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  1. Week 16 - @ Jacksonville Jaguars

    Blognosticator - Elephant

    Growing up in the 70’s and 80’s I was accustomed to the final game or 2 of the season being a playoff type atmosphere for Redskins fans. If we had not earned a playoff spot by then, we were usually in the hunt. Of course, there were fewer playoff spots so the final week or so of the season there seemed to be a little more urgency to fill them. I know there is still a sense of urgency in today’s NFL when the regular season dwindles down, but not as much as ...
  2. Week 15 - @ Dallas Cowboys

    Blognosticator - Jimbo

    I HATE THE DALLAS COWBOYS! How did the obvious come about for me? In 1965, my Mom bought my Dad a pair of Redskins season tickets for his 50th birthday. In 1966 they added a third seat. Location: Section 211, Row 11, Seats 3-5. We had those same seats until the Skins left the friendly confines of RFK Stadium and moved into what is now FedEx Field.

    I can remember looking at the old game programs my Dad would bring home from the games and ...
  3. Week 14 - Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    Blognosticator - Burgundy Burner

    In September, the humble blognosticator for this week was asked to submit an entry for week fourteen and yours truly considered it an honor to be a part of what has become an incredible display of talent at BGO. I didn't mark a calendar or count the days until this week arrived, but I was genuinely excited to have such a unique opportunity. Suddenly, on Friday, I went from feeling well to having a bad cold. It's the kind of cold that is attacking ...
  4. Week 13 - @ NY Giants

    Blognosticator - Anne the Fan

    If you’re like me, you spend a good part of your Wednesday evenings checking out BGO to see who the resident prognosticator is for the week. So I imagine that more than a few of you clicked on this week’s installment of Blognostications and thought “by Anne the … wait, what? Who?” Some of you may remember me from “that other board” as an infrequent poster who occasionally emerged from the shadows to insult fans of other teams – the message board equivalent ...

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  5. Week 12 - Minnesota Vikings

    Blognosticator - LoyalSkinsFan

    “Just don’t have a heart attack.”

    Six words spoken to me yesterday by my mother prior to the game against the Titans.

    I was born in September of 1963. Best I can tell, since then, there have been 192 preseason games played…..727 regular season games played……and 33 postseason games played. Subtract from that total about five years worth of games that, realistically, I probably didn’t watch or listen to due to infancy and ...
  6. Week 11 - @ Tennessee Titans

    Blognosticator - servumtuum

    I had a general idea of what I was going to write until Monday night.

    I decided to come up with something else.

    How to beat the Titans or, more accurately, how to make them lose.

    The Titans have weaknesses in their game that make them vulnerable to losing-four teams have done it and they have some things in common in their wins.

    I going with generalities first and then more specific factors. ...
  7. Week 10 - Philadelphia Eagles

    Blognosticator - Lanky Livingston

    Hello BGO! I just flew in from Houston, and boy are my arms tired! … :tap tap: Is this thing on? Tough crowd. :ducks a battery: HEY! Who let Philly fans in here?

    Eagles versus the Redskins on Monday Night Football, does it get any better than this? We started our prime-time tour of the NFC-East with a Sunday Night victory over the Cowboys and outside of Dallas, Philadelphia is the clear public enemy numero uno in the District. Why ...

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  8. Week 8 - @ Detroit Lions

    Blognosticator - Yusuf06

    Detroit Lions, Halloween Trick…Or Treat?
    In years past, the Lions were usually a scrumptious treat dropped into the Halloween bags of a few lucky NFL teams. However, before you start tasting your candy before it’s in your bag, make sure you’re aware of exactly what the Great Pumpkin has in store for us. So gather ‘round the scream, ‘er screen my pretties and let’s take a look at Yusuf’s blognostication. Muhahahaha

    Though they fielded ...
  9. Week 7 - @ Chicago Bears

    Blognosticator - Hog Fever

    Skins' State of the Union Week 7

    “Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the week 7 state of the Skins' State of the Union address. Tonight gathered here in the nation’s capital are many distinguished members of the BGO community awaiting Hog Fever's remarks.”

    (Camera pans to audience members as the crowd rise to their feet and polite applause begins.) There is Hog Fever making his way through the crowd to the podium. ...
  10. Week 6 - Indianapolis Colts

    Blognosticator - Goaldeje

    When I was approached and asked to write up one of these things, I thought, “all right, maybe I’ll get the Giants, Eagles or Cowboys!” Doesn’t matter what the records are, those games are always tight. If that fails, the Lions could be interesting this year, maybe the Texans? As long as I didn’t get the Colts. Who wants to prognosticate against the Colts?

    Thanks, Neo. No, really.

    Not sure how I pissed you off. Maybe just ...

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