View Full Version : We goin' to South Africa!!!!!!!!!

10-11-09, 01:33 AM

With a win in Honduras tonight, the US men's national team punched their ticket to the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. :)

We actually got quite lucky tonight as Honduras had about a million chances to score but just couldn't seal the deal (remind you of anyone??? :kick_can:) Anyway, I'm ecstatic the guys got the win and they played hard even if not well through the entire game.




10-11-09, 12:34 PM
Yeah - I actually watched some of it courtesy of the internet....unbelievable that wouldn't be broadcast here....

Good for them - I believe Honduras was something like 8-0 at home during the qualifying rounds - which is damn impressive. Talk about playing in a hostile environment... I don't think folks today appreciate how amazing it is that US soccer teams now routinely qualify for the World Cup. There was a time (ie..when I was growing up) where the idea of us every fielding a competitive team on the world stage was laughable.

Love that they won - I heard it came down to a late miss on a Honduras penalty kick.