped defense and the offense has new weapons. The Eagles want to erase the memory of a five game losing streak to the Redskins and are able to do so.
      Eagles 31 Redskins 27
      Record: 0-1

      September 17 – Redskins at Rams
      The Redskins want to clean out the bad taste that the Eagles deposited the prior week. Visiting an old friend could help, but his team is not accommodating or hospitable.
      Rams 28 Redskins 24.
      Record: 0-2

      September 24 – Raiders at Redskins
      After slipping to an early season record of 0-2 the Redskins must find a way to win. The Raiders are all but punching their ticket to playoffs already.
      Raiders 38 Redskins 23
      Record: 0-3

      October 2 – Redskins at Chiefs
      The problems are mounting and now the Redskins are facing a Monday night game against an old and formidable foe – Andy Reid. It’s not pretty.
      Chiefs 48 Redskins 17
      Record: 0-4

      Finger pointing. Restless fans. Aggressive media. Front office rumblings. Angry owner. Frustrated coach. It is adding up and any talk of playoffs is nonexistent.

      October 15 – 49ers at Redskins
      The various subplots to this game seem endless. Both teams realize their seasons are on the brink and need a victory. The Redskins finally break into the win column for 2017.
      Redskins 41 49ers 7
      Record: 1-4

      October 23 – Redskins at Eagles
      Another dreaded primetime game on Monday awaits the Redskins as they look to build a winning streak. The Eagles would love to have a sweep and send the visiting team reeling.
      Eagles 27 Redskins 24
      Record: 1-5

      October 29 – Redskins at Cowboys
      The Redskins are heavy underdogs, but this rivalry rarely respects any record – except this year.
      Cowboys 44 Redskins 20
      Record: 1-6

      November 5 – Redskins at Seahawks
      The season is all but over and with the team struggling, the Redskins hope to find some success in the Northwest. It simply doesn’t happen. Colt McCoy plays for part of the third quarter and all of the fourth.
      Seahawks 49 Redskins 17
      Record: 1-7

      November 12 – Vikings at Redskins
      The Vikings are mired in a mediocre season and see a good chance to place themselves back in the playoff picture. The Redskins have a good game after two blowout losses and dash the hopes of the Nordic clan.
      Redskins 35 Vikings 21
      Record: 2-7

      November 19 – Redskins at Saints
      We have a late season contest in the Bayou as Drew Brees is playing his final weeks in a Saints uniform. The Cajun County ballers frustrate the Skins all afternoon as the Redskins realize the season is basically over.
      Saints 34 Redskins 24
      Record: 2-8

      November 23 - Giants at Redskins
      A primetime Thanksgiving game at home gives the Redskins very little time to prepare for their division rivals. It’s a somewhat spirited contest, but the visitors have a good fourth quarter.
      Giants 33 Redskins 28
      Record: 2-9

      November 30 – Redskins at Cowboys
      Fair or not, the Redskins must play their fifth game in twenty-five days and fifth in the month of November. The fatigue is obvious and the frustration is there, but the burgundy and gold actually give a spirited effort in a losing cause.
      Cowboys 37 Redskins 31
      Record: 2-10

      December 10 - Redskins at Chargers
      After a much needed break, the Redskins head to Los Angeles again and face a Chargers team fighting for a playoff spot. The hosts play poorly in the first half, but a better second half propels them to a victory.
      Chargers 30 Redskins 21
      Record: 2-11

      December 17 – Cardinals at Redskins
      The Cardinals are on the brink of missing the playoffs and desperately need a win. Both teams struggle, but the visitors are able to narrowly escape with a controversial victory.
      Cardinals 28 Redskins 27
      Record: 2-12

      December 24 – Broncos at Redskins
      It’s Christmas Eve and Redskins fans would actually like to see the team secure the first overall pick in the 2018 draft. That’s not Jay Gruden’s style, but the Redskins still find a way to lose.
      Broncos 24 Redskins 17
      Record: 2-13

      December 31 – Redskins at Giants
      Both teams meet in North Jersey to close out the season and say farewell to 2017. The Giants will miss the playoffs as the Cowboys win the division and the Eagles are able to surprise with a wildcard playoff appearance. Jay Gruden’s bunch is ready for a vacation and it shows. The Redskins will pick second overall (including each round) in the 2018 draft.
      Giants 26 Redskins 7
      Record: 2-14

      BBQ realizes that this seasonal prediction will not be popular or even seen as realistic by some. We did predict 8-8 last season and the final tally was 8-7-1. We do encourage you to post your predictions and ask that you feel free to respectfully agree or disagree with ours.

      If such a season comes to pass (and we think it could), then the Redskins front office and coaching staff will receive plenty of scrutiny. Will Jay Gruden and the coaching staff be fired or retained? What about the front office? Does Kirk Cousins receive the transition tag? Will any of the one year free agents re-sign? If you believe a better 2017 season will occur, then what is your answer for the two previous questions?

      When making such predictions, this was not a blog that BBQ enjoyed writing. It was very tough – much tougher than last year. What are your expectations for 2017? Do you see a better record? Worse? Are there any surprises coming for 2017? Let us know what you are thinking.

      This is the final entry to this offseason BBQ blog of 2017. The weekly format will return after each game during the regular season. Thanks for making the last eight months an enjoyable experience as we attempted to formulate free agent predictions, mock drafts, and final roster guesses.

      It’s time for some football!

      Hail To The Redskins!
      This article was originally published in forum thread: Burner's Burning Questions: Free Agency, The Mock Drafts, 2017 (Continual Updates) started by Burgundy Burner View original post
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