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    • Skins Quotes Post-Game vs. Bengals 8/27/17: Jay Gruden

      Jay Gruden

      On injuries:
      “Phil Taylor Sr. has a quad injury; we’ll get an MRI on it. Josh Doctson did not play. His leg was a little stiff, a little sore and Ryan Anderson; stinger, still was a little weak in his shoulder. Hopefully we’ll get him ready for Thursday.”

      On the slow start:
      “Very slow start. We didn’t really tweak a whole lot. We just stuck with our plan and we just executed a lot better. That’s usually the case. We had some good hits in the running game. Rob Kelley finally got going and the line gave him some areas to run and Kirk [Cousins] was efficient in the passing game. He had a big third-and-11 conversion there but the opening drive; we had third-and-one and we had an illegal shift, which I still don’t know what that was, but I guess we weren’t set before we set the motion. That can’t happen on third-and-one and we ended up not getting it on third-and-six, took a big sack. Then, the defense gave up a 17-play drive and they converted a third-and-17 and third-and-10 on that drive and that’s been an emphasis, but we’ve got to get off the field.”

      On his concern with continual slow starts:
      “Well, I’m a little concerned. I addressed it in the locker room over there, we’ve just got to figure out something to do – eat a different pregame meal or something, change the first 15 up. We’ll get it right. I think the guys will come out with a little bit more energy, more urgency hopefully come Philadelphia. They have to. We can’t start like that in the NFL consistently and expect to win a lot of games.”

      On where the stiffness was for WR Josh Doctson:
      “Same issue – hamstring, groin-ish. Just kind of right around that area.”

      On when he knew Doctson was not going to play:
      “Pregame warmup. He just felt a little sore. He went out and worked out pregame, so he was running but I chose to keep him out.”

      On if Doctson would have played if it were a regular season game:

      On if this team is still in search of an identity:
      “I don’t know if anybody truly has their identity set in the third preseason game. I think that’s something that’s going to be ever-changing and we’re going to try to establish that as the regular season goes on with some consistent play. That’s what it’s all about – playing consistent and starting a little bit faster obviously, but I like the way we bounced back. That’s part of pro football. We’re not going to have everything go our way the whole time. We’re going to have some adversity and how we handle it is how good we’re going to be. We throw a pick-six, we come back the next drive and take it 75 yards for a touchdown – I was impressed with that. That’s good stuff. Our identity? We’ll see. I’d like to be a physical football team on both sides of the ball, both fronts, and be able to run the ball and stop the run so we’re working towards that.”

      On the starting defense:
      “Yeah, the lengthy drive – well, the third down conversion was huge. Third-and-17, A.J. [Green] ran a great route. He kind of crossed face on Josh [Norman] and Andy [Dalton] made a great throw. That can happen from time to time. We had a third-and-11 and they just put together a good drive, hats off to them. They got off to a better start and made the plays, so we just got to figure out a way to get in the passing lane or get off the field somehow.”

      On the run game:
      “Yeah, I liked it. I liked it, we did a good job. There were a couple holding calls that I don’t like – you get a first-and-10 and feel like you’re gaining some momentum and you get a couple of holding calls that take you out of some drives but for the most part, I think we were able to do a couple different things. We tried some gap pulls and some gap runs. We did some outside zone, some inside zones and for the most part I guess we executed well.”

      On the pass protection:
      “Early on I think we had Jordan Reed on shallow cross and he progressed and went to Jamison [Crowder] and they had a five-man line, five-man pass rush with some gains. Geno [Atkins] and I think one of their rookies got a sack on Trent [Williams] or something, I don’t know. Good pass rush, they’ve got a good pass rush over there. They really do, so we got to get the ball out a little bit quicker on some of those and protect a little bit better.”

      On QB Kirk Cousins’ attempting to tackle Bengals LB Vontaze Burfict:
      “He risked his body to go make a tackle? I would hope so. It’s a competitive sport. To let a guy score a touchdown on our home field is unacceptable so I’m happy he did that. That was the right move. He should do that.”

      On the pick-six throw:
      “The throw? It was a great play by [Cincinnati LB] Vontaze [Burfict]. They played man-to-man. He worked the right side of the field. They jumped our arrow-route so he worked late, a little bit late to the flat, which you don’t want to work that late to the flat. That ball has to come out quicker. It was a great play by Vontaze, so hats off to him.”

      On the play of LB Junior Galette:
      “I don’t know. I’ll have to check it out. I saw a couple rushes that he had, looked like he got some pressure. He said he was a little tight. It was good getting him out there. I’ll have to watch film. I didn’t just watch him the whole time.”

      On if Galette will play Thursday:
      “We’re going to check it out and see how he’s doing. It probably is enough. We’ll see how he’s feeling.”

      On Bengals QB Andy Dalton:
      “I’ve always been impressed with Andy. He’s been a pro since he stepped foot in this league. Part of the reason I’m standing here is because of Andy. Out of respect for Andy, he is a great quarterback and they have a good team over there.”
      This article was originally published in forum thread: Skins Quotes Post-Game vs. Bengals 8/27/17: Jay Gruden started by Boone View original post
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