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  1. 2017 Week 2 - Redskins @ Rams

    Blognosticator - Neophyte



    Those are Jay Gruden’s numbers on opening day as HC of our beloved Redskins. Four losses, outscored better than 2 to 1 over the last 4 years. I don't have to tell you those are not great numbers.

    I’ll give him a pass on year one when he had to start Griffin even though at that point he likely knew there was no way Robert was ever going to be an NFL caliber drop back pocket passer. We will call it ...
  2. 2017 Week 1 - Eagles at Redskins

    Blognosticator - Shi no Tenshi (2016 Champion)

    It’s been quite the offseason for the Redskins this year. We had the joy of drafting the D line we always wanted in the 1st round of the draft, while losing our top 2 receivers. The GM that was supposed to get us the “football players” we need to dominate was ousted, with the reasons being varied all along the spectrum, from it being a hostile ...

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  3. 2016 Week 17 - Giants @ Redskins

    Blognosticator - Miles Monroe

    So, as I sit here, a scene from a Little Rascals episode comes to mind the carrot dangling from a string urging a horse on. Thats our Redskins, and our carrot is a wild card spot. With Dallas putting the screws to Detroit, win and were in and no, dont bring up a tie between Green Bay and Detroit, its not happening. Ive been seeing a mixed bag of opinion around the net. Why sneak in only to be a speed bump for another team. Of course, theres ...
  4. 2016 Week 16 - Redskins @ Bears

    Blognosticator - Goaldeje

    Chicago Blognostication

    Full disclosure: I havent been as mad during and after a football game as I was Monday Night. That was atrocious. Terrible Horrible. I actually went to Thesaurus.com to find more synonyms: ghastly, abhorrent, heinous, apalling, dreadful. You get the idea. The playcalling was horrendous, the team was lethargic at best and the entire experience was inexcusable.

    So. On to Chicago. Yay.
  5. 2016 Week 15 - Panthers @ Redskins

    Blognosticator - Knightingale


    Ive got to pick a winner. One of these teams.

    Redskins or Panthers? Panthers or Redskins?

    Ill come to the Panthers in a moment, but first let me set the stage for my thoughts and feelings.

    This years Redskins are the most damnably infuriating team I can remember us fielding in a long time.

    Looking back over recent times weve always kind of known what weve ...
  6. 2016 Week 14 - Redskins @ Eagles

    Blognosticator - JohnssBass

    Phat Rob Phlattens Phrickn Philly

    Thats the headline that we should be reading come Monday morning or words to that effect. Back in week 6, Redskins put up 230 yards rushing against a 3-1 eGals team with a defense that was still pretty good against the run after only giving up one 100-yard game in the first four. The Skins rushed for more yards than anyone else has against Philly this season which was 40 better than second best Dallas. ...
  7. 2016 Week 13 - Redskins @ Cardinals

    Blognosticator - Win4us

    All in the Cards
    Time to earn respect! okay, even though losing to the turds on thanksgiving last week leaves a taste in our collective mouths equal to licking a dairy cows ass, its time to move on! What better way to move on then playing our one time NFC east foe in sunny Arizona.

    Im not one to really dwell on nostalgia too much but playing the cards when they were in the NFC East usually made for some good games. It seems forever ...
  8. 2016 Week 12 - Redskins @ Cowboys

    Blognosticator - Neophyte

    Dallas Week.

    The very phrase conjures up images of Riggins, Hollywood Henderson, George Allen, Danny White, Dave Butz, Clint Longley, Darryl Grant, flex defenses, Hogs, Tom Landry, Santana Moss, Dorsett getting caught by Darrell on Monday night, and bouncing stands at RFK faster than you can rub any genies lamp.

    Anyone associated with the Skins knows this is important but honestly, it hasnt meant a whole lot for some time due ...

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  9. 2016 Week 11 - Packers @ Redskins

    Blognosticator - Om

    Blognostication 2016 Redskins vs Packers

    The Redskins notched a significant win last week against the Minnesota Vikings. The significance was not so much about beating the suddenly downward-trending Vikings, it was about the Redskins rising to the occasion and taking care of businesswhich is not something they have done with any degree of consistency over the past quarter-century.

    What did the Redskins accomplish? They beat another team ...

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  10. 2016 Week 10 - Vikings @ Redskins

    Blognosticator - Fear the Spear

    We are now essentially looking at halftime of the season. Not only are we at the mid-point of our 16 games, but fittingly and fortunately for the Skins, they get their bye week exactly at the season mid-point, making this essentially a halftime for the season, in which they can figuratively return to their locker-room and regroup, make adjustments, and recover from their wounds.

    From the outset of the bye, though, things didn't ...
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