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  1. Meaningless Mock Draft 1.0

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    So, here's my official 1st Mock of the year. I've done a bunch of simulations so far on both Fanspeak and The Draft Network but this will be my official 1st mock of the 2019 draft season for Same As It Ever Was and BGObsession.
    I'm basing today's mock off a conversation I had with some Redskins fans and fellow draftniks revolving around Josh Rosen. The rumor is that the Cardinals want a 1st round pick for Rosen and no team is willing to give up said pick ...

    Today Redskins Nation had some good news and it came from the NFL (which is an extremely rare event). The NFL announced that ILB Ruben Foster will not be suspended for multiple off field incidents that occurred last year and resulted in Foster being cut by the 49ers and winding up on the Commissioner's Exempt List. Foster will be fined two game checks for violating the NFL's personal conduct policy for various arrests revolving around two domestic violence charges. Both charges were eventually dropped. ...
  3. Your 2019 Draft Class As of 3/10/19

    Three weeks ago the NFL released its list of 32 Compensatory Picks to be dealt out during the 2019 draft. The Redskins were awarded a total of 4 compensatory picks (the max allowed per team per year) which was one more than was expected from Over The Cap's Compensatory Pick Projection. So, today I'm going to take a look at the Redskins full compliment of draft picks, what the Redskins have done with said picks so far and ...

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  4. Embracing a burgundy and gold obsession of 40+ years.
    My off-beat look at the trials, tribulations, and triumphs
    inherent in the world of a lifelong Redskins fan.

    Mr. Snyder - Your Rude Awakening is STILL Calling ...

    Below is a blog I wrote on another website - 13 years ago. Sadly, it remains timely...

    I've been a Daniel Snyder supporter/apologist for a long time. In actuality, I'd characterize it less as support than grudging belief that ultimately his heart and money were in the right place. In other words, not believing Snyder was Satan incarnate = support. I based my support on a couple of things:

    Snyder was a lifelong Redskins fan. I knew about his Pat Fischer crush, ...
  5. Previews and Predictions: Washington Redskins at New Orleans Saints

    Most Redskins fans were expecting/hoping for a 2-1 record when the week four BYE came and they got their wish, but not exactly the way they wanted it. The Redskins lost at home to an average/mediocre Colts team yet beat a weakened but still extremely dangerous Packers team in week three. So again it's hard to tell who or what this Redskins team is through three games. Are they the dominating team that runs ball down your throat and dominates opposing offensive lines with their defense? Or are they ...
  6. Updates and An Early Look at the Redskins 2019 Draft

    Quick Writer's Note: Apologies for the lack of post for the past two weeks. A combination of hectic work schedule, some life issues and some technical issues made me take a brief hiatus. My goal is to try and do two posts a week during the season. That said I plan to do a bunch of my BYE week catch up this weekend, starting with this article.

    An Early Look At The Redskins 2019 Draft

    Many would tell me that this is way too early and why would I write an article like ...
  7. Previews and Predictions: Indianapolis Colts vs. Washington Redskins

    After starting the season on the road, the Redskins come home to face the Colts. It won't be easy as Andrew Luck has returned and will be a significant challenge to a young and inexperienced secondary and a defensive line who will now have to deal with a much more mobile and accurate quarterback than Sam Bradford. The big question is will the team be ready? The question of "will the team come out unprepared and flat?" will continue to dog Jay Gruden and his staff until the Redskins continue ...
  8. Final Thoughts on the Redskins Victory over the Cardinals

    I grew up watching the Joe Gibbs 1.0 Redskins. So my philosophy on how to win at football has been quite simple. Win in the trenches. That means that you win with your big offensive and defensive linemen. Of course, in the modern NFL, it helps that these big guys are also athletic. What I watched last Sunday felt like watching old school Joe Gibbs football with some modern west coast style techniques combined with some classic (would retro fit here?) run pass option schemes that have become all ...
  9. Previews and Predictions: Washington Redskins at Arizona Cardinals

    This is my first attempt at giving a preview of an upcoming game.

    So the Redskins start the season on the road vs. the Cardinals. This is the type of game that as a Redskins fan you actually want to see. While the team is on the road, they are facing a team that fully admits that they are in a rebuild mode. They face a non-mobile quarterback in Sam Bradford whom they've had some success against. They also are playing in a stadium that should have a favorable amount of Redskins fans ...

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  10. Burner’s Burning Questions: Grades, Evals, Questions, Regular Season, 2018

    Greetings to everyone here and greetings to all of our friends on social media. We hope you become a member of the family here.

    The new season is about to begin and the Redskins are facing another tough sixteen game schedule. In the first in-season entry to our new in-season blog for 2018, we will make a game by game prediction.

    In this new format, BBQ will continue to post grades, evaluations, and questions each week during the season. This new format will be far ...
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