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    • Skins Quotes 7/28/17: Josh Norman

      July 28, 2017

      CB Josh Norman

      On what he hopes to accomplish in his second year with the team:
      ?I don?t know, I think just everybody on the same page, everybody going out there and fighting hard and working hard. I think that?s the biggest thing I?ve been stressing enough is hard work. Getting out there, whatever it may be, outwork the next man beside you, no matter who it is or what they?re doing because that right there will take you or lead you into those fourth quarter games when they get late, both of the teams are tired ? who has that extra burst or that extra energy in your backpack, bring it out and put it on the field. Those can be the wins and losses of the games so we?ve got to learn that early and that?s what we?re doing here in training camp.?

      On Defensive Backs Coach Torrian Gray:
      ?I think he will help a lot, I really do. He brings a sound technique background to what he does. His approach is pretty cool, it vibes well with the group. He?s a funny guy. I think that resonates with people when you have an energetic, funny guy. It comes off as ?OK, we can rock with this and learn some stuff.? I have been taking a few things of what he [does] and using them at our discretion, so it?s been pretty good.?

      On how much of his work in training camp is focused on the receivers he?ll face in the division:
      ?Just preparing, preparing for what?s to come. Of course, you?ve got wide receivers at all different positions ? tall, short, medium. Whatever the case may be, you have to prepare for that and we have that on our roster. I mean, you can be as tall as [Terrelle] Pryor or you can be as short as [Jamison] Crowder. You?ve got to face them, got to see them, so they have got to make you better. So, we?re going to get out here in one-on-ones and seven-on-sevens and team drills and try to get hands on these guys because they?re fast and they?re quick and that goes into play when we?re facing our opponents.?

      On if he feels he played at a Pro Bowl level last year:
      ?Of course I do. Every year I feel that way. Every year I improve. I?ve gotten better in so many ways, so many attributes, not just on the field but off the field as well ? with teammates, being a voice of reason. In that locker room, you have a whole bunch of different personalities, and being able to gel and mesh with that, and being that force that when you see, you want to see someone of standard and that?s what we bring ? that intensity, that fire that you just can?t coach. You either have it or you don?t, and when you step out on the field, that?s what you?re going to bring.

      On if he thinks the penalties impacted his Pro Bowl candidacy:
      ?It is what it is, it?s part of the game. If we was getting shot at at that time, hey, it happens. I can?t go and do anything about it now. All you have got to do is do things for the future and hope it don?t happen. If it does, it?s spilled milk. You can?t cry over it. You?ve just got to continue to play your game, be aggressive and physical. That God?s note, man. It?s physicality and that?s what we bring, and whatever the case may be, so be it.?

      On if the noise surrounding his relationship with Odell Beckham Jr. is in the past:
      ?It?s been in the past until you brought it up.?

      On if it will come back up:
      ?I don?t know, you?re the only one that asks that question [laughter]. I don?t know what?s in the past and what?s in the future until someone brings the question up.?

      On the challenges of covering taller wide receivers as opposed to shorter wide receivers:
      ?Tall guys, we?re the same. It?s just who?s going to go for the ball, who?s going to get the ball. Short guys are quicker. They move in spaces to where you?ve got to touch them, you?ve got reach out. Some things they do, it?s more so of they?re trying to set you up, where those big guys, they?re just going to try to bully you. That?s my game, I enjoy that. Short guys, they [are] crafty, so you?ve got to get crafty with them, got to use your tools. Definitely have got to use your tools with them guys. It?s a cat-and-mouse game.?

      On his ability to anticipate where quarterbacks are going with the ball and if it is a learned skill or a gift:
      ?I think it?s all God-gifted, it?s just enhancing the tools that you have. When you?re able to see things, memorize them, and then actually act upon what you memorized, I think that?s the biggest thing because you see it and think ?OK, alright, I see it but next play I?m not going to really take what I saw and actually put it on the field.? But then you see it again and you ask yourself, ?OK, alright, I saw that play before.? So I get out on the field, and then it comes to me again around the third quarter and I know it?s coming. I anticipate it so fast because I?ve seen in before in the first quarter. They come back and do it again because offenses repeat themselves so much, and then you find a beat because you watched the film study early on in the week and then a certain situation is telling me what is going to come and I trigger. I don?t even think about it. Like I said, it?s God-given and it?s enhancing over time and being in a system to where you develop those things. You start remembering routes and combinations, and that?s where you win.?

      On adjusting from Carolina?s defense in 2015 to Joe Barry?s defense in 2016 to Greg Manusky?s defense this year:
      ?It?s pretty cool to see both sides of the spectrum, I think I only saw that one time when I was at Carolina. Then coming here, we had a defensive coordinator in Joe Barry and then now, Manusky, but the thing is, he?s still in the same coaching staff as last year, he just moved up to another position. They are similar but two way-different type of schemes. I like this scheme, I enjoy this scheme. This is what we do and this is our backyard. The one before, I?m not saying it wasn?t, I enjoyed that one too. Coach Joe Barry had some great things that I really did like and I wanted to play it to the best of my abilities. This one right here, like I said, it feels like it?s in my backyard. It?s going to be a fun year.?

      On working more off the line of scrimmage:
      ?It's great. I enjoy it. Like I said, this goes right into my toolbox of what we like to do. It's definitely going to be a fun year for me. This goes back to our question earlier about route recognition and timing them, how you see things and you act upon them. I see them so fast, and being off [the line of scrimmage] as you say, I see things a lot more down the field. It becomes massive to me.?

      On if the team will use nicknames for the number of players named Josh:
      ?[Laughter] Well, I?m J-No, so I don't think it'll confuse me. I got Torrian Gray right on that one the first day because we have like five Joshes. Like, dude, come on. 'Josh, look up' and one Josh turns, Josh Evans looks up, 'No, another Josh.? Dude, just get your guys right [laughter]. So, yeah, they?ve got a couple names. J-Ho [Joshua Holsey], he?s got a name as well. There's a lot of Joshes. I've never been on a team with this many Joshes before. I mean, you?ve got an offensive Josh, so many defensive Joshes, and we have got a special teams Josh. Everybody is Joshing up this whole year [laughter]. It's going to be a Josh year.?

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