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The rants and ravings of Aston Gambino

  1. The rants and ravings of Aston Gambino

    The New Perception Of Value

    This time of year, as the shattered pieces of broken NFL dreams are pieced back together in hope of building (or rebuilding) a Super Bowl-bound franchise, front offices are forced to make some of the toughest decisions of their careers - who to hire, who to fire, who to acquire, and who to simply admire.

    Decisions concerning free agency, renewing contracts, offering tenders, proposing trades, and of course, ...

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  2. The rants and ravings of Aston Gambino

    Analysis of Shanahan's Draft Tendencies in Denver

    The Redskins faithful enter this 2010 offseason with more questions than answers. How will the player's react to all these new coaches? Will we able able to transition to the 3-4 effectively? Is Chris Samuels going to retire? What will be the fate of Jason Campbell? How will we approach free agency with the possibility of an uncapped year looming? Has Clinton's time run out in D.C.?

    Perhaps the most compelling question, if not the most important, is what will new head coach ...

  3. The rants and ravings of Aston Gambino

    Let Us Not Forget

    These days, it's getting harder to stay interested in this Redskins team, much less upbeat and positive.

    In 9 games, we've managed to win only 3, two of which came against teams currently tied for the worst record in the entire NFL, and the other looked to be heading toward a blowout loss until the opposing quarterback got knocked out of the game. Chris Samuels, the best offensive lineman on an otherwise sub-par unit, is done for the year and probably his career. Portis is out. ...

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  4. The rants and ravings of Aston Gambino

    Unanswered Prayers

    Earlier this week while reading about a six-year old boy who flew away in his father's homemade helium ship on Cnn.com, I was lucky to read at least one headline that didn't make me convinced the apocalypse was upon us - Garth Brooks was coming out of retirement.

    Now, those that know me will attest to the fact that I'm not a big Garth fan. Don't listen ...

  5. The rants and ravings of Aston Gambino

    Red Zone offense through Week 2

    First and foremost, a win's a win, and I'll take 'em ugly all year long.

    But this red zone offensive funk needs to end pretty quickly or we're going to end up on the back of a Trivial Pursuit card for being that team Detriot beat.

    Although every red zone snap is it's own unique scenario and has it's own mini-battles that are won and lost, I decided to look at the red zone offense after two weeks, ...

  6. The rants and ravings of Aston Gambino

    Campbell in the Shotgun

    Going into Week 1, Jason Campbell was under a lot of pressure. His excuses were running out, as was his contract, so we as a fan base were eager to see him finally step up and be the franchise quarterback that we all hope he can be. Unfortunately, the result was same uninspiring, average, awkward performance we've grown to expect from Campbell.

    His stat line wasn't too bad (19/26 for 211 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT), and actually much better than it was last year in this same scenario. ...

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  7. The rants and ravings of Aston Gambino

    'Twas The Night Before Training Camp

    'Twas the night before training camp, when all through the land,
    Not a player was clubbing, except maybe PacMan;

    The helmets were hung in the clubhouse with care,
    In hopes that the season soon would be there;

    The players were nestled all snug in their beds,
    While visions of Lombardi danced in their heads;

    And coach and his flattop, all gelled up and damp,
    Had better hunker down for a long summer's camp;

    And out ...

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  8. The rants and ravings of Aston Gambino

    The Redskins Are A Drug, And I'm Not Ready To Quit

    Back in early February, I found myself sitting on a friend's couch, cold beer in one hand, small paper plate of chicken wings in the other. I was joined by about 10 or 12 other similarly armed friends, all of us circling around the giant big screen TV, staring with anxious anticipation as we awaited the kickoff to Super Bowl 43.

    As I watched what would be the last opening kickoff for the next 7 long months, a less-than-hardcore fan of the sport sitting next to me innocently asked ...

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