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  1. Embracing a burgundy and gold obsession of 40+ years.
    My off-beat look at the trials, tribulations, and triumphs
    inherent in the world of a lifelong Redskins fan.

    The Perfect Storm

    Last night’s no show on national TV against a hated rival was a particularly rough one to watch.

    The seas were angry last night my friends. The waves were 50 feet high, our little boat showed it was full of holes, not up to the beating of the harsh and unforgiving waters. And in the end, even George Clooney died.

    Contrary to popular belief, the current Redskins almost never go out and flat out suck or lay an egg. They fight, they compete, and more often than not are ...

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  2. Blognostications - 2017 Week 13 - Redskins @ Cowboys

    Blognosticator - Om

    Redskins vs Cowboys. Thursday Night Football.

    Injuries and precarious placement standings aside, it’s still a big deal when these teams meet. At least it is to Redskins fans. So, given the opportunity to blog this thing, seems like some “analysis” is in order.

    Rather than solemnly run through a dozen or more angles, I’m going to winnow it down to these few. Because, well, they’re the ones I kept coming back to this week. ...
  3. Blognostications - 2017 Week 12 - Giants @ Redskins

    Blognosticator - Miles Monroe

    Howdy folks. As I sit here suckin up the FL sunshine, and watching my team take devastating blows each game, it’s not tough to figure out this upcoming game after such a loss to the Saints. We had them by the short hairs, and a third and one call for an off tackle run cost us the game. Gruden showed lots of balls with a couple of plays, so why off tackle instead a keeper or just straight up the gut has me baffled? Fourth and 6, and you go for it, but ...

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  4. My take on anything and everything Burgundy and Gold
    while living in the heart of the wilderness. I am a fan, nothing more or less.

    Behind Enemy Lines - Dear Jay

    Dear Jay,

    You don’t know me, at least not personally but I guess you could say you know me because I am a Redskins fan and as such, you know a lot of us. Yes, I just used your first name like we are buds, although trust me, right now we are definitely not buds. You see, I’m not buds with thieves and less you think that isn’t possible let me explain that you have taken years off my life and stolen my hope. And faith. And trust.

    Stop! Don’t put this letter down ...
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  5. Blognostications 2017 - Week 11 - Redskins @ Saints

    Blognosticator - LoyalSkinsFan

    “Oh, when the Saints…..”

    Oh hell, you get the idea.

    Well, folks…..the Redskins are traveling to New Orleans to take on the Saints this Sunday. Then, they shoot on back to DC to face the Giants on Thanksgiving Day. Gonna be a quick turn for them next week, but we can’t get ahead of ourselves, can we? Truth is, if we want to have any real shot at getting into the playoffs this season, this weekend’s game is ...
  6. Blognostications 2017 - Week 10 - Vikings @ Redskins

    Blognosticator - Knightingale

    Being a Redskin fan in 2017 is an odd experience, unlike any other year I’ve followed the team.

    There are two Washington Redskins teams this year.

    The team we are, and the team we were meant to be. The pendulum has been swinging between those two all season. From Playoff Contenders to Number One Draft Pick Hopefuls.

    Now it’s true that you could say that about any year, there’s always a bunch of What-Ifs ...

  7. Keep your friends close. And your enemies closer.


    Redskins Recon 2017: Week 10 vs. Minnesota Vikings

    This week’s Recon comes on the heels of an improbable and near-miraculous come from behind win in Seattle. The win puts the Burgundy and Gold at a still relevant 4-4 and infuses some much needed energy and promise into the injury-riddled 2017 season. The Redskins can ill afford to spend much time basking in the glow of one of the most memorable wins of the past decade though. Not only are the 6-2 Vikings coming to town on Sunday, but the Redskins must also face the 6-2 NFC South leading Saints ...
  8. Blognostications - 2017 Week 9 - Redskins @ Seahawks

    Due to a mix up on the part of the Blognostications staff, we have a special, dual Blognostication this week featuring pieces by member (and Seattle resident) Johnssbass and staff member LoyalSkinsFan. Hope you enjoy these somewhat differing view points.

    Blognosticator - JohnssBass

    Preface: Thanx for the opportunity, Neo!

    What about dem ‘Hawks and how’d they get to 5-2?

    3 of those wins were Indy, NY Gnats & the 49er’s. Those teams ...

  9. Keep your friends close. And your enemies closer.


    Redskins Recon 2017: Week 8 vs. Dallas

    Keep your friends close. And your enemies closer.

    It can’t be denied – 6 games into the 2017 season for our beloved Burgundy and Gold, and their backs are against the wall already. This 2017 Redskins squad has shown toughness, a greater commitment to the run game, and a vastly improved defense. But the loss of Desean Jackson and Pierre Garcon has proven more impactful than this author predicted, and that combined with ...
  10. Blognostications 2017 - Week 8 - Cowboys @ Redskins

    Blognosticator - Burgundy Burner

    As many of you know, I was not too kind to the Redskins in the BBQ seasonal predictions. The prognostication called for a 2-14 record, but that win total prediction was bested after the San Francisco game. Perhaps that was a bit too rough, but I looked at a brutal schedule in the middle of the season and now that particular time is here. The Redskins had the injury bug surface in recent weeks and was exacerbated on Monday night against the Eagles. ...
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