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  1. 2011 - Week 8 @ Buffalo Bills (Toronto)

    Blognosticator - Hog Fever

    Week 7: Redskins @ Bills

    So week 8 of the NFL season finds our heroes shuffling off to.......Toronto to play the Bills. Because when you think NFL, you think Toronto. Well, you might. I think of the rooftop patio at Wayne Gretzky's bar, wings and too much Canadian beer. Ahhhhh Toronto. Focus Hog, focus.

    Here's a fun fact; Former Redskin great Joe Theismann started his pro football career in Toronto playing for the Argonauts ...

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  2. 2011 - Week 7 @ Carolina Panthers

    Blognosticator - servumtuum

    This is a tale of two quarterbacks, one everybody knows a lot about and one about which we know next to nothing.

    Normally in trying to analyze a game such as the upcoming Redskins-Panthers tussle I'd be burying everybody under a deluge of numbers, stats on top of stats and breaking down running and passing efficiencies and defensive strengths and weaknesses and comparing to see who might have an advantage where the other has a weakness but ...
  3. 2011 - Week 6 - Philadelphia Eagles

    Blognosticator - McD5

    Welcome fans. Our Redskins sit at 3-1, in first place in the division, and are well-rested after a bye week. Considering how we finished last season, I believe most of us would be pretty happy—and we should be. Our draft went well, our team is much more competitive and the atmosphere around the team is greatly improved. And even more, other teams in our division are struggling.

    We face one of those struggling teams this weekend, as the previously ...

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  4. 2011 - Week 4 @ St Louis Rames

    Blognosticator - MikeSr619

    As I sit here with the taste of venom in my mouth I can’t help but wonder; what in the hell happened last night? In the red zone and we call an inside pitch to Moss? Santana Moss who is about a buck fifty when soaking wet? Grossman; you can look over your shoulder when running for a first down in the beginning of the game but when it is on the line and you need to run for your life you just don’t even bother to have any presence of your surroundings? ...

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  5. 2011 - Week 3 @ Dallas Cowboys

    Blognosticator - fansince62

    It’s dallas Week
    (fansince62, BGO poster emeritus)

    It’s dallas week - A screaming comes across the sky.

    Glance out the window and you will see a Burgundy, Gold, royal blue and silver contrail.

    It’s dallas week - Happy Redskin families are all alike; every cowboy family is unhappy in its own way.

    The gathering begins anew my BGO brethren and sistren. Apocalypse now and then. The ...

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  6. 2011 - Week 2 vs Arizona Cardinals

    Blognosticator - Extreme

    Week 2: Redskins vs. Cardinals

    First, I must start by saying that it feels great to be on the winning side of a game with the Giants. For the most part, our guys played great on all sides of the ball, and look to be the most cohesive team we’ve had in over a decade. We still have weaknesses to work on, but nobody builds a champion overnight.

    This week we have the Arizona Cardinals coming to town. Not a team that strikes fear ...
  7. 2011 - Week 1 vs NY Giants

    Blognosticator - Anne the Fan, Chief Blognosticator 2010

    Greetings, ladies and gentlemen, and Hail to the Redskins! As I write this post, the protracted wrangling over the CBA is a distant memory. Teams have pared their rosters down to 53 players and played the last of their preseason games. The Saints and Packers will play in the inaugural game on Thursday night, with the rest of the league to follow suit only a few short days later. Football is finally back!

    While ...
  8. Week 17 - NY Giants

    Blognosticator - Stevenaa

    Week 17 has arrived marking the end of the regular season. Unfortunately it’s marking the end of the season for our beloved Washington Redskins as well. At 6-9, they certainly haven’t set the world on fire. With all of the change, this is hardly surprising. What is surprising is the amount of drama we endured. Sadly a continuation of what we’ve come to expect from this organization. I really didn’t expect a stellar record this year; 8-8 maybe. ...
  9. Week 16 - @ Jacksonville Jaguars

    Blognosticator - Elephant

    Growing up in the 70’s and 80’s I was accustomed to the final game or 2 of the season being a playoff type atmosphere for Redskins fans. If we had not earned a playoff spot by then, we were usually in the hunt. Of course, there were fewer playoff spots so the final week or so of the season there seemed to be a little more urgency to fill them. I know there is still a sense of urgency in today’s NFL when the regular season dwindles down, but not as much as ...
  10. Week 15 - @ Dallas Cowboys

    Blognosticator - Jimbo

    I HATE THE DALLAS COWBOYS! How did the obvious come about for me? In 1965, my Mom bought my Dad a pair of Redskins season tickets for his 50th birthday. In 1966 they added a third seat. Location: Section 211, Row 11, Seats 3-5. We had those same seats until the Skins left the friendly confines of RFK Stadium and moved into what is now FedEx Field.

    I can remember looking at the old game programs my Dad would bring home from the games and ...
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