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  1. After a year hiatus from his former blog It Is What It Is.....Another Redskins Blog, The Burgundy Ghost has come out of retirement to write about one of his deepest passions; his Love/Hate relationship as a fan of the Washington Redskins. So stop by, grab a home brew or whatever you brought with you and let's see what the Ghost has to say about DC's Burgundy and Gold.

    2018 Draft Evaluations (Throw Out Your Grades)

    So, if you don't feel like reading a long article on the draft, here's a quick summary via anecdote:
    I had to call my former employers the other day for some information and wound up talking to a former co-worker who follows the 'Skins. He asked me what I thought of the draft (back then I was doing the Redskins media/blogging thing for my own site IIWII and Son of Washington) and I told him "They knocked it out of the Park!"

    I'm not going to do a standard draft evaluation ...

    Updated 05-07-18 at 12:29 AM by The Burgundy Ghost