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Burner's Burning Questions

  1. Burner's Burning Questions - Week Four

    Can you believe that we will be one-fourth of the way through the 2010 season after Sunday's game? My, how time flies. On to the questions for this week.

    1. You are late in posting these questions (and answers) this week. What gives?

    Answer: I was without power for nearly nine hours today. Please forgive. Now, can we get to the football questions?

    2. Oh, sure. Ok. Last week was a real downer. Is it too early to start thinking of free agency ...
  2. Burner's Burning Questions - Week Three

    We were hoping for another victory last week and with the struggling Rams on deck, the prospects for going 3-0 were good indeed. Then suddenly, the Texans rallied from seventeen points behind and our beloved Redskins left many questions on the table as we look forward to Sunday's game. So let those questions roll.

    1. Trent Williams could be out for this Sunday's game. Do we move Jammal Brown from the right and play him at left tackle?

    The quick answer from the experts ...
  3. Burner's Burning Questions - Week One and Week Two

    Week one is in the books and Redskins fans are happy with the outcome of the first game, but many of the faithful have a number of questions. Let's see what is being asked this week.

    1. Donovan McNabb had an unspectacular first game. Is this the kind of play that we can expect from our franchise quarterback?

    The simple and quick answer is "yes" and "no". McNabb played error-free football in game one and never played outside of his abilities. ...
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