A Burgundy and Gold Obsession
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  1. The musings and ramblings of a Loyal 'Skins Fan.


    What will follow here over the coming hours, days, months or years......will either enlighten, bore, humor, enrage or intrigue you.

    If I get one of the five I'll be happy.

    Tune in.....


  2. Embracing a burgundy and gold obsession of 40+ years.
    My off-beat look at the trials, tribulations, and triumphs
    inherent in the world of a lifelong Redskins fan.

    The Pressure Cooker

    It doesn't get any more intense. 2nd year NFL coach. Wildly unrealistic fan expectations. Historic winning tradition. Petulant Tom Cruise-loving egomaniac owner at the helm.


    Jim Zorn - see ya, wouldn't wanna be ya.....

    2008 must have felt like a dream for Zorn. His head still swimming from a frantic and unexpected courtship culminating in his first head coaching gig, Zorn’s opportunistic Redskins floated ethereally and effortlessly to a 4-1, ...

  3. The rants and ravings of Aston Gambino

    The Redskins Are A Drug, And I'm Not Ready To Quit

    Back in early February, I found myself sitting on a friend's couch, cold beer in one hand, small paper plate of chicken wings in the other. I was joined by about 10 or 12 other similarly armed friends, all of us circling around the giant big screen TV, staring with anxious anticipation as we awaited the kickoff to Super Bowl 43.

    As I watched what would be the last opening kickoff for the next 7 long months, a less-than-hardcore fan of the sport sitting next to me innocently asked ...

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  4. My take on anything and everything Burgundy and Gold
    while living in the heart of the wilderness. I am a fan, nothing more or less.

    Too Late

    “It ain’t too late!”

    It was a clear, bright Saturday morning, and like the wails of a religious zealot entreating the doomed masses the words rang out across the parking lot, somewhere between Academy Sports and Home Depot. I was on foot, waiting to cross an access road there in the lot, and I had to look around – first to figure out who was being spoken to, and then to figure out who had done the speaking.

    Not the easiest task as I’m not always the sharpest knife ...

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    Life In Dallas
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