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  1. Week 5 - Green Bay Packers

    Blognosticator - SkinsOrlando

    The first 4 weeks of the season have now passed by which has already presented a range of emotions spanning the width of The Grand Canyon.

    Immediate satisfaction, adoration and triumph in week one was quickly followed by heartbreak and disbelief in week two. Week three saw the rise of the evil monster known as depression along with its twin disappointment as the Redskins again failed to show life against a rebuilding team. In ...

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  2. Week 4 - @ Philadelphia Eagles

    Blognosticator - Blondie

    A blonde Hispanic reporter walks into the locker room of this BGO organization. No, she is not the reporter from Mexico. This one has a Texas accent. She is here to talk about her beloved Washington Redskins. She has a lot to say to the men in this locker room. First, she is thankful to the BGO organization for giving her this opportunity. Second, she is a bold blonde.and wont divert her eyes. She wont be deterred by Clinton or his package comments. No, ...
  3. Week 3 - @ St. Louis Rams

    Blognosticator - honorary_hog

    Welcome, ladies and gents. I'm HH, and I'm honored to be your humble Blognosticator for Week 3 of our beloved Washington Redskins' season, aka the "Silencing of the Rams."

    Though we've just embarked on this 16-week NFL journey, it's already been quite a ride. We've run the gamut of emotions. We've felt the ecstasy of holding on to beat our most loathed rival. We've felt the agony of letting a good team up off the deck; and letting one ...
  4. Week 2 - Houston Texans

    Blognosticator - Henry

    Hello BGO and welcome to Wild and Wooly Week Two in Washington! First of all, Id like to thank the staff here for trusting me with submitting the first non-staff entry. It is truly an honor and a privilege. Secondly, Id like to beat the staff over the collective head with the boogily stick for making me do the first entry.

    Week two? Against the Texans? Really guys? If this were figure skating Id be crying so hard my mascara would be running ...

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  5. Week 1 - Dallas Cowboys

    Blognosticator - Neophyte

    Welcome to the beginning of something we hope will become a feature you will look forward to every week during the regular season. As we are committed to the idea of making BGO a place driven by, and all about, member contributed content, we are launching a new member blog called Blognostications. It will be written by a different, staff selected, member each week and will feature that members take on the upcoming Redskins game, complete with his or her specific ...

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