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    2015 BGO Tailgate

    • New BGO Site Features!

      New Member Tagging and Hash Tagging Functionality
      You can now tag your fellow members in a post or thread. By simply using an '@' and the member's name, such as Om and Elephant, you can automatically call another member's attention to a post or thread (or if you prefer thinking of it as a 'call out' function, that's fine too ). Once you post, the '@' symbol will no longer appear. The member will receive notification alerting them that you've tagged them and can click a link to come directly to the post they were tagged in.

      If you want to 'tag' the thread starter, just use @op: ('op' = 'original poster'), colon is required).

      You can also 'tag' a user (or multiple users) by entering their name in the 'Tag User' section at the the bottom of every thread.

      This gives you the ability to invite a specific member to respond to a post or thread any time you want.

      You will also be able to track how many times you are 'Mentioned' in your 'postbit', on your user profile, and elsewhere.

      In addition to Member Tagging functionality, you can now use #hashtags in a thread. For instance, let's say you are making a post about Joe Gibbs. Tagging the thread #joegibbs will create a future subscription for that tag. You'll see that the #joegibbs hashtag is now underlined. Clicking on that link will take you to your hashtag subscription page where your post and any future posts that contain a #joegibbs hashtag can be found. You can always access hashtag subscriptions via your 'Settings' menu. You can also control your personal settings or notifications related to tagging and hash tagging from the 'Settings' menu.


      New Thread Viewing Options
      I've installed a mod that pulls threads from every forum into a single view. In the sub-navbar you'll now see two new links.

      View All Threads - just what it sounds like, clicking on the link will bring up a list of every thread on BGO no matter what forum it was posted in, starting with the most recent. Only exception are the 'News' forum threads which I'll explain in a moment. If you see a thread and post in it, it's just as if you were in that specific forum.

      View All News - this link will bring up a list of all news feed threads no matter which news forum they were posted in. Most of these are Redskins-related, but it also pulls any news on the Wizards, Caps, Nationals, DC United, etc...

      Of course, you are free to go forum to forum or to use the sidebar 'New Forum Posts' and 'New Forum Threads' as I do. Just another way to navigate the content here.

      New 'BB Code' for Twitter Posts
      You can now use the 'BB Codes' [tweet] and [/tweet] in order to post tweets. You simply copy and paste the 18 digit tweet # (the digits at the end of the url for an individual tweet) and enclose them in the BB codes.

      For example, the url for this Rick Snider tweet is:

      If I take the digits at the end and enclose in tweet tags
      [tweet]894981665281409028[/tweet] I get the below post:

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