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  1. 2016 Week 11 - Packers @ Redskins

    Blognosticator - Om

    Blognostication 2016 – Redskins vs Packers

    The Redskins notched a significant win last week against the Minnesota Vikings. The significance was not so much about beating the suddenly downward-trending Vikings, it was about the Redskins rising to the occasion and taking care of business—which is not something they have done with any degree of consistency over the past quarter-century.

    What did the Redskins accomplish? They beat another team ...

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  2. 2016 Week 10 - Vikings @ Redskins

    Blognosticator - Fear the Spear

    We are now essentially looking at “halftime” of the season. Not only are we at the mid-point of our 16 games, but fittingly and fortunately for the Skins, they get their bye week exactly at the season mid-point, making this essentially a halftime for the season, in which they can figuratively return to their locker-room and regroup, make adjustments, and recover from their wounds.

    From the outset of the bye, though, things didn't ...
  3. 2016 Week 8 - Redskins @ Bengals (London)

    Blognosticator - SkinnedAussie

    Week 8 - Redskins v Bengals @ Wembley Stadium, London.

    If anyone was to say that the game is between two teams with a winning record, you would never guess this game is a Redskins v Bengals clash. Washington is coming off a close loss whereas Cincinnati beat Cleveland.

    Hopefully I'll get to see this game live, and if I do, I'll look at doing a follow up to see how wrong (or right) I was. I can't check at the moment as our ...
  4. 2016 Week 7 - Redskins @ Lions

    Blognosticator - DocSandy

    Blognostication – October 23—Detroit Lions/Ford Field

    Well, bear with me in my first attempt at blognostication. The Redskins are traveling to Ford Field to take on the 3-3 Detroit Lions. We are coming off a 4-game winning streak and the Lions a 2-game winning streak.

    This past game with Philadelphia showed that just PERHAPS our coaching staff is learning the fine art of balanced attack. With 34 Pass attempts, for 263 yards ...
  5. 2016 Week 6 - Eagles @ Redskins

    Blognosticator - Kel Varnsen

    What is it about seeing your favorite football team win a game that makes Monday feel so good? I’ve wondered that for many years and I still can’t figure it out. No matter what it is, there is no denying that Redskins fans have enjoyed the last three Mondays. After five games, I still can’t figure out how good this team really is. I’m not sure if the players on the team know either. On one hand, they are one bad interception from being 4-1 and in first ...
  6. 2016 Week 5 - Redskins @ Ravens

    Blognosticator - Shi no Tenshi

    Well, we’re a quarter of the way through the season. It’s been an interesting month, with us ending up with about the record most predicted at the beginning of the season, but for some reason nothing feels settled. Even at 2-2, we aren’t quite sure yet what our team is going to be. Some are high on the positives, while others are focused on all the things done wrong. Both viewpoints have been pretty accurate.

    Our team is actually doing ...
  7. 2016 Week 4 - Browns @ Redskins

    Blognosticator - Henry

    Thank you, Washington Redskins, for beating That Team in Blue. I was not looking forward to the idea of doing this entry on the heels of a three-game losing streak. I don't really like writing about the team when they lose all the time, and, frankly, who likes reading about them? So for all our sakes, thanks Redskins.

    I'd hate to be 0-3 with Cleveland on deck. We don't want them to think they can beat us. Honestly, Cleveland's biggest problem ...
  8. 2016 Week 3 - Redskins @ Giants

    Blognosticator - McD5


    In 2013, Peyton Manning threw for an incredible 5,477 yards. In doing so, he broke the all-time NFL record for the most passing yards in a single season.

    5,544 yards. After two games, that's the pace that Kirk Cousins is on this very season.

    Hard to believe, right?

    Ask just about any Skins fan, and they'll quickly give you a hot take on how badly Kirk Cousins has played this season. ...
  9. 2016 Week 2 - Cowboys @ Redskins

    Blognosticator - Om

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    It’s the Wednesday after, and the post-mortems on the Redskins season-opening woodshed job at the hands of the Pittsburgh have been plentiful and thorough.

    The micro angles have all been covered:

    On offense, Kirk Cousins looked average. The running game went nowhere. Newcomers parsed all summer—RB Rob Kelley, WR Josh Docston, LB Sua Cravens—were non-factors. Good drives and scoring opportunities resulted ...

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  10. 2016 Week 1 - Steelers @ Redskins

    Blognosticatior - Neophyte

    So here we are…on the eve of the kickoff to the 2016 season and there is an air of excitement about all things Burgundy and Gold. I see a wide ranging list of predictions for this team in year 2 of McLovin and year 3 of Gruden, everything from the bottom of the division to a Super Bowl appearance and it all starts Monday Night, in primetime, against the Steelers.

    Before I go any further I have an admission. I have not seen a single down of ...
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