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  1. Preseason Game #2 Who I'm Watching

    Originally, this was going to be a longer blog about some other player stuff that I haven't gotten around to giving my opinion, but now this will be about tonight's game since there's more players I plan on watching than I originally predicted.

    Here's the list.


    Alex Smith - I just want to see him throw a couple of passes in the Burgundy and Gold and see how he looks.

    At this point, with Guice done and Thompson probably not playing, ...
  2. F***!!!!!!! ..........And The Silver Lining

    I finished the Redskins @ Patriots game with a generally good feeling.
    The Redskins dominated the 1st half of the game and led 17-3 to the AFC Champion Patriots.

    Now I know what you're thinking: "But Ghost, it's just a preseason game with mostly backups starting.....so who cares."

    Well, think about this for a moment. Only a few years ago, going back to Gruden year one or year two (2014-2015), most likely the Redskins 1st team unit would have been demolished ...
  3. The 53 Man Roster Prediction Thread 1.0

    You asked for it, so here it is. My 1st look at what could be the final 53 man roster. I hope to do at least two more of these as we get through the preseason games. The reason is simple: We have seen way too many players shine in camp or practice and yet fail to do so in REAL game situations. I think we will see some players emerge when the pads come on under the bright lights as well we may see a couple of players falter.

    So expect 2.0 to come out after week 2 of the preseason and ...

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  4. The Semi-Early Season Prediction Thread

    A quick shout out of congratulations to the Capitals for bringing Lord Stanley's cup to DC for the 1st time ever. Also to Bryce Harper for winning the Home Run Derby at the All-Star Game, which was also a blast to see being held at Nationals Park.

    Also, life has again gotten in the way of my hobby of blogging about the Redskins. Nothing serious, just some high stress at the real job for the past month. I hope to catch up on the supplemental draft and some other stuff as time permits ...

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  5. 2018 Draft Evaluations (Throw Out Your Grades)

    So, if you don't feel like reading a long article on the draft, here's a quick summary via anecdote:
    I had to call my former employers the other day for some information and wound up talking to a former co-worker who follows the 'Skins. He asked me what I thought of the draft (back then I was doing the Redskins media/blogging thing for my own site IIWII and Son of Washington) and I told him "They knocked it out of the Park!"

    I'm not going to do a standard draft evaluation ...

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  6. Pre-Draft Scouting Report on Kevin Hogan

    Before you read this post, you may want to check out Redskins Recon's Post-Mortem on Kevin Hogan

    It's not pretty.

    Anyway, I'm going to briefly look at Hogan's pre-draft evaluation from Pro Scouting Guide Ourlads.
    Ourlads is run by former NFL scout Dan Shonka.
    Apparently many of the teams have copies of the annual guide with them at the draft.

    Name:  guide-draft-2011.jpg
Views: 115
Size:  42.2 KB
    (Here the Patriots are using the guide in 2011)

    Anyway, ...

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  7. Keep your friends close. And your enemies closer.


    Redskins Recon: Hogan's Heroes?

    The Redskins made an unexpected play for a young QB yesterday, but not via the NFL draft as expected – instead, swapping 2018 6th round picks with the Cleveland Browns to acquire 3rd year former Stanford standout Kevin Hogan.

    Skins fans either cheering or booing the move, in truth, couldn’t pick Hogan out of a lineup with a gun held to their head.

    So what to make of young Mr. Hogan?

    Cut by the Kansas City Chiefs who used a 5th rounder to draft him ...

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  8. The True Value of Su'a Cravens via The Trade Value Chart

    So, want to know how much Su'a Cravens is really worth to his new team in terms of value?

    Oh sure, we know what the trade was that went down.

    Washington gets: Denver's 4th (109), 5th (142) and 5th (163) and a conditional 2020 6th rd. pick (???)
    Denver gets: Washington's 4th (113), 5th (149) and Su'a Cravens (???)

    But what does that mean value-wise when we're talking ...

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  9. Free Agency, Mock Drafts, Camps, Roster Predictions, 2018

    Greetings to everyone in BGO land. The offseason is nearly here and today begins a process of looking at pending Free Agents, Mock Drafts, OTAs, Mini Camps, Training Camp, Roster Predictions, and any significant offseason news. Today we are posting key dates to know during this offseason. Next Tuesday, we will post the first look at free agency. Next Friday is the first offseason mock of 2018.

    We consulted with the BBQ lawyers and they advised us to post the first offseason update ...
  10. Blognostications - 2017 Week 14 - Redskins @ Chargers

    Blognosticator - Burgundy Burner

    Hello once again. I am back to do another blognostication. A reminder from that first blognostication: “As many of you know, I was not too kind to the Redskins in the BBQ seasonal predictions. The prognostication called for a 2-14 record, but that win total prediction was bested after the San Francisco game. Perhaps that was a bit too rough, but I looked at a brutal schedule in the middle of the season and now that particular time is here. ...

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